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Transfer case? Topic: case let
July 17, 2019 / By Fauna
Question: Can a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V6, run with a bad transfer case? to clarify i am buying one and the seller reports a bad transfer case
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Coriander Coriander | 5 days ago
Ok,,let's start this out. What is going wrong and making you think that you have a transfer case problem? Knocking noise can easily be ujoints. If, and at this point, I say IF, it is the transfer case..just exactly is it doing? If it is grinding itself to death..No, do not drive it, but let's see what is wrong. Do you KNOW it is the case, do you have metal in the oil. Need a little more details. Good Luck
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Bessy Bessy
Depends on which transer case it is, what the problem is with the T-case. If you have a full-time 4WD system no, due to the fact that running with a bad transfer case in full time 4WD will cause further damage. If its part time, you should be able to temporarily, but I would get the t-case repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If someone is selling it with a bad transfer case, don't buy it. Find a jeep that is less of an issue. Transfer case problems are expensive to fix, along with other 4WD system components. Avoid this one if its being sold as is, since the seller don't seem to want to fix it, there's probably other issues as well.
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Afton Afton
I have a 1996 f-150 I was driving down the road and it started to make a grinding sound then it stopped..it did it a couple more time. before I lost all my gears, could not put it into park or nothing.. I got out to check and it sounded like it is coming from my transfer case? ANY IDEARS!?!
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Tiarnan Tiarnan
It will run, but it won't drive. Transfer case , sits behind the transmission and puts the power to the front and rear axle via chain and driveshafts.
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Tiarnan Originally Answered: What is a transfer case used for?
The transfer case is what provides power to the front wheels on a four wheel drive vehicle. The engine turns the transmission input shaft. The transmission output shaft turns the transfer case input shaft. The transfer case then has two drive shafts. One for the rear differential, and one for the front differential. Fords in that era are notorious for the motor on the back of the transfer case that does the switching to go out. A lot of times you can repair them simply by removing them and taking them apart and cleaning them (the electronic shift motor, not the whole transfer case). It is also possible that the chain in your transfer case has snapped. That would require removal of the entire transfer case.

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