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Im So Confused About Religion? Topic: How to write a myth about creation
July 17, 2019 / By Fanny
Question: Ok, I am Jewish currently since i was born jewish and I'm a teen. My best friend is christian and one night we were talking about our different beliefs. I was barmitzvah'd, but still don't know a lot about jewish or christian religion. My friend said that if you don't believe in jesus you will go to hell. Well, obviously i don't so I'm scared if the jewish religion is wrong because hell sounds horrible. Now, I understand christians and jews are almost exactly alike. We both believe in THE SAME GOD. The only difference we have is we believe the old ways, and also we believe the messiah is yet to come. In fact Christians were once jews before jesus. I was thinking about the messiah and it hit me. The main connection with the messiah is to get a closer connection to god. If jews have a direct strong relation with the same god as christians, and christians have a relation through jesus, this means we won't go to hell because of our relationship with god in all. Does it all come down to that? Also I understand we have free will, but why wouldn't god try to help us in tough decisions. Like, if there is an anti messiah, he should tip us in and put instinct in our brains. basically perform miracles all the time, and lead us all to heaven. Plus, Hell Sounds like a horrible place, so why would god allow there to be a place as such? Doesn't he love his creations? It's like (be a bigger man) and if someone sins still bring them to salvation and teach them the right way. Why would angels bring you to that horrible (evil) place. God allows and (correct me if I'm wrong) creates hell for sinners, but it seems so evil. I also understand Jews don't believe in hell. Does that mean we believe in some other bad place or all people go to heaven. Another question I have is about the end of the world. In christian religion it says that seven years before the end they will go to heaven. Then the "anti-messiah" will come (which would be jews first messiah possibly) and bring 3 and a half years of good and bad. First of all, will it hurt when the world ends. Will i feel pain of lava pouring on me or will god make it painless. Also, within the seven years if we decide to follow christ, is it too late to go to heaven within the seven years? If this whole anti-messiah thing is true, god should do that to build his people, and make a big peaceful heaven for all its creation, cuz if christians start dissapearing into the sky, we will probably convert to cristianity. Next I still don''t understand why Jews didn't believe Jesus was the messiah, or why christians believe he was the messiah. I guess the Jews believe that he didn't complete the specific tasks in the torah, but if jesus created miracles and blackness and earthquakes when he died, why wouldn''t we believe him? Also, how can something as big as darkness and earthquakes be mistaken. If jews don't believe of the darkness when he died and whatnot, then thats a hard thing to mistake or not write down. This goes the same for christians. how could they mistaken nothing for darkness etc. Someone's got to be bluffing or misleading history. So I ask you to please respond nicely on both points of view and not be racist or prejudice about Jews or Christians, because in essence Jews, Christians are practically the same and believe in the same god.
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Coral Coral | 2 days ago
From what I've seen, a good number of the Christians who regularly respond to questions in this section are bible thumpers who'll repeat the "If you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go to hell" threat. (Not all of them, but I'm sure a few will be chiming in any minute now...) What you believe is up to you. But when someone tells you something, especially about things religious and spiritually based, you should always ask yourself one question, and that is: how do they REALLY know what they're saying is true? And the answer is, they don't. They believe it on faith, but they don't really know if the bible, or the torah, or the quran, or any of those books are true. They could just be old myths, just like stories of Zeus or Odin, or the big bad wolf (that's my take on it, at least). They certainly sound like them. Talking animals, people casting magical spells, etc. If they want to believe it, fine for them, but that's not a reason for you to believe the same things. It's a big world, and there're as many different beliefs out there as there are people. We all find our own answers.
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You don't have to be scared. Here's how I dealt with your current situation. 1) I realized that now that I understand I've been brainwashed, I have the power to figure out for myself what I really want to believe, rather than what everyone tells me to believe. Then, rather than shoving the Qu'ran/Bible in the closet, I studied it and learned where and how it was written 2) I also realized that I was just as scared of death when I believed in God. Because under God there is the constant threat of sin and hell and confession and repentance. Without God, there is none of that. 3) I then realized that, without God, there is only this life, and this life becomes more precious and beautiful. If you spend this life preparing for a supposed afterlife, you unknowingly miss out on a lot. But you take advantage of so much when you aren't threatened by devils and damnation all the time. Now, this isn't a push for atheism. This is simply to help you realize that life doesn't end without god. Death isn't scary because hell goes away. But if you want to alleviate your fears, I recommend research.
