How do you teach your children not to be selfish when it comes to Christmas gifts?

How do you teach your children not to be selfish when it comes to Christmas gifts? Topic: My best holiday writing activities
July 16, 2019 / By Gabrielle
Question: My parents always had us volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to show us that there are people that are less fortunate....we also were only allowed to ask for three gifts each year on our lists (since the wisemen brought Jesus three gifts) we often recieved more but it kept us from getting greedy.....and finally when we woke up the day after Christmas before we could play with any of our new stuff we had to write thank you letters to everyone that had sent us stuff... It seems like now days all everyone cares about is how much they can get (look at the stores during the holiday season people are getting trampled!!!!) how do you keep the children in your family from being selfish and greedy during this time of year? You're right about the religion we also went to church...I forgot to add that in...thanks!
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Dawn Dawn | 10 days ago
My family was actually one of those less fortunate families you folks like to talk about. My father pursuing other female interests my mom managed to teach us. We (my brothers and sister, mother and I) had very little money and even fewer gifts. We sold oranges, grapefruit and pecans on the street corner for a little extra cash. Heres the kicker. We each were allowed 2 gifts of our own choice, however, once we opened these gifts we had to choose one of our gifts to donate to someone else (usually located through my mothers work or church). My mother truely believed that it was better to give than to receive. This same activity took place on any and all occassions where gifts were received by any of us. To this day, I still practice this with myself. Merry Christmas To All
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Mom~ Sunglasses Dad~ Wallet Grandpa~ a shirt (ask your grandma what size he is) Grandma~ slippers (ask your mom what shoe she is) Brother~ a dvd or cd tower case to put his stuff on it in his room

Brett Brett
practice them approximately paganism and the party of the iciness solstice - when you consider that that's what Christmas is properly in keeping with. yet i'm assuming you're in all probability a Christian and not so into that concept. My mum and dad and that i had Christmases like that. in case you will get extra kin jointly at Christmas (take them to Grandma & Grandpa's residing house, or Aunt & Uncle, or regardless of), that helps lots. in case you are able to play with your cousins (and their toys) on Christmas, that's much less obvious which you probably did no longer get that lots your self. If there are no cousins, or vacationing family individuals isn't an option, attempt theatrics and/or organizing some family individuals events. Have the little ones gown up like Santa or elves and bypass out what provides you do have. pass sledding. build a snowman - my dad and that i did this each and every Christmas, and that i enjoyed it a minimum of as much as establishing provides. Sing carols (no longer my favourite, yet in assessment to me, some people can easily sing). Drink cocoa. Watch Christmas video clips. I consistently loved the Disney Christmas Carol with Scrooge McDuck. Play video games. tell memories. In different words, work together in exciting events as a family individuals. Yeah, they're going to in all probability be a sprint bummed besides - it relatively is the way young ones are. yet once you're fortunate, your little ones could have some exciting besides, and that that they had learn how to love the family individuals events extra beneficial than (or a minimum of as much as) the provides. you will comprehend for specific in the event that they like to do it back the subsequent Christmas.
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Alexina Alexina
Anyway to show them that there are others who are less fortunate and in need of love and compassion (not pity!). Volunteering in a soup kitchen, giving to toys for tots, random acts of kindness...anything. Antoher idea is have a jar that each month, everyone throws some money into (especially the kids). At christmas time, use that money to purchase toys (and useful items like coats) for needy children in your community. It a great lesson in sharing excess blessings! Merry Christmas!
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Tye Tye
You obviously have caring parents teaching you solid values. What you did volunteering is good. Another way, which is kind of strange that I heard of before is to let the child choose one gift to keep and donate all the rest of their gifts.If that seems too harsh, I think writing a personal thank you note for each gift they recieved seems fair.
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Ricki Ricki
We have our son pick out a gift, something that he would want and give that gift to, the church, or to a gift drive so that a boy or girl would get something. We have been doing this for 8 years now. He knows that not every boy or girl gets a gift on Christmas, but at least one boy or girl will get one because of him. This year he paid for the gift out of his own money. It's worked so far.
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Merlin Merlin
Your parents had the right idea. Teaching them to appreciate what they have and limiting the amount of gifts is the right idea. You could also have your children take old toys that they do not use and donate it to a charity, I'm sure there is another child out there who will appreciate it.
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Jools Jools
when i was a child, we got one gift an hour, for 12 hours. and then we fot to open the stocking on hour 13. if we did not behave and play nice with our brothers, we did not get to pick a gift that hour. it was great christmas lasted all day and not just for an hour or so. and we had time to actually open the toy and play with it a little before going to the next one. and it promoted shareing between us.
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Hamilton Hamilton
Have them open all their gifts, then have them choose one to give away to a child that needs it more than they do. It's hard, but a good lesson. They don't get to play with the one they plan to give away.
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Eber Eber
It all comes down to...we're all jealous of each other's stuff...It's not that we're greedy...we just want something that no one else has or we want to get something that no one else can...look at the PS3 thing that was BEFORE Christmas...*sigh*
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