Credit Question(s), a couple questions about collectors etc,.?

Credit Question(s), a couple questions about collectors etc,.? Topic: Collector card case single
July 16, 2019 / By Flossie
Question: Okay, so I have a lot of money. A LOT. I could easily pay off all debt that is (supposedly in my name). But before you PRE-judge and say something to the effect of "well it kinda sounds like a no brainier to me, sounds like you are kinda being counter productive and digging yourself a hole" or something condescending or patronizing like that, let me make my point then ask my question(s). I have on 3 different occasions lost my information. All of it. You say "well how did you do that unless you carrying around your SSN Card and Birth Certificate in which case that means YOU'RE the idiot for carrying it around", the answer to that is NO. However I lost my wallet one time while I was in the Military, for those of you who do not know, a military ID has um, your SSN on it, you DOB, and pretty much anything else that makes you YOU. Let me rephrase, I did not lose it due to lack of (fill in the blank), I was mugged and jumped in D.C. and had it stolen from me. The second time I used my (Passport ID) as I had misplaced my DL at home, anyway I used the ID, and forgot to get it back. When I realized my error, I returned to reclaim, in which case "Shaniqua" and her friend "Tyrone" indicated that they had not seen anything in lost and found, nor seen any cards laying around. I got a police report. Since ALL OF THIS. I have had NUMEROUS calls from people I have never done business with call me in an effort to collect "A Debt". Anytime I try to be reasonable with these people, they claim that I am just trying to get out of paying the debt and should just pay it. I try indicating to them I have enough money to pay some or all of the said debt, but out of PRINCIPLE declined to. They say to me "well that just sounds stupid", I respond with "imaigne if I paid every debt, or supposed bill that came my way, even if I knew I did not owe it, how much money to you think I would have left if I did that for every person who called up and claimed I owed them a debt". After this, I usually get hung up on or just plain silence. So here is the actual question. When these people call, claiming I owe them this or that, I say ok, ok. I will tell you what, if you can PROVE to me that I legitimately owe you a single dime, I'll pay ALL OF THE SUPPOSED DEBT in less than 24hrs. Then I ask them for something I find very reasonable, nor out of the question. I ask them for ANY of the following: A signed document of any kind with MY SIGNATURE on it, preferrably not a scribble, but something that matches what is on my license. A recording or my voice, or a video proving I came into you're store and was even there. They usually respond arrogantly "ok well get that right out to you", but never do, nor ever clear it up once its been established that it was not actually me. I don't understand this. If they cannot produce a signature, or ANYTHING at all, that normally a court would want to see, you know that whole (PROOF) thing, then why do they not just void out the debt and move on. What can I do. What kind of lawyer do I hire. Where do I start. I realized today, that even asking for something as reasonable as proof from them, still will not clear it up, I have even forwarded the police report to one or two companies, which likely threw it away and continued to try and get money from me. What do I do lol? Thank you for your time, and patience regarding my question.
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Dana Dana | 9 days ago
So these debts are not yours? And no one you know could have put these debts in your name? Step one: Have a long conversation with parents or other people you lived with. 99% of ID theft is done by someone in the household. This is a federal crime, and will land them a criminal record and possible jail time. AND... it's very easy to catch. Step one: Tell the collection agencies this is not your debt. Step two: Dispute the item on your 3 reports. You should have them all printed out : Annual Credit Report.com https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/i... No credit/debit card required. Step three: If disputes come back valid. Take your credit reports to the police station and file ID theft. Send a copy of those police reports to the collection agencies and bureaus. DONE. Off your records. A lawyer is pretty useless for all this.
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Dana Originally Answered: Do Credit Collectors Buy A loan Or Just Collect For The Original Lender?
