ACT essay compared to the SAT essay?

ACT essay compared to the SAT essay? Topic: What is history essay with examples
July 16, 2019 / By Gae
Question: I'm taking the ACT tomorrow and I'm confused about the essay. I took the SAT once already and did decently on the essay-8. I'm wondering if these two essays are similar or different? For example do you have to use examples from literature or history in ACT essays or what? I'm confused! thanks!
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Dayna Dayna | 2 days ago
the act gives you a topic relating to school usually. you have to choose a side and support it with your opinions. it's more about what you think, so you won't use literature or history as examples.
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Briar Briar
both are the same they just test you in two different categories. what sat doesn't test act will vise versa and the essays on the act usually have to do with history or science and using information you previously learned to answer a question. im sure you've had to write essays for global or chemistry, its pretty much the same
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