What i need for warped tour

What i need for warped tour Topic: Wanted poster writing paper
July 20, 2019 / By Gabi
Question: i know im in the wrong section but i need answers cause im going 2marrow how much money should i bring how much are posters how long do i have to wait in line to get autographs so they have pen and paper there so write down bands you wanna see how much is food how much are teeshirts yeah as you can tell ive never been there before and im so excited and i just want a bunch of posters so i wanna have enough and what do i bring?
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Daryl Daryl | 7 days ago
posters are sometimes free or cost $1-5 bring like $50-60 so you can get a shiit load of shirts foods crazy expensive, so just bring a few cereal bars instead teeshirts are like $10-20 there is a huge board with all the band times on it, and there is usually a person there handing out flyers that have all the band times also, so you wont have to write anything down (unless you want to scribble down a reminder on your arm w/ sharpie) bring sunglasses & wear sunscreen actually they sell really cool sunglasses there (i bought 3 pair) im not really sure how long you will have to wait in lines, cause i never did but looking at the lines, i would say 30 min.-ish? EDIT- i forgot, bring 1 water bottle. the venue i go to takes away the cap, so be sure to bring an extra one and put it in your pocket so you can put it on after
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Daryl Originally Answered: Warped tour?
Bands can play their last albums or whatever songs they choose. You don't know their setlist until the day of the concert. So they can play old or new songs. I went to see Motionless in White and they played songs from their last album and new songs. The best thing for the band to sign is probably their merch. Shirts, hoodies, CDs, posters etc. You can buy them the day at warped in their tents. Bring extra money because shirts can be $20-50, posters free-$10, and CDs are $5-10. Other merch are either free or a dollar. It depends on the band. But if you want you can bring a notepad, phone case or another thing for them to sign. I'm sure they won't mind. Not all bands can have signings at all the warped tour dates. Also depends on bands. When you get there, look around and find their merch tent. There will be a sign if the bands are having a signing. You must have to buy something for the band to sign (depends on band again), ask their merch people when the signings are or where the
Daryl Originally Answered: Warped tour?
1. I'd say they usually play 2-3 from new album, but part of concerts is pleasing the crowd, so they'll definitely play fan favorites and old songs too. 2. CD BOOKLETS, *not* the plastic part, because the Sharpie will rub off the plastic, clothes, posters, a notebook, "Hello My Name Is..." stickers, anything like that. 3. You'll be able to find where all the merch tents are when you get there, find the band you want to see's tent and ask if/when/where a signing will be. And do it fast, those things sell out a lot of the time!
Daryl Originally Answered: Warped tour?
Bands generally will try their best to promote their latest album. Vinyls, tickets and promotional posters are the best merch to get signed. Anything you buy there and then is worth having signed. The band merch shop and/or if they don't show wait at their "getaway vehicle". (Bring your own marker pen) (Be at the band merch shop area before the band finish on stage and wait)

Breeda Breeda
they might check ur bag for food...but still bring some(its expensive). postes are free-15 bucks(ik its dumb) shirts are 20-40 bucks each depends how long the line is for autographs...usually takes 30mins-3hr, sometimes longer... soo over all bring: -an @ss load of money -food -a sharpie (black and silver)
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Breeda Originally Answered: How much to bring to warped tour
okay so.. money--it depends on how much u r plannin on buying so 100 or more posters idk how much they cost cause i don't buy them autogrphs lines can b long the singings usually last 4 an hr i got lucky this yr and got autographs from the devil wears prada, bring me the horizon, protest the hero and alesana bring ur own pen and paper where i was food wqas 7 to 8 dollars water is 5 t shirts range from 15-20 dollars but u should bring pen, paper, sunscreen, shades, money, ur ticket, hand sanitizer, toilet tissue, baby wipes, maybe a change of clothin, a bag to bring the things in, and u might b able to bring food i think thats it have fun!!
Breeda Originally Answered: How much to bring to warped tour
make sure you wallet or purse is secure. everything is just kinda crazy, there arent single file organized lines for autographs. cost of food is crazy but make sure you drink alot if its hot where you are. and try not to buy shirts or posters until the end unless you have a safe place for em.

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