Do I love my dog too much?

Do I love my dog too much? Topic: Death party case stayed
July 15, 2019 / By Finola
Question: I have a lab/pit bull mix and I found her in a box when she was 2 months old, well ever since I found her I completely fell in love. She was diagnosed with party virus when she was 7 months old, she's 2 now and I spent thousands of dollars saving her, it was worth every penny. Anyway, today my mom told me I baby her too much. I'm 20 and she's like my best friend, I let her sleep with me every night, I do agree that I over feed her, every time she's at her bowl I feed her which is about 3 times a day. I cook her rice and meat everyday, buy her so many toys, she has her own toy box and goes to it when she wants to play, and even if she throws up I feel like I need to rush her to the vet. Any little thing that makes me think she's sick I take her to the vet. I feel like I'm becoming way to attached with my dog, I spend all day with her when I don't have school, she's literally my best friend and I just love her to pieces. Is this normal?
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Cyndi Cyndi | 2 days ago
In a way you do baby her too much. I had a pit bull/lab mix also and I loved him to death. I got him when he was 3 months old and I just fell in love with him. I taught him so so so many tricks and at first I never let him sleep with me. But one night the neighbors pit bull jumped the fence and almost killed him (he was 2 by that time) so since then he started to sleep with me. I never fed him too much, well he never fed himself too much. I would just leave the dog bowl full all the time and he'll only eat like twice a day. So he was always in good shape because I would play soccer with him and we'll play tag all around the house because he just loved to. Somehow he knew how to hunt so I would take him hunting which made him stay in shape and we would play fight. Actually I taught him how to stretch one way, by grabbing his back legs and I would make them straight and he would walk forward to stretch them out. I was like 14 when I got him, but he recently passed away in December at age 4, now I'm 18. I went in debt to try to save his life and even though I wasn't able to save him I don't regret spending so much money. It was for him so it didn't really matter to me. No one ever told me I loved him too much well they did but they said it was a good thing. My friends noticed how much he loved me too and just couldn't believe he was gone. People always told me that he acts more like a human than a dog, that the only thing left was that he would talk. It's nice that you cook her food I've seen many pet owners do that instead of buying dog food. You should only feed her twice a day and take her out for walks. Make sure she's hydrated for a long walk, and take some water just in case. I was always told that rice for dogs was good for their muscles but I don't if it's true. Sometimes I would mix dog food with homemade rice and shredded chicken. He really loved that but I would feed him that whenever we had left overs. If not only dog food. Maybe you can expand your life by meeting with other pet owners, and that way she can meet other dogs as well. Take her out to the dog park if she's okay with other dogs, that way she's working out her body by running with other dogs.
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Bibi Bibi
It is completely normal to be best buddies with your furry friend. And by the way, it is your business what you do with your time when you are not in school. If you want to spend 24/7 with your canine friend, then do it. Don't let people change how you live your life. A month ago my best friend had to be put down. I wish I had spent more time with her, but can't really change that now can I? Just don't let your time with your dog be taken for granted. You will regret it in the end, trust me on that. The only thing I would suggest doing differently is to not feed her as much. My dog was fed two meals a day, but she also got lots of treats throughout the day. Over feeding your dog will not be fun for you or your dog so just be careful about how much you give her. Plus you probably don't want your dog to get fat. But other than the feeding thing, if your dog isn't getting tired of you yet then don't change a thing.
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Ailey Ailey
Probably not BUT I do think maybe you need to expand your life a little. With respect, at 20 it shouldn't all be about your dog but that's really your biz. I would just say a diet of rice and meat isn't a complete diet. She needs more than just this - vitamins and other supplements for starters. Also instead of filling up her bowl all the time (I have never free fed!!), get her into a routine. Two meals a day, splitting the daily amount into two - breakfast around 7 am and the second meal no later than 5 pm. Using a good quality food - one that lists meat or fish as the first, main, incredient. Cats snack. The digestive system of a dog needs to rest - and for starters, if you continue feeding her like this, everytime she goes to her bowl you feed her? - she'll get FAT. And you should never exercise for 2 hours after feeding, or feed immediately after exercise - leave 1 hour to allow her system to settle down again. Well done for bringing her through what presumably was PARVOVIRUS (party virus LOL!!!) That could/should have been avoided had she been vaccinated soon after you found her btw. But I do think your attachment to her is a tad 'excessive'!! But that's just my opinion.
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Todd Todd
My dog is my best friend too. He's a lab/shepherd I'm 28 and married and my husband knows my dog is my best friend, haha. However, if you want to keep her with you for as long as possible then you need to change her diet. She should be on a grain-free diet of high quality dog food and you should follow the feeding guidelines on the bag. I have been feeding my dog Orijen since he was a puppy (he's 3 now) and he is so healthy. He has shiny fur and white teeth and never gets sick. It is pricey.. About $85 a bag (in Toronto) but a healthy diet is worth the money. My favourite part of my day is coming home from work and taking him for a hike. He loves it. In the summer I take him swimming in the lake, and in the winter we got hiking through the deep snow. We also don't go out after work because we don't like to leave him home alone at night after he's been home alone all day. I would totally rather hang out with him than my human friends!
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Rashaun Rashaun
In some ways you do seem too attached, in that you don't mention having any other interests, friends, activities. In your post, your whole life seems centered around the dog. Yet, I do not see any dog training or dog-related activies, done WITH other people, such as: obedience, tracking, agility or rally. All of these are possible with a mixed breed. Mental as well as physical activties and a well behaved dog, are an essential part of being a responsible owner, with a truly happy dog. I am also concerned that you allow the dog to eat, anytime she asks for food, even though you also suggest the dog is overweight. That is NOT healthy or appropriate or the BEST care, if you really love the dog. (LOVE is not spelled FOOD.) Allowing a dog to be overweight SHORTENS its lifespan and can lead to diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, higher likelihood of heat stroke, etc. If your dog requires anethesia, but is overweight, your dog's likelihood of death during surgery, increases. Cooking for the dog is only advised, if you are following recipes and feeding a balanced diet, in all aspects. Sounds like you have NO IDEA how many calories she is eating per day. You mention absolutely NO source of calcium. Dogs should never eat meat, without a balanced calcium source. You may be accidentally doing your dog harm, with home cooking, if the meals are not balanced & if she is eating too many calories per day. Dogs should be fed 2 or 3 meals per day & no more calories than is appropriate for their size & activity level. If the dog is overweight, she needs to be put on a weight reduction diet. Your vet can advise you & help you decide if your dog IS overweight & by how much & what reduction & exercise plan to follow. Most dogs only need 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day. Substituting green veggies for some meat or kibble is often an easy way to start reducing the calorie intake, but will not cause the dog to feel hungry. Swimming is a very safe warm weather exercise that is easy on an overweight dog's joints.
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