Some debts are purchased by collection agencies, other debts are just assigned to the collection agencies. Never speak to collectors by phone, always do "everything" in writing and sent certified mail return receipt. If you hadn't requested validation of the debt yet, you should before you start talking pay. Make them prove that the amount they are demanding is the correct amount and hasn't been illegally inflated, that they are licensed and/or bonded in your state if your state requires it, that you are still within the legal collecting SOL for your state and that they even have the right to collect on that account. The proof of the account and the amount owed must come from the files of the original creditor and not just some computer printout, a lame piece of paper showing an amount due or affidavit of debt from the collection agency. If you are still within the collecting SOL and the debt was just assigned to the collection agency, you could try dealing with the original creditor and request upon payment, among other things, that they pull the account back from the collection agency and request the collection agency delete any negatives they had placed on your reports. If you are out of the collecting SOL, you have a legal right to notify the collection agency that the account is past the SOL for collections and to take a hike.
Dana Originally Answered: Do Credit Collectors Buy A loan Or Just Collect For The Original Lender?
Both. Some credit agencies collect on their own accounts and keep them forever. Some collect for a while and after a certain point turn them over to a company they have a contract with to continue collections. If that company retrieves any funds from the customer, they have a deal with the original company to keep a percentage of the amount collected. Other companies buy and sell "paper" or portfolios of credit accounts or loans that may or may not be worth a certain amount of money. They continue collections on these accounts and keep whatever they collect. Almost all collectors are aggressive because their bonuses depend on what they collect per month. Read over the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act), which outlines what they are allowed and not allowed to do. It also outlines your rights as a consumer.
Dana Originally Answered: Do Credit Collectors Buy A loan Or Just Collect For The Original Lender?
If a company claims to represent a debtor then demand that they furnish you a copy of the agreement between the original lender and the collection company.. Tell them that you will settle the debt if they can prove to you that they have written confirmation that you owe it.. demand them to show evidence that you created the debt. tell them you want a copy of the original agreement. Get their name and address so you can send them a letter that states you are protected by federal law that states they may not contact you by phone. Write the letter and send it to them that they are instructed to contact you by mail only.. that will stop the calls.. the federal law does have some teeth in it.. Most collection companies buy the old written off debt from lenders for a few cents on the dollar.. they pay for the list.. none of the money you pay on the debt will ever get to the original lender.. some of the collectors will try that ploy that the original lender refuses to accept the promised amount.. if that happens to you then call the original lender and ask them to give you a payoff amount.. they will probably tell you that it is in the hands of a collection agency..if they do, then ask them which one.. five will get you ten that they can't tell you.. they will probably use some excuse such as we are not allowed to give out that information.. if they say that then tell them that you have just recorded the conversation and you are going to report it to the federal authorities.. get the persons name and phone number.. tell them you are going to file a complaint with the federal authorities for violating your civil rights.. push them and push them hard.. and see if they will back up.. don't let them push you around.. push back and push back hard.. the law is on your side.. use it..

Bobbi Bobbi
I feel you're speaking about negotiated cost historical past's. It does not in reality erase the debt from your credit report wholly. In any such case a manufacturer will agree, in writing, that if a cost is made in full they will alternate your credit score report to a impartial ranking. Clearly, it's going to exhibit your account at Capital One with a 0 steadiness however no cost history understanding can be listed. It will not show that you made any payments late, but it surely additionally won't say that you paid your expenses on time both. What you might be talking of can be achieved, but it is very dificult. Most tremendous corporations don't present this provider either for the reason that it's against their corporate policies or the character you are working with doesn't have the appropriate clearance to do so. If all people made such offers to buyers they might have no way to thoroughly assessment your credit score worthness. Which you could are trying it, however undoubtedly Capital One will say no. If they do, your subsequent first-class choice is to settle the debt with Capital One for a fraction of what you actually owe. They'd instead get a portion of your bill than nothing in any respect, and a tremendous part of that invoice is customarily interest bills and late payment fees in any case. Your credit record would mirror the account as "settled/paid", nonetheless alerting future creditors that your account used to be once very late, and that you made an contract to only pay a component of the stability due. This is still manner better than a collections account with an first-rate steadiness.
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Bobbi Originally Answered: Help with PMS? just a couple questions.?
