What's it like living in the dominican republic?

What's it like living in the dominican republic? Topic: Restaurant business plan marketing
July 22, 2019 / By Felisha
Question: I'm thinkin' about moving there. is the crime-rate high? are there good hospitals there? is there anything else i should be concerned about?
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Cristen Cristen | 6 days ago
Here are a few thoughts: Don’t trust anyone, your partner, your lawyer, the government, they are all corrupt, as soon as there is a new guy in town they will all be out looking for ways to rip you off. If someone says, we can save money for both of us using my lawyer, he’s honest and we do it all the time get rid of him fast. You would never do that at home where you probably know the ropes a bit and speak the language so don’t even consider doing it in a foreign country known for corruption and a foreign language you most likely don’t understand. If you have never been in the hospitality business ( hotel or bar/restaurant) before, much as it may seem like a beautiful dream to do that in the tropics however without experience that would definitely be the wrong place to start. Chances are if someone is trying to sell you a business like that it’s because they want out and would like to regain the money they have lost when they got suckered in. Suckers come and go on a daily basis in the DR so there will always be those businesses for sale. Remember too, it’s one thing to visit for a week or so on vacation but very much totally different to live there day in day out month after month. If by the way you have an alcohol problem at home, for the good of your health the Caribbean is the last place you should live, likewise marriages and relationships I would guestimate 90% of the gringos I have known over the years who lived in the DR ended up split. Keep in mind, everything in a tourist town like Sosúa or Cabarete is for sale, so never be rushed into buying something, whether it’s a business or a condo, good deals or what are purported to be good deals constantly come up on the market often because the turnover in ex-Patriots is extremely high. When I first moved to Sosúa years ago a long time resident said to me. “The Dominicans will take you for the pesos; you have to watch out for your kind of people, the Americans, the Canadians, the Brits, and the Europeans they will take you for the big bucks. So, never invest more than you can afford to lose and believe me 99% of the gringos who move here lose everything they invest. If you do decide to go, when you move there get to know people with a good reputation to learn from them, don’t take the word of drinking friends, there are dozens of those people, most with no resources sitting around day after day planning their next big enterprise. AXIOMS TO KEP IN MIND: All the pirates never left the Caribbean. All the sharks aren’t in the sea. Sunny places attract shady people. All true!
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Cristen Originally Answered: Anyone here from Dominican Republic or can my question?
El dia de los Reyes, is one of them... I'm Dominican and although i wasn't born in Dominican Republic my family still pratices old traditions....I think they also celebrate practically them same holidays we celebrate here in the U.S., like Thanksgiving and etc..

Bettie Bettie
Well, it all depends where you are going to live. If you go to Santo Domingo or Santiago you will have trouble because there the crime rate is pretty high. If you move to a beautiful and quiet place like Samana Or La Romana, you will have an amazing and happy life.
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Aideen Aideen
princess cullen is right about the location and the other comment is right about not being to trutworthy above all everyone is very friendly, all the neighbors kno yu nd yu kno them yull love it although the humidity nd mosquitos might be annoying but its all worth getting use to
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Aideen Originally Answered: What are the "Must Do's" in Punta Cana? (Dominican Replublic)?
From the Iberostar Message Board - http://www.iberostar-board.com Here are some excursions & activities that may be of interest. Most of the tours are available via Iberostar Bavaro tour reps. They are reliable and very attentive. Santo Domingo Bus Visit the oldest city in the New World, Santo Domingo, founded by Spanish conquerors. You will visit Los Tres Ojos, the Lighthouse of Columbus which is a historical mausoleum where Christopher Columbus’ remains rest. You will also see the first cathedral in America, the notable colonial monument, “Basilica of Our Lady of Santa Maria La Menor.” Visit also the Amber Museum and many other important historical sites. Free shopping time on your own. Saona Catamaran/Lanchas Take with you a peerless experience on our big catamaran “Charente”, cruising through the coastline of the eastern National Park to Saona Island’s white beaches. Explore the natural wonders of the Caribbean Sea in direction to the largest marine refuge and nursery area in our country, as well as, view many indigenous bird species in their natural habitats. You will feel a perfect combination of fun and excitement. Approximately 35 minutes of snorkeling is included. La Romana Mississippi On this cultural tour you will visit several sites of historical importance. Starting with the visit to la Otra Banda, a small village founded by Spaniards