What is a typical high school timetable like?

What is a typical high school timetable like? Topic: Why i would like to attend college essay
July 16, 2019 / By Felice
Question: In my novel, the protagonist moves from England to New York and attends a private school. What would a typical day be like? What kind of classes would there be? How long is a school day? etc.
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Cortney Cortney | 1 day ago
Well, my school has eight periods every day. 1. AP English 2. AP Spanish 3. AP World History 4. AP Biology 5. Music (Orchestra) 6. Lunch: My school takes an entire period for lunch. Each period is around 40 minutes. 7. Probability and Statistics 8. Free period... I don't know if you're from the States or not, so I'll explain stuff a little more. An "AP" class is an "Advanced Placement" program. These are usually the highest-level courses a student can take. My school goes from 7:25-1:55. Most high schools start later because many don't have a full 40-minute period for lunch. Instead, they'll have a 20 minute break for lunch. Some schools also have 'Homeroom,' a short period in the morning where students will gather for attendance, notices, etc. The four years in an American high school are as follows: 1. Freshman 2. Sophomore 3. Junior 4. Senior A graduation ceremony follows Senior year. I am a senior, that's why I have a free period at the end of my schedule; most seniors drive to school, and have a free period or two...or three (depending on if they're a slacker) at the end of the day. American kids don't have anything like the Leaving Certs or GCSEs; instead, they have the SATs, usually taken once or twice Junior year and once Senior year. The SATs have a math section, a critical reading section, and a (new) writing section. Each section is worth 800 points, totaling 2400 points.These SAT scores are sent to colleges along with a school transcript (a summary of all final grades in every class as well as a grade point average, or GPA. A GPA is a score out of 4.00. A 4.0 would mean all As in every class) an essay, and letters of reccomendation from teachers. After school, most kids have a sport practice, a club, rehearsal for a music ensemble or performance, or a part-time job. Good Luck!
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Your typical high school player will play either club or summer league during the summer and this is usually two practices and a game a week. Tryouts start usually right before school in the northern states. These are usually two practices a day for a week or two. After that, there is practice six days a week with unless there are games in which case the game will take the place of that days practice. Tournaments are usually at the start of the season and consist of no more than four games over a week or so. The one exception is the State tournament which begins after the regular season and runs for three weeks with max of two games a week. The State finals and semifinals are played on back-to-back days. Here is a typical schedule: Tryouts (Doubles) - Last Week of August Practice - First week of school Tournament/Practice - Second Week Practice/Games - Third Week - 2nd/3rd Week of October State Tournament/Practice October-November (3 weeks)

Bethel Bethel
It would be just the same basically but just different timetable. It might be just like primary school though in Secondary
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I definitely have used some LIFEPAC and a splash Horizons with my childrens. In my years of homeschooling, I definitely have usually heard that little toddlers (pre--ok) should not be began with workbooks and textbooks. they could desire to apply those early years gaining information of with regard to the real international--how people relate to a minimum of one yet another, how their physique works, a thank you to go products, and only experience, touch, and spot what's around them. there is plenty time in years to come to do e book artwork. i think of you would be depriving your daughter of the significant years of gaining information of as a newborn in case you stick her into books. in case you definitely need to do some prepared college together with her, do something greater hands-on, which includes My Father's international Pre-ok and infant, sluggish and secure Get Me waiting, and earlier-5-in-a-Row. those ingredients enable you to coach toddlers in a greater organic and interactive way. i does not propose you employ entire 300 and sixty 5 days concern applications for homeschooling. Doing all the schoolwork a similar way gets extremely uninteresting for toddlers. you may desire to place form into the college day. elect distinctive varieties of fabric for each classification. I used Horizons Math for my youthful daughter, She hated it. Now i exploit Math-U-See with my youthful sons. they're doing alright with it, and that they provide the impact of being to like it. I do use AO LIFEPACs for some instructions, which includes math and well-being for the older childrens. I additionally use Switched-on-Schoolhouse for math and well-being each so often. we don't only use one application for each 300 and sixty 5 days. we attempt distinctive courses. working example, the older boys did AO LIFEPAC workbooks one 300 and sixty 5 days, Switched-on-Schoolhouse the subsequent, and after that they are going to do coaching Textbooks. form like this makes homeschooling plenty greater interesting, and it supplies the toddlers a transformation after winding up a grade point. only take your daughter with you, and coach her approximately life. Take word of the little issues, the bugs, the dirt, the easy, and tell her what you be attentive to roughly them. sit down and examine to her, carry her, and supply her quite some time and love. which will build the beginning up of information and love of gaining information of in her. it is going to likely be far greater effective than beginning "college" early. you're so blessed to have a clever little lady.

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