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Interested in Chihuahua for adoption? Topic: Chihuahua research
July 16, 2019 / By Fedelma
Question: My husband told me he was thinking about wanting to adopt a chihuahua, it would be from a rescue because I really do not want to handle a puppy as I have a 3 month old. I can handle an adult dog, they are more relaxed. I am kind of iffy on wanting a chihuahua since I have read up that small/toy dogs are really hard to house break. I have a 3 month old, so I really do not want to be following a dog around the house picking up after it or my daughter to start crawling and there be a dog mess on the floor... We have no other dogs, just one cat. If someone who owns chihuahuas could give me some information on their behavior, training ease, and any other information you can provide, I'd appreciate it. I need to do a lot of research before I tell my husband yes or no to adopting.
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Corrine Corrine | 10 days ago
It's not that they're harder to train, it's that the typical chi owner doesn't treat them the same as they would larger dogs and too often excuse and ignore bad behavior. As far as the housebreaking is concerned, I'll say that they're harder to supervise and find very small areas (such as under furniture) to go so they don't get caught. The rescue will be up front (or should be) about any training & behavioral issues with an adult dog so you can make a decision based on the actual dog. I will say with such a young infant it may not be the best time to adopt
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I have a grandchild who was adopted and though we live 4 hours apart, we are always in contact with mom and dad. We email, phone chat, etc. They've been to visit us and we've been out to their house, just as if we were blood related. My daughter had severe addiction issues and was trying to get sober. She knew she wouldn't succeed with a baby to raise. Her married sister and married brother offered to take the baby, but she didn't want someone that close to her. The couple wanted open adoption for the baby and our daughter was initially against it, but changed her mind when she got to know them. We feel blessed that we have more family in our life and they feel the same way. Our grandchild calls us grandmother and grandfather and our other children are aunt and uncle. Our daughter is no longer with us, so I don't know how that would have worked. I get irritated when I hear anti adoption talk. I saw so many women in an addiction program with 1 or more children. The kids were back and forth between the mom, grandparents or foster care all the time because mom couldn't give them a secure home. I corresponded with so many couples who wanted to adopt in the US and would have been great parents to those kids.

Bethany Bethany
If u adopt an older dog, u will most likely know his temperament, his training, and if hes housebroken or not. Filling in an adoption application will give the rescuer a better idea of u and your family needs Expect rescuers to decline ur application as they prefer famillies with kids older than 5
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Aggy Aggy
Go to the Animal Planet website and use their dog profile and look up Chihuahua. Google or ask.com or yahoo.com and type in Chihuahua breed specifics. Also research crate training.
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Tikva Tikva
For what it is valued at - I consider they're very unreasonable in plenty of circumstances. They put it on the market and beg for houses for those animals. Too many puppies - now not sufficient houses. Then they deny any one, such as you, who's naturally ready of caring for an animal. And might most likely on no account have a boyfriend that does not like puppies. Sounds like with you - that might be a demand in a boyfriend. I do not brain in the event that they wish a residence talk over with given that you may inform plenty approximately a man or woman by way of the residence they reside in. But I do resent the truth that they wish fenced in yards and all of the relaxation in their specifications. Totally useless. As if all puppies on the planet lived in residences with fenced in yards. Dogs left by myself even in a fenced backyard can also be attacked by way of different animals. And there were circumstances of kids being imply to a left-by myself animal. I've had puppies. I would not have a fence. But I am a type of who remains external while puppy is external and continues them on tie outs or leashed. I don't suppose a puppy must simply be positioned external to stick by way of themselves. This type of angle forces humans to spend giant dollars at a breeder or purchase from a puppy retailer in which they don't have such regulations. If they wish their rescue puppies to visit well houses - they naturally have got to redefine what makes a well residence. Fences, a long time, jobs is not any indicator of whether or not a residence is well or now not. Not each and every puppy can reside in a lovely residence with a fence and no person has to visit paintings. I had a Maltese (died final 12 months at sixteen-one million/two years historical). My backyard isn't fenced, I labored day-to-day. She used to be a healthful comfortable puppy (even now not having the ones "privileges") till she grew to become sick. I discover the rescue humans are unreasonable of their specifications. I consider they must take fair precaution however regularly they're means excessive on this type of factor.
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Raleigh Raleigh
my dog is a chihuahua and he goes outside. we've had him since he was a puppy. bought him from a breeder off of craigslist but i suggest you go to petfinder.com. but he goes outside and everything yes it was a little hard in the beginning but that was because he was a puppy. i live in ohio and he doesn't like going outside in the snow so if you have snow they may not like it but it's not a big problem just make a walk way with your shovel. or they will go potty on the sidewalk..hope i helped.
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Raleigh Originally Answered: Chihuahua HELP! NOW?
Okay, this is a lot about dogs, so this will be really long. You really need to research the breed before you get them, or you could be making one of the biggest mistakes. Go to http://www.akc.org to read all about them. And you may want to go to http://www.iams.com/iams/breed-informati... to take the dog breed selector (it kinda works, but don't rely 100% on it). And I think you should go to a local shelter and see if they have a dog you like, or maybe even a Chihuahua (if that's the right breed for you), go to http://www.petfinder.com. I would always suggest a crate, but you can have him sleep in your room in its bed, but a dog should be crate trained (able to stay in a crate nicely... just leave him in a crate until he stops crying and/or trying to get out). You should probably take him to an obedience class (preferably and AKC registered one if you live in the U.S.(find one on http://www.akc.org). He needs to know sit, stay, lie down, come, and be house trained (the basics). Chihuahuas are really bad about house training (so I've heard) but it'll need puppy pads and FREQUENT walks outside after it eats and drinks and in the morning and evening, plus other times too for house training, oh, and you need TONS of patience. And treats to help in training. I really hope you decide to adopt from a shelter or a rescue. And now for the supplies, you'll need: •Puppy pads (if it isn't house trained) •Food (and water, obviously) •Leash and collar •A brush or whatever grooming tool you need •Treats •A dog bed •Small crate •Lots and lots of toys (http://www.PetEdge.com) •Dog liscence tags •A veterinarian Good Luck with your new dog! :)

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