What wii games do you reccomend me?

What wii games do you reccomend me? Topic: Super smash bros brawl paper
May 26, 2019 / By Fiona
Question: please answer me i have one simple question what are good wii games you recommend me i bought the wii yesterday and i only have wii sports ???????????????????
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Best Answers: What wii games do you reccomend me?

Cyrilla Cyrilla | 4 days ago
Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario Kart Wii Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Super Mario Galaxy Call Of Duty: World At War one of the Rock Bands or Guitar Heroes Animal Crossing The Conduit No More Heroes Super Paper Mario Metroid Prime Trilogy etc etc probably some I missed And some Wii points would be nice to have.
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Cyrilla Originally Answered: What Games would you reccomend for wii?
super paper mario or elebits you probably want to wait a little later this year to save your money because then you can buy no more heroes super mario galaxy smash bros brawl

Bijou Bijou
Actually... don't get the conduit... big let down. I rented it and the online sucked. COD5 is a must get though. Don't really know what kinda games ya like though. Personally, i dislike all of that mario, zelda, cartoon crap so don't know what to tell ya besides COD5. Wait... get wii fit, that game is very fun and entertaining. Actually, any of the really active games are fun such as Extreme/Outdoor Challenge.
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