Do you think baseball's free agency will ever be fixed?

Do you think baseball's free agency will ever be fixed? Topic: Ways of solving economic problem
July 16, 2019 / By Finella
Question: The whole economic system for free agency is screwed up as we all know. Recent years shows that pitcher's value increased dramatically. Off the top of my head, going into 2007, pitchers like Ted Lilly, Vicente Padilla, Gil Meche were getting deals near the 10/per year range. Barry Zito got an 18/year contract, and the old Rocket Clemens got a 28,000,000 contract to pitch for 3 months. Kyle "Koufax" Loshe demanded a freaking 5 year/50mil deal. The higher the payroll, the more I have to pay for tickets, which is ridiculous. Curse the Yankees for messing up the free agency by overpaying to make the already thin talent pool even thinner. Would this issue ever be solved?
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Best Answers: Do you think baseball's free agency will ever be fixed?

Cymone Cymone | 1 day ago
There are only 2 ways to solve what you consider to be the "problem" of free agency. One would be for the owners to all agree to not pay more then a certain amount for a player. Not a bad idea, but illegal. (Called Collusion) The other would be a hard salary cap, which, although i would like to see it is never going to happen for a few reasons. 1. The players union will never allow it. 2. Baseball doesn't really want it because they would rather see big market teams winning. the bigger the teams market,, the better the ratings are for TV, particularly the playoffs and World series. the better the ratings, the higher the amount you'll get on the next contract you sign with a network. Who do you think Fox would rather have in the Series - The Yankees against the Dodgers (2 largest markets in the country) or the Rays against the Marlins? 3. Baseball will argue that the "soft cap" is working, If baseball should impose a cap, I would like it provided they also set a minimum payroll as well, and limit the percentage of a team's payroll any one player could get. That would force some of the skin flint owners to either ante up, or, if they can't , to sell the team to someone who could. To blame high salaries only on the Yankees is a bit short sided. I actually think the real turning point was when the Rangers signed A-Rod to that 10 year, $250 million deal, only to then realize they couldn't afford it after all. And Clemens only pitching part of a season? The Astros really set that precedent after Clemens "retired" for the first time. Sadly to say, I don't think baseball really cares one bit that you (as well as I, and a ton of other fans) can't afford to go to games. As long as someone can, whether they be a corporation with season tickets, or just wealthy folks, they will continue to fill ballparks and make their money. Don't hold your breath - this will probably not chance in our lifetime.
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Bevin Bevin
I know that this will probably never happen, but I think that a great way to temper these big contracts are to make them incentive based contracts. I think it's time we made these guys really earn their money. I think that once you cross the $50 million mark teams should be allowed to add incentives that players must achieve in order to EARN the rest of their money. Take Barry Zito for example. If his contract was incentive based, he would definitely get less pay than what he will get right now.
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Ailene Ailene
Fix what, There is nothing wrong with a "free" agent asking for and getting BIG bucks!! Actually, it is going to cost "management" plenty, for talented athletes over the age of thirty and on the backside of their careers plus being more injury prone and less likely to care about winning, as long as you cut their monthly checks. The real problem is stupid owners that think they can buy pennants and/or World Series by signing these overpaid darlings of the "MEDIA", and that wasting the fans money is going to be a winning proposition.
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Tod Tod
Realistically, there should be a salary cap, but as long as most of the teams are making money that'll never happen. Once somebody goes "belly-up" then maybe something will get done.
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Randy Randy
What exactly is the problem? Free agency is an open market where players can sell their services at any price. How more pure can capitalism be?
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