from the Canary Islands in XVIII centuries. We continue on to visit the San Dionisio Church from where we go to the unique Basilica of Higuey. After this memorable place the tour continues on to La Romana towards a manufacturing cigar factory. After lunch we will go to Los Altos de Chavon (the heights above the Chavon River), the artist village, a copy of a 16th century Italian town. There will be time for shopping at exclusive shops and art galleries, for a visit to a Taino Indian Museum, the church and the Amphitheater to explore the streets of this charming village framed by an impressive panoramic view of the Chavon Rivers. To round off the great day you will go down the Chavon River on the GATOR or a MISSISSIPPI style STEAMER, and relax as the countryside rolls by. Saona Caribbean Star Feel the Caribbean Sea in your hands as you admire the exuberant vegetation, transparent water, a colony of beautiful fish and mangroves of the Eastern National Park. A fascinating all-time cruise allows you to explore untouched nature, white sand…. Listening to the contagious Merengue music, drinking a Cuba Libre and the feel of the ocean breeze in your face will make you live the paradise. If you are lucky you might see a school of Dolphins!!!! Jeep Safari Drive your own 4x4 jeep through sugar cane fields, jungles, rivers, and typical villages. Departing in groups of four from the jeep station to watch the scenic coastal landscape of the Dominican Republic. We pass by cacao and coconut plantations. From there we continue to the ranch where lunch is provided. You are given the option to ride horseback through an orange plantation. Monster Truck Safari An all-inclusive full day out with professional guides exploring the unspoiled Dominican countryside! See breathtaking landscapes while going through back country roads, crossing rivers and streams. Taste freshly cut sugar cane right on the fields and visit small colorful villages. Try fresh cheese at an old-fashioned country factory, fresh brewed coffee, plenty of fresh fruits. Take a swim at a wonderful river while sipping a Cuba Libre, dance or just relax on the hammocks! Go shopping at a local market, ride head over heels above the rest in these fantastic 8x8 all terrain trucks, made especially for your comfort and safety. Many photo stops with great views and an open bar with free flowing drinks all day will ensure you never go thirsty. Fun Buggy Choose between being your own driver or enjoy as a passenger on this comfortable buggy through more than 100 Km. This experience combines playing interesting games, animations and discovering important information about the island. We meet the people of Juanillo, a little fishing area at the end of the Eastern side of the Dominican Republic. Snorkel to a coral reef. Wet your appetite which is satisfied with a great Caribbean buffet, including crayfish, fish drinks, fruits and salads. Aquatic Tours Join a fascinating adventure, enjoying the sea and sun, driving your own boats. You will drive along the wonderful coast of Bavaro up to the coral reef, where you will discover and enjoy the underworld with its different shapes and colors. Bávaro Splash Get on your boat for the most fabulous and fascinating tour you have ever had. This exciting tour is full of great maneuvers bordering the famous coastline of the Bavaro beaches. For approximately three hours you will be provided with professional equipment for snorkeling which will allow you to discover the marine life in the underworld. Manati Park Enjoy small parks with a variety of flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic. Entertaining shows with beautiful dancing horses, parrots, dolphins and Taino Indian culture; you can even swim with the dolphins! Caving Fun Fun Here’s an eco-adventure at the end of the National Park Los Haitises, Rancho Capote. Mix adrenaline, power, pleasure; ride horseback, walk in the Dominican forest, travel to Devil’s Cave. Go inside and discover the magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites, stunning colors, underground stream and prehistoric art. All exposed by professional expert guides. Los Haitises From the southern coast of Samana Bay enjoy a boat ride through mangroves into Los Haitises National Park. This is a natural way to enhance your emotions! Pelicans, frigate birds and egrets join our journey while we explore caves trimmed with stalactites and stalagmites, which once housed the Taino Indians. Don’t miss the chance to get into the biggest water reserve area in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!!!!!! Helicopter Flight Ride Ride on special helicopters and feel the flying sensation at a minimum height. You will be able to take pictures and make unforgettable videos of magnificent beaches and coral formations along the coast of Bavaro and it’s hotels. We assure you of a brilliant and great satisfactory tour. Bavaro Runners Jeep Adventures A full day, all inclusive guided Mountain Safari adventure! Experience spectacular views and photo opportunities at every run! Ride in a convertible off road 4x4 Runners jeeps. See, feel and admire the lifestyle and friendliness of the local people in their natural habit. Sample exotic fruits, roasted coffee and sugar cane. Visit quaint villages, a countryside school; jump in the river, ride horseback and visit unexplored charming beaches. Punta Cana Runners Discover the beauty and marvels hidden in the Dominican Republic! Our fascinating off road 4x4 jeep will