If I feel really sick, is it wrong to use sparknotes?

If I feel really sick, is it wrong to use sparknotes? Topic: Should students have homework article
July 17, 2019 / By Fran
Question: okay, i havent used sparknotes for this entire year, because i believe that you should do your homework or face the consequences. but today i woke up feeling really terrible. i have a really bad headache that is effected by light/sound, i feel really cold then really hot, and my stomach is hurting. i have a 30 page english assignment as well as a lot of history reading due tomorrow and when i try to read it makes my head hurt so much. my teacher is super strict about doing hw and she will be really really mad if i dont know what happened in the reading, but i cant read it. would it be really wrong of me to use an online summary? or is it okay if its a one time thing? and yes, i already took painkilers...
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Danielle Danielle | 3 days ago
You may have the start of the flu, if you're having fever and chills. Have you talked to your parents about this? Someone needs to take your temperature. If you're really sick tomorrow, you won't be in school anyway. I don't think there's anything wrong with using Sparknotes as a complement to reading a book. Experts on literature read articles written about the literary works all the time- it helps them shape their thoughts on the book. If you promise to really read the book when you're feeling better, I think it's ok to look at the Sparknotes first. I often do something like this with students to give them an overview of what's going on in the book so that they can understand it better when they read it.
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So you should think about making primary targets to get everything in a row. If you do everything right you don't have to worry at all..

Bonnie Bonnie
I teach English, and I know that a lot of students don't do the reading and use sparknotes instead. It won't get them an A, but it might help them pass. You'd be surprised how well you can do if you use sparknotes and pay very close attention in class, just don't get in the habit of it, and be discreet about it. Your teacher will think you're a jerk if you make a big scene and tell everyone how well you can do without reading or make it seem like your bragging about it, and you don't want that! It's ok to use once in a while, but try to do the reading later if you can as well.
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Alannis Alannis
Not at all. Most teachers do not really know whether you have read the story or not. Depending on the story, you have a very good chance of getting an A on the essay. You can use a metaphorical slant in your essays or how it correlates to religion. Always seemed to work for my ex!
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Trev Trev
Thats fully pleasant...I take advantage of it only once I have no different options as well...Simply dont get into the dependancy and maintain your attitude that homework will have to be performed otherwise you must pay the consequences
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