If a person can join the army and wear a turban and a beard claiming religious beliefs then.?

If a person can join the army and wear a turban and a beard claiming religious beliefs then.? Topic: Tea research topics
July 15, 2019 / By Freddie
Question: Can I join and refuse to go to war because it is against my religious beliefs? http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/p... If that is so then wouldn't a policy change to accomidate one persons religion and not another be descrimination? This is just a debate topic question. I love to hear many view points I am a Army veteran just wanted opinions from others. Thank you to those who answered. Sandra sounds like you have no idea what it is like to serve. to move as a single unit or be uniformed. I served my time. 7 years proudly and I would fight next to any willing and able soldier. you have missed the point of the question, I am not one to be politically correct.
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Darleen Darleen | 3 days ago
The person who joined is a Sikh. If you bothered to research Sikhs you would find out that the US military is lucky to get Sikhs in the military. Sikhs have been known as fierce soldiers. I would take a Sikh to someone who is sitting at home posting on YA with ridiculous questions. By the way the Sikh joined to fight not to quit. Your logic is very faulty. Tea Party - I served 13 years as an officer and as a company commander who did uniform inspections on troops. I understand uniformity but I also understand that what really counts is WHAT IS INSIDE OF THE UNIFORM. There are lots of soldiers who have great uniforms who don't have much under the head gear - the majority do though I do not want to insult them. The point is that this young man is signing up to serve his country. The British have long allowed Sikhs to serve and serve while meeting their religious obligations. They have served well. Doesn't it make more sense to allow qualified individuals in our ranks than to bar them?
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Darleen Originally Answered: Imposing religious beliefs others?
It depends on the society in question. If you're asking about America, we have a democratic process in a republic government, which means that we base leadership on the free vote of the majority. The bottom line to that is that every single person of voting age in the Nation has the same equal power to cast their vote on all matters put towards us for vote, and the right to vote their personal convictions on the matter. For those who take issue with that, their problem is with democracy and their desire would be to remove the freedoms for all and extend them only to those people/groups that would vote in accordance with their own views instead - which is a war on freedom for all. The joke is that while so many scream about how the religious have far too much voting power, in a true democracy it's just not true since every single person has the same power. But the caveat in America is that while we employ democracy, we are not a Democracy...we are a Republic, which means that the lower levels of government make up a college that has the power moving up the ladder (ie: our electoral college elects our President, not our democratic process, and Congress writes the laws, the vast majority of which are never put to a public vote) so when people whine like that all they prove is how little they even understand about our government, and if people really wanted to effect change they would start voting in all the local elections because that is who makes up our electoral colleges -- instead they all stay home and whine but show up for the empty charade of presidential elections!

Breanna Breanna
We have standards for a reason. Allowing one person to serve without meeting those standards may be a problem for the Army in years to come. This sets a dangerous precedent. When we saw this, my wife said he wouldn't be able to do that in the Marines. Political correctness already threatens to destroy the country. More than one conscientious objector has been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. They can serve in positions not requiring the use of weapons. But, allowing a person to ignore standards others are required to meet is wrong.
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Aletha Aletha
No, because the Sikh who just joined is willing to go to war with his fellow Soldiers. He'll just look a little different because of his beard. If you join and refuse to go to war you're defeating the purpose of the military and you're just a waste of a paycheck. Why is the Army going to train and pay you if they can't use you? We can use that Soldier for both his medical skills and his language skills. People who use religious beliefs to refuse to go to war are simply processed for separation as a conscious objector.
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Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain
When you sign up for the army (don't know about the other branches but I'm sure it's the same), you sign something that states you have never been an objector and that there is nothing that would prevent you from carrying out your orders. So can you join and refuse to go to war? No.
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Reynard Reynard
Go to a recruiting center and tell them that you want to join but you are a conscientious objector. Or join as a chaplain. The options are there for those who have different beliefs. You have a Sikh with a turban and a beard. Should he be exposed to multiple formations and ceremonies that have a "christian" chaplain giving an invocation?
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Reynard Originally Answered: Religious beliefs and taking tests?
not that I know of and I don't understand why any would (and I've researched a lot of religions) best guess is its one of those things, its more likely going to be a personal problem for the students, some of us don't shine with our full potential filling answer bubbles or maybe we need more time or an empty classroom. Surprisingly you're more likely to get such concessions for your kids by claiming some convoluted religious objection then by citing the actual learning disabilities or mental/social differences that cause the issue even when they're diagnosed and well documented!

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