How much does it cost for a college student to study in London?

How much does it cost for a college student to study in London? Topic: Admission university of utah
July 20, 2019 / By Frea
Question: I got accepted to Hult International Business School and am hoping to go there. My parents, however, can't (more like, won't) pay for me to go to London (which is where I will be going for Hult). I also got into the University of Utah and am trying to compare the costs of me going to each respective college. In the answer, please disregard tuition and citizenship. This is for undergraduate studies and I live in Utah, America. Thank you!
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Darian Darian | 10 days ago
Hult International Business School costs £14,900 per year for tuition plus an estimated £5,000 for living expenses and at least £7,000 for accommodation in London. That comes out to £26,900 per year, which is approximately $44,950 in U.S dollars. By comparison, the University of Utah is much less expensive. Let’s say you enroll in five courses per semester, or a total of ten courses per academic year. The tuition fees for ten courses at the University of Utah would be $12,600. The costs for leasing a one-bedroom apartment on campus are between $4,700 to $5,800 for two semesters (nine months). I’m not sure what your living expenses in Salt Lake City would be, but I’m confident they'll be a lot less than the costs of living in London. Bachelor Program – Hult International Business School http://www.hult.edu/undergraduate/admiss... Tuition Rate Schedules (for Utah residents) – University of Utah http://fbs.admin.utah.edu/download/incom... Rental Rates & Miscellaneous Fees and Charges http://www.apartments.utah.edu/rates.htm...
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