How many women are comfortable with their natural body hair?

How many women are comfortable with their natural body hair? Topic: M a these days rare
July 16, 2019 / By Frances
Question: As a guy I've always appreciated a woman in her natural state, though these days less and less women seem comfortable resisting razors/waxes. Areyou a woman comfy with your fuzz + even enjoy its qualities? How many other guys/women enjoy the visual/tactile qualities of female body hair? Are some women comfy with their leg/pit hair but just remove it when baring these areas because they dislike the disapproving stares of others? I've dated several women who don't shave. One had long dark (head) hair, fine dark hair on her arms/thighs, bushy dark pits (which she liked shocking people with) + thicker hair on her lower legs. Perhaps once or twice a year she'd shave just her lower legs. She did like her leg hair but also enjoyed a slow sensual session of shaving them on the odd occasion, but she also liked the changing sensations from smooth to prickly + softer as the hair grew out + if I'm honest though I loved her hairy legs also enjoyed these rare occasions too. Anyone else?
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Dara Dara | 5 days ago
Personally I'm not comfortable with keeping leg/underarm hair. If I go a few days without shaving my legs I begin to feel...gross, honestly. I've talked to other girls about this too and we all agree that when we don't shave our legs they feel thicker and less feminine. It's probably just completely psychological but shaving my legs makes me feel a lot leaner and clean cut. As for underarm hair, i think not shaving it is really unpleasant and unhygenic. You're keeping a lot of hair in an area that is extremely prone to sweating and body odor. Yuck. I guess if you kept it covered up that's fine, but honestly nobody wants to see anybody's pit hair.
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Dara Originally Answered: Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair?
hey, i hear you on the issue. i tried perming my hair but it always fell out. there was one time i had severe burns on my scalp from a kiddie perm left in for 45 minutes. after 2 years of weaves and trying to grow my hair out, it was gone in 3 weeks. so, i went back to weaves for 6 years. damn, it's hot when you're trying to work out!!! but i always felt fake, and i felt embarassed when people told me they liked my hair, or when sisters asked me where i got my weave, who did it, etc. i was really scared to make the transition because i work in a professional environment, and i was scared to take my weave off. my hairdresser then set me straight: she said that black women need to get over themselves in what they think white people will think about their hair. yes, some are ignorant, and in many ways it's because they are not used to seeing natural hair. we've tried to look like them for years, and all of a sudden we're going natural and expect them to 'understand'. yes, there are cultural problems, but we've done a poor job of making them 'get it' by trying to assimilate. it's our job to educate them. you walk into your office proud of your hair with it neat and clean, and no one will care. at most they will be curious or think it's exotic. maybe some won't like it, but they will get used to it. get over yourself.' ouch. but she was right. so i finally said screw it, and i got sisterlocks. i sat down with my coworkers, explained what i was about to do and that my hair was not really my hair and showed them pictures of natural hair on the internet. it made the shock of the transition a lot easier for me. my parents called me and begged me not to lock my hair. they are still very old school in their thinking that all locks look like bob marley's. after it was done, they really liked it. but the strange thing was, right after i locked it and was all pro-natural, circumstances changed at work and i decided to start looking for another job. my immediate reaction was 'omg!!! will anyone hire me with my hair like this?' it was insane! as it turned out, i had no issues with any of my interviews (none of the companies i interviewed for had any other black employees), and in my new job, i have this one woman who keeps touching my hair (i need to talk to her about it). in terms of manageability, i have never done anything easier. i would never go back, and not a day goes by where i regret my decision. i did some research on relaxers and realized that it is the equavalent of pouring liquid draino on your head (they both have similar ingredients and the same pH balance). it was invented by a slave who accidentally spilled chemicals used in sewing machines on his arm. it burned him, but it also straightened the hair on his arm. and i am putting that stuff on my head next to my brain? the skin does absorb this stuff and it goes into the bloodstream (think of topical medications). people have died relaxing their hair. no wonder i was losing mine! if you look at people who have been relaxing their hair for years, many have significant hair loss and irreparable damage. the weave/fake hair industry is making the koreans quite rich. it's a personal decision, but those are the reasons why i stopped and am quite happy being nappy.
Dara Originally Answered: Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair?
In my case not at all I wear my natural hair proudly. I don't think that women should necessarily stop getting their hair straighten but their mentality about their natural hair should change. Over years, Black people in this country have been put down and label inferior because of the physical features we were born with. In the media there are mostly White people, the few Blacks all have European hairstyles, this creates an opinion in the Black community that straight hair equals beauty. Some Black women that in order to attract the opposite sex they have to have long straight hair. Also think about the work force most companies say that Afros, cornrows, locs etc.. are unprofessional so Black women feel pressure to conform for their career advancement. It's a complex issue but at the end of the day everyone has the right to their opinion, hopefully a day will come were Black people and all races are TRULY thought of as equal.
Dara Originally Answered: Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair?
You know what, have you ever gone on a cosmetic surgery site? You'll find a lot of races of people who alter what they were given naturally, especially facial features. Many were born with extremely large noses, some with hooks, crooked or very long. They get them reshaped into a more attractive form. Same with fake hair, it enhances their looks.

Brady Brady
If I could find a man like you I would stop shaving. I got tired of being teased so I started shaving when I was 12, although II still prefer being natural. I am naturally hairy and it has always turned every guy I know off, so I just suck it up and keep shaving.
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Brady Originally Answered: I hve thick wavy hair n i wanna get my hair silky straight naturally at home.r der natural remedies plss thnx?
If your heart is set on having that type of hair I would suggest to use a texturizer because it's not as harsh as a relaxer and it won't make your hair bone straight but it will loosen the curls/waves as well as make it more manageable. I do WARN you, it is a permanent change to your hair and you will have to keep getting it re-touched. Also, if you go with this you have to keep your hair in good health, like trimming and keeping it well moisturized so it doesn't dry out. Or for the natural way, there are many products out there to help you get silky smooth hair and lots of serums to use before you straighten it to prevent it from burning your hair too much. I suggest you do more research before you make a final decision.
Brady Originally Answered: I hve thick wavy hair n i wanna get my hair silky straight naturally at home.r der natural remedies plss thnx?
If you have curly/wavy hair and you use a relaxer to straighten it, just be aware that it can look strange when your hair grows back and the top of your head will be wavy while the bottom is straight unless you continually relax it.

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