I need help with lunging my horse?

I need help with lunging my horse? Topic: Act writing advice articles
July 16, 2019 / By Gabriella
Question: My horse is okay on one rein but on the other she rears, bucks and pulls the lunge out of your hand and because of how big and strong she is there is no stopping her. We have side reins and I'm going to go and buy a full lunge kit with the roller and everything. Any advice?
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Davinia Davinia | 9 days ago
Foxhunter had great advice, and I'd only add that if she refuses to lunge the other way (or ride the other way, for instance) she may have weak or injured muscles on that side, causing her to act up when forced to take that lead. Try to determine is this a behavior thing (very possible) or a pain reaction (also quite possible). I had a gelding who wouldn't take the right lead. Think he had previous injuries caused from starting him too young as a cutting horse. Here are a few basic articles on lunging advice that I have written: http://www.cowgirldiary.com/archives/392 http://www.cowgirldiary.com/archives/45 Good luck!
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Davinia Originally Answered: HORSE OWNERS: (2 in 1 question) Price and vet check on first horse?
Glad you r researching before u buy like me lol yes u should definitely hav the vet check him out im not sure of any other way that will be 100% sure of his wellness and 4000 Is a little much for a green broke horse with a few health issues (n my opinion)the highest ive sold my horses for were maybe around 1500 also if hes only green broke make sure u r a pretty experienced rider but he' ll probably b easy to train bcuz hes gentle i hav one for sell by the way only hes 3 and broken all the way hes a black tennessee walker and very gentle anyway i hope i answered your questions if i missed something feel free to correct me :) good luck

Brenna Brenna
You should make sure she isn't in pain on that side. Get her checked by a vet. If she is not sore, then you should try free lunging her, more on her bad rain. Then do a lot, I mean most of your work on her bad side. She seems to be untrained on one side. I would use side rains but later on when she doesn't pull the lung line and rear as much. If she happens to rear and pull on the lung line when the side rains are on, the side rains will jab her mouth cause her to freak out and she will end up braking the side rains and maybe other tack. I just saw this happen to a mare 2 weeks ago, the mare reared and pulled on the lung line, broke the side rains and the something on the saddle, the saddle came off still attached to her by the side rains, the side rains were jabing the mare's mouth because the saddle was dragging on the ground and she was also freaking at the same time. It was a cycle, she would freak and rear, pull and buck, the saddle would be dragged causing the side rains to jab her in the mouth which would make her freak again. I would not use side rains until your horse is a little calmer on her bad rain.
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Alexia Alexia
NEVER use a lead line to lunge, that is very damaging, b/c you do not need adequate lead among you and the pony. Invest in a lunge lead, you are going to use it a ton. You can tack up a horse while you lunge her, however it is fine to try this if you're making plans on honestly getting on them, it is fine although to begin out with simply leaving the tack for driving.
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Tybalt Tybalt
There is no need to get a full longe kit, you can work her with side reins and a saddle with no problems. I do not like working them off the bit with one rein but in cases like this I will thread the line through the ring of the bit on her bad side, over her head and clip it on the other bit ring as this gives you more control. You have to be very experienced with longeing and very quick to keep further back than normal and keep driving her forward with the whip. When they are taking advantage then you have to be tough with them and I will use the whip across their hind legs to make them go forward. I will start them at a walk on a shorter line than normal but I will walk in a large circle so they are still o a 15 metre circle and keep them on that until they can be trusted to keep going. Instances like this a round pen is handy for the less experienced.
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Rickey Rickey
I'm studying animal science and took a course in tackless training. Read "Fundamentals of Free Lungeing" by Dr. Stephen Mackenzie. He is a wonderful man, and his method of tackless training in the round pen is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Give it a try! All you need is a round pen and whip (essentially used for light encouragement and safety). I'm telling you, I will never go back to regular lunging after taking this class. It's all about communication with the horse and understanding "horse" language. It will establish you as a leader and will improve your horse's state of mind. I can't express how incredibly effective it is.
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Merle Merle
i dont think side reins are a good idea, it sounds like you horse is either in pain or underdeveloped going the other way. have her back checked out, and when you ride her spend a little more time going in her tougher direction, start with huge circles and work your way down to smaller lunging sized circles. if she starts acting up with you on her back in the smaller circles, id say she is in pain.
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Jonty Jonty
i had a mare that when i lunged her she just reared and bucked, and so i got one of my more experienced friends to help, whenever she reared, they would get close to her and growl at her and flick the whip onto her rump. if that doesnt work maybe you could try free lunging her with no tack, as there could be a problem with her tack
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Ham Ham
have you tried loose schooling her? maybe that would work better that way she cant pull away. if shes learnt this habbit what ever you put on her she will still take advantage of the fact shes bigger and stronger than you.
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Ham Originally Answered: My horse hates to be with this certain horse?
Basic horse physcology. Here's the deal: 1) Your horse does NOT respect you, no matter how obedient she is when this certain horse isn't in the arena. If she did respect you, she'd pay attention to you regardless of whether the horse she "hates" is in the arena. She needs to learn that it doesn't matter where she places in the horse hierarchy, as long as she knows she's "below" you. If she knows she's "below" you, she'll understand that YOU have the ability to move her feet forwards, backwards, left and right. If she doesn't know that she's "below" you, she's going to test your leadership by totally disregarding your cues and focusing more on the gelding than on you. 2) This is NOT just a case of "Oh, my horse doesn't like your horse," and you can't simply crop it up to be a case of "horse hate" and one of those complicated "horse relationships" and think that nothing can be done about it. You need to realize this before anything else. It's not that your mare doesn't like the gelding, it's that she wants him to know she's the queen and he comes second in the ranking. It has to do with pecking order. Horses constantly need to know who is "up" in the ranks of leadership and who is "down." This is because horses live in herds and constantly have to interact with other horses - in the wild, for survival. All your mare is trying to do is establish her leadership over the gelding - and she does this by getting his feet to move. Solve this problem by having only you, your mare, the gelding and his rider in the arena. Don't ride. If she is focused on the gelding and completely disregards you, then abruptly make her do work. Tell her to back up, fast. Lunge her. Make her move her feet, quickly and in the direction you want her to move. Do this for 5 minutes, and make sure she's a little out of breath. This will focus her attention on you. Then stop and let her rest right beside the gelding. If she turns and focuses her attention on him again, make her move around fast again. Be warned: if you do this wrong, it will NOT help.

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