There is no proof, it's as simple as that. But what is your definition of proof? Indeed you want something to awaken you, right? To make it so amazingly obvious that this religion is the right one, and that what you're doing is true. That sort of proof is not unavailable, unless it's scientific. And as you know, religion and science are total opposites. The only proof there is, is faith. When you read the qur'an, do you not agree with what it's saying. When you pray to Allah, do not feel close to something that is beyond your description or explanation. When you think about your life, do you remind yourself then when this short life passes, you will no longer need to worry, as you're going to heaven. You're saying that religion pressures you, so if you believe in that way, you are not believing at all. In order to be a good muslim, it has to start from within. There is no point in praying, or following any of the rules of islam if you don't believe in them. You have to start with your heart. It's confusing, I know. But I can feel something in my heart, and just thinking about my religion brings me to tears - it's something that I honour and cherish. I feel so blessed. If you feel blessed with your religion, that is when you know that it's true.

Beryl Beryl
I love your question, because I've had a lot of the same questions. I should give you some background on myself, because I think it frames the answer well. I was raised in a non-denominational Protestant (Christian) church. When I was in college, I discovered Judaism and decided to convert, so I've kind of been on the opposite side of the road as you, but moving in the same direction. I can tell you what some Jews and some Christians believe on these issues, but honestly, the theology is fairly dense and varies amongst the denominations of Christianity and movements of Judaism. In general, Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah. According to their Bible, nobody gets to the Father (God) except through the Son (Jesus) and this has been interpreted to mean that only Christians attain salvation, because it is that belief in Jesus that saves. This is problematic theology as you might imagine. A few years ago, the Catholic Church tackled this dilemma. The question was, will good people, like Ghandi or the Dalai Lama really go to Hell, because they didn't believe in Jesus? At that time (and according to today's Catholic theology) the righteous will be saved, but Catholicism is still seen as the "right" and "surest" way to Heaven. I don't mean this as an insult, although it might come across that way to some, but to me Christian theology is based on the principle of fear. Christians behave and believe in a certain way, because they fear the retribution for not thinking or acting in that way (i.e. going to Hell). Jews have a very different conception, because Judaism does not dwell extensively on the question of an afterlife, although there are some texts on the issue that you might be interested in reading. The most interesting question, in my opinion, that you've posed, is on the issue of historicity. In short, what did Jesus do or not do and why were they not seen as evidence of his divinity? The problem is that, truthfully, we don't know much about the historic Jesus. You should remember that the Gospels, just like the Tanach, were written as theological documents, not historical ones. The writers were less concerned with the particulars of history as the meaning behind those particulars. It seems, at least in some places, that stories were completely made up and re-framed for the purpose of teaching a lesson. . A major reason why Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah is that Jewish theology does not hold the Messiah to be God. The Jewish Messiah will be fully human. In contrast, Christians claim that Jesus was 100% human and 100% God, which is a theology to wrap your brain around to be sure. I'm sorry this is such a long answer, but it was a long question :). I'd love to discuss this further with you, if you are interested. Please feel free to email or message me. Good luck on your search and congratulations!
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Africah Africah
There's very little difference between Jews and Christians. Their god is Jewish, Jesus was Jewish and Mary and Joseph were Jewish. The Christian god, Yahweh/Jehovah was invented by Canaanite/Hebrew/Jewish nomads, brutal, viscious people who roamed and attacked other tribes. They worshiped many gods, including Yahweh. He was the most demanding of their gods and they even made blood sacrifices to him of their males babies foresking. This is how circumcision became a required ritual for Jewish people. Yahweh, was a nasty demanding god(as in the bible) and the Jews eventually dumped all of the others and kept Yahweh. God, Jesus, the bible, heaven,hell,the devil,angels are not real, but products of the fertile imaginations of very poorly educated peopl thousands of years ago.
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Africah Originally Answered: Can we all agree that religion itself doesn't not cause wars, but fundamental militant religion does?
This is a pretty true statement. People pervert religion to their own ends to gain more power and people need to see the distinction. Oovey- you are the misguided one, religion does not cause war, it is lust for power or greed that causes them, religion might just be a ploy to get them accepted by the people who will do the fighting. The Crusades were all about power, it was the catholic church taking power from the eastern Orthodox church and the Byzantine Empire. The wars between Protestants and Catholics are political in nature and are waged for political and economic power. It takes seconds to look these conflicts up on the internet, why don't you try it? By the way one of my degrees is in history so if you want to make a statement about history get your facts right first and do not just listen to the propaganda fed to you.

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