show you this adventurous countryside. We will take you through huge plantations of sugarcane, coffee, cacao, bananas and other native and exotic fruits. An exclusive cave will be explored, with its natural sculptures. We pass by rivers, lagoons, valleys and wide tropical landscapes. Ride horseback through the mountains. Lunch and all included. Macao Crazy Wheels Make your own way to Macao beach on a Yamaha 250 Timber wolf. On this half-day excursion you will have the opportunity to swim, take photos and enjoy over 12 kilometers of virgin beach. Snack and soft drinks included. Bávaro Trackers This tour is designed for those who love the ATV’s. Join us in our route to cover all different types of terrain suitable for these motors such as sand and mud. We allow you the maximum enjoyment through agricultural villages and cow pastures until we reach Cabo Engano. Our refreshments quench your thirst as we get to the ranch for horseback riding. Kontiki Tour Discover the real Caribbean on our double Decker party boat and cruise the spectacular coast and white sandy beaches of Bavaro. Wind in your hair, a cocktail in your hand, enjoy the ride to Buccaneers reef and the best snorkeling in Punta Cana. Great music, great atmosphere, open bar, snacks and the coolest in town guarantee a great day of action and fun. Prices: Marinarium Swim with sting rays and nurse sharks for an experience you’ll never forget. Enjoy a unique marine park in Punta Cana and discover the wonders of the reef and marine life on a glass bottom boat. Schedule: Monday – Sunday; 07:00 - 13:00 and 12:00 -17:00. Price: Adult - US$65.00 plus US$5.00 tax; Child - US$32.50 plus $2.50 Kontiki Experience the best snorkeling on double decker party boats. Cruise spectacular, great music open bar and snorkeling. Enjoy a great ride to the Bucaneer’s Reef. Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday; 13:00 - 18:00. Price: Adult - US$50.00 plus US$3.00 tax; Child - US$25.00 plus $1.50 Speed Boat Adventure Join in on the fun on exhilarating speed boats as you power through the waters of Bavaro’s most spectacular adventure. Snorkeling equipment included. Schedule: Monday – Sunday; 08:00 – 11:00; 11:00 – 14:00 and 13:00 – 16:00. Price: Adult - US$56.00 plus US$4.00 tax; Child - US$28.00 plus $2.00 Outback Safari Get to know the real country side of the Dominican Republic, driving through the most spectacular scenarios: sugar cane field, coffee and banana plantations, swim at a cascading river and boogie board in a secluded beach. Schedule: Monday – Sunday; 08:00 – 17:00. Price: Adult - US$75.00; Child - US$37.50 (Tax included in price) Manati Park An unforgettable day enjoying the excitement of nature at its wildest, surprising shows, exotic animals and spend a wonderful day. Schedule: Manati Park buses pick up at the hotels on the hour. Price: Park entrance: Adult – US$25.00; Child - US$15.00 *Swimming with the dolphins: Manati Park also offers Swimming with the dolphins. Schedule: Monday – Sunday; 09:00 and 14:00 Price: US$70.00 Monster Truck The ultimate experience Safari on an 8x8 all terrain truck. Go through mountains, rivers and colorful villages: discover the rural life and customs, visit a voodoo doctor and impressive landscape tours. Schedule: Wednesday & Friday; 08:00 – 17:30. Price: Adult - US$85.00; Child - US$42.50 (Tax included in price) Saona Island Transfer by bus to Bayahibe, a fisherman’s village where you’ll board a catamaran and transfer to Saona Island. Enjoy a day of sun, beach games and dance to the Caribbean rhythm on a palm studded beach – and visit a sacred Taino Princess’s natural pool. Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday; 07:00 – 18:00. Price: Adult - US$75.00 plus US$5.00 tax; Child - US$37.50 plus US$2.50 tax La Romana/Higuey A cultural tour: Visit the town of Higuey, the holy province, home of “La Basilica” the main church; and experience Altos de Chavon, a recreated 16th Century Artisan Village in La Romana. Schedule: Wednesday; 07:00 – 17:00. Price: Adult - US$55.00 plus US$4.00 tax; Child - US$27.50 plus US$2.00 tax Santo Domingo City Tour A cultural tour where you can explore the first city in the new world. Visit Christopher Columbus’s house, the Santa Maria Cathedral (first church in the new world). Shop at El Conde, the first commercial street of the new world. Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday; 06:00 – 19:00. Price: Adult - US$60.00 plus US$4.00 tax; Child - US$30.00 plus US$2.00 tax Golf At Cocotal Golf and Country Club – 18 hole golf course, round trip transportation, green fee, golf cart, bucket of balls and driving range. Schedule: Golf is scheduled according to clients request. Price: Hotels in Bavaro Area - US$115 / Secrets Excellence US$135 Caribe Caliente Enjoy a night full of color and dancers dancing away to the Caribbean rhythm. Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday; 20:00 – 00:00. Price: Adult - US$45.00 (tax included in price) Helidosa Discover the beauty of the Dominican Republic by air. The pilot can take you to a deserted island or just have a leisurely tour of the magnificent Punta Cana and Bavaro coastline. Schedule: Excursion scheduled according to client request. Price: 10 minutes US$60.00 / 15 min. US$80.00 / 30 min. US$130.00 / 1 hour US$550 The following excursions are very popular. Monster Truck Safari Helicopter Flight Ride Saona Catamaran/Lanchas Bávaro Splash Manati Park Enjoy!

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