I want to make a new routine for my children. Any ideas?

I want to make a new routine for my children. Any ideas? Topic: Free writing alphabet for kids
July 16, 2019 / By Flicka
Question: I have a little girl who just turned 5 and a nephew who is almost 4. My sister and brother-in-law live with me, so my nephews is there all the time. I am the primary care giver because my sister works until around 4 Pm and my brother-in-law and husband work from 4 PM to 1 AM. I would like to help the children be prepared for school and have play time, as well as have time for chores and time as a family. I also want to have a better way of disciplining/ rewarding them. Any new and interesting ideas I may have over looked? Anything that works weel for you? Thank you.
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Dahlia Dahlia | 7 days ago
children, especially young ones, thrive on routine. They should have a set bedtime so they can wake up well-rested every morning ready for a good day. You may want to write a schedule to look at until it becomes second nature. When my 3 daughters were young, and I also had several children that I watched in my home daycare, the schedule was something like this... wake up around 6:30 am, eat a good breakfast, brush teeth and dress. Indoor play (free play with toys, reading, puzzles, crafts, etc) OR outdoor play in warmer weather, snacktime at about 10am, more play (but vary it from playtime to playtime), lunch at noon, naptime for 2 hours (you can't make them sleep, but you can make them rest quietly!), snacktime, playtime- outdoors if decent weather, dinner around 5-6pm or whatever work for your family, family time and getting ready for bed routine such as bath, jammies, teethbrushing, storytime and bed by 8pm. I spend about an hour a day doing preschool work such as alphabet and number recognition, workbooks, etc. I incorporate chores into everyday life, such as having them help set the table for meals, "dusting", putting away toys, picking up sticks from the yard before it's mowed- whatever comes up that they can help with. Family time for us includes reading, doing lots of craft projects together, having movie nights, always eating dinner together, playing outside together, etc. So, this has been my life for 36 years when I first started taking are of other people's children and then had 3 girls of my own in 4 years while continuing my home daycare... I have never been without kids (OR SCHEDULES!) as I have 3 grandchildren living with me now, ages 12, 5 & 3- as well as 2 of my daughters since we bought a house together recently! and I'm a professional nanny now- currently for a 5 and 2 yr old!!!! OH as for discipline, I'm a big proponent of time-outs for this age- no yelling, just matter of factly putting them in the time out place and letting them know why, leaving them there for a few minutes and then asking them why they were put there- they have to tell me and then apologise and then we get lots of hugs. I reward with words and hugs and very occasionally a few coins for doing something extraordinary like extra yard work or helping wash the car- it doesn't happen often enough for them to think they should expect it though! Hope I helped- it's worked pretty well for me for 36 years!
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