Should I get an iPhone 4s?

Should I get an iPhone 4s? Topic: Iphone case specs
July 16, 2019 / By Farrah
Question: The Anly apple product I own is an iPod nano 4g. I use it mainly to either listen to music whilst running or to listen to audio books and podcasts whenever I am driving. Now from what I've seen and read on the internet, the iphone 4s is not a very durable device due to the glass sitting unprotected on top, front and back. I am quite sure that many manufactiurers already made straps and what not, but is the device really that fragile and do protective cases make any noticable difference? I think I would be much happier with an android phone but I do not know of any iTunes alternative that manages podcasts and shows the things I finished listening to. And my car came with an ipod cable... Should I get one or not? and ...is there a new one coming soon?
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Cordelia Cordelia | 4 days ago
I recently bought an iPhone 4s and I have to say, I'm not quite impressed. Screen resolution is the same as iphone4, the a5 chip doesnt help a lot, and Siri doesn't work where I'm from. The only reason I bought it was for the 1080p video recording and I play a lot of games on it. Many android phones are coming up with better specs and less expensive. I would recommend Sony's new Xperia S.
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Cordelia Originally Answered: IPhone Users: What do you like and dislike about your iPhone?
omg god i love my iphone 3gs the fact that you can play games and take video also camera the apps and everything is super easy to access and user friendly you can customize just about everything and when you jailbreak it you can customize everything its just a fantastic phone as of right now im using an app called air mouse to write this when they mean there is an app for everything there truly is an app for everything
Cordelia Originally Answered: IPhone Users: What do you like and dislike about your iPhone?
I'm looking for one also. However the iphone version2 is 'supposedly rumoured' coming out in June/July (UK). It is also rumoured to have 3G and GPS. So I am holding off for alittle to see what comes through the pipeline. Personally I find the interface the best feature. Those that dislike the IPhone say it is typically over priced for the features it has in reference to the competition. Much like the iPod in comparison to other MP3 players. In saying all of this I've never met an IPhone owner who hasn't liked it :-) Good luck in your decision...

Bessie Bessie
There is a new one coming it's an iPhone 5 and 6. I am not sure about the 6 version but the 5 i'm sure of it. 100% because my friend test an iPhone 5 already.
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Afrikah Afrikah
Yes....there is no second thought...go and get a iphone 4s. And there is no announcement or something about iphone 5 so don'w waste time and get the amazing mobile with cool looks,camera,apps etc.
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Afrikah Originally Answered: Should I get the iPhone 4S now or wait on the iPhone 5 to be released?
1. It's not going to be called the iPhone 5. The 4s is already the 5th generation iPhone. 2. EDIT: To further clear up confusion: there is no confirmed release date. There aren't even good sources claiming a June release. While it's very likely, there is no factual basis Anyways back to your question: 1. The 6th generation iPhone (I personally think it'll just be called just the iPhone, don't think it's relevant why) will be released either in June or October 2012. A June release is pretty logical but there is no *real* information regarding it; the 4s was just released Now, the 6th gen iPhone will probably be a huge update: new form factor, possibly larger screen, and maybe even a quad core processor (and yes, the technology for mobile quad core processors will be out next year, but Apple doesn't just cram specs for the sake of it). There are couple reasons: firstly the 3g/3gs -> 4/4s thing (minor upgrade, major upgrade cycle). Secondly, There is a lot of technology like NFC (near field communications) that are kinda in "their birth". Apple makes their products so they "just work", which is why they didn't include things like LTE in the 4s (uses too much battery life, not very much coverage anyways). So, it probably sounds like the 6th gen iPhone will be a killer, which it probably will, but it's really up to you. It won't be coming out anytime soon, and the 4s is a great phone. If you think about it, so many of future features aren't really "necessary" - I mean, we've been living without them since the beginning of time anyways. I can't tell you exactly what to do, since it just depends on personal preference. My 3gs just broke and I'm waiting for the 6th gen.

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