You are looking for "health" in all the wrong places. Medications actually damage your long term health because ALL drugs have so called "side effects" that have nothing to do with "side" anything. The drugs simply causes problems and reactions in the body and some people have the ability to fight off the toxic affects better than others, but the toxic affects are still there and do affect your health in a negative way. Drugs will give you "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH." You may feel better, but at a dear cost to your overall health. We know that synthetic hormone therapy causes cancer and other problems with the body and even the medical community agrees with this for the most part. Birth control pills are synthetic hormone therapy. Doesn't it strike you odd that since the 1960's when birth control pills were introduced, the incidence of breast cancer has more than doubled during that time frame? PMS is a hormonal issue that can be a big problem for many women. It is NOT normal to have this problem, contrary to what drug companies would have you believe. Many of the cramping problems are due to calcium and general mineral deficiencies. To find out if you have this issue, do a very simple test. Take a blood pressure device and put it on your LEG calf muscle. Slowly pump up the pressure until you start to feel a "charlie horse" feeling. Note the pressure on a piece of paper. Then let the pressure out, wait 2 minutes and then do it again to verify the second reading is the same as the first reading. You should be able to pump it up to 240 on the dial before feeling the "charlie horse." If you can't, and the reading is much lower, you are deficient in calcium, magnesium, etc. This is very typical of women in America today that suffer from this problem. Now, to fix the problem of that deficiency, doctors and drug companies will tell you to take calcium supplements, but they fail to tell you what kind of calcium, because they simply don't know. Their field of study is drugs and surgery, NOT nutrition. They rely on drug company so called "scientific studies" that lead them down the path of ENDOCTRINATION, not good scientific knowledge. The problem may or may not be that you are getting adequate supplies of calcium in your diet. It most likely is due to a "co-factor" relating to how your body absorbs calcium or how it is being processed due to the health of your organs responsible for handling the calcium. This is not something doctors are good at and this is why they have not given you a good answer to this PMS issue. And also why drug companies are making billions on providing the "make believe health" drugs to "relieve" symptoms, not make your body healthy. You endocrine is a system of complex relationships that acts much like a spider web where you touch one part of the web and the whole web shakes. If you have an issue with your ovaries, that are part of that endocrine system, it affects ALL the organs in that system, like the thyroid, adrenal glands, liver, etc. A good example of this issue, if you are deficient in salt intake, your adrenal glands will not operate well and you will not be making good stomach acid. The CL- ion in the salt is used to make the HCL (stomach acid). If you are deficient in that, the amount of stomach acid will be low and the pH of the stomach will not get low enough to allow the calcium, magnesium, and zinc be absorbed in your jejunum where the pH must be low for this to happen. If you rely on the typical salt sold in stores, like Morton salt, that is toxic to the body. It DOES NOT CAUSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE as you have been told, but does add to the toxic burden of the body and is not good for you. The best salt is "air dried sea salt" that contains lots of electrolytes and is very important for you to eat every day. I strongly suggest you see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that understands QRA Testing. They can help you greatly by making your body healthy. Once it is healthy, things like this PMS, etc. seem to dissappear because the body has an incredible innate intelligence that strives to make you feel good and healthy. You do NOT have to suffer with this problem if you get to the right people that understand nutrition and how the body really works. good luck to you
Bobbi Originally Answered: Help with PMS? just a couple questions.?
Wearing a pad takes some getting used to, but eventually you will get used to it, some girls prefer to use tampons, although personally i never really got used to them but have used them in the past. Blood where thick is darker and that's because its thick so its not so transparent and that is why you are seeing the darker and lighter blood. It usually starts off as a darkish brown color every month (it is the old blood). I never really guessed my period was coming, i just had some cramps the night before and then it showed up the next day. Irregular periods mean that it doesn't come every 28 days (which is considered regular). It means that it might come sooner or later depending on your cycle. Some people have different lengths of periods too some are shorter, and others are longer. Anywhere from 2 days to 8 days for some. Hope this helps!

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