Religious people: Would you like to give an atheist a piece of your mind?

Religious people: Would you like to give an atheist a piece of your mind? Topic: List of topics for writing an article
July 16, 2019 / By Fanni
Question: Hi all, I and some friends have an atheist website. We provide information with the intention of other people using it as a source. As we want to be totally impartial we are looking for theists to represent their religion. Our website is mainly for atheists, and yes it's run by atheists. But I assure you that our goal is not to mock theists, we simply provide information. For example we have an article that is just a list of all 266 popes, we don't try to discredit them, we don't insult or bash them, all we do is list their number, name and dates served. At some point we will have an article called ''does god exist?''... and yes we will be claiming that there is no god and defending that position. But other than that our articles are simply information and facts, about religion, different theologies, logic, philosophy and other topics. We currently have 2 atheists and 1 Christian that write for the site. We are now looking for religious people from different religions to represent their theology. What we ideally would like to find next is one of the following: - A Jew - A Muslim - A Christian (preferably a creationist or fundamentalist) - A Mormon - Other. If you are interested in taking part in our site, please get in touch with me on this yahoo mail or via private message so we can talk a bit more and give you some more information. Requested: http://www.atheati.com (the site has a running joke that we are evil, but this joke is explained in a disclaimer) please note that the site has not yet been subject to proof reading, some grammatical errors may be present. NOTE: site in early development.
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Cora Cora | 1 day ago
I'm an atheist, but this sounds good as a source. Can I look into it further? What's the address? Or do I have to PM you? or can you PM me plz=]
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Cora Originally Answered: Should I tell my religious and controlling parents that I am an Atheist?
Hi there. I was raised in a devout Catholic family so I can appreciate where you're coming from. I too was forced to go to religious school and participate in religious activities even though I didn't really believe any of it by the end of high school. In my case, I sucked it up and waited until I was financially independent. I also spent a long time preparing my parents.. bringing up articles about scientific discoveries.. discussing philosophy and the history of ethics, etc, etc, etc. It actually got to a point where I didn't even actually have to tell them anything, it was obvious. Most importantly, I wasn't a jerk about it. I didn't flaunt my disbelief or criticize them for their beliefs. One thing you really have to understand is that if your parents are as devout as you say (and they probably are) then they probably really believe that going to heaven is the goal everyone should be working towards. So they probably truly believe that all these religious rituals have to be kept otherwise there is the risk of going to hell. As your parents, they probably believe very strongly that it is their job to prepare you for a life that will get you into heaven. They WILL feel very insecure about themselves if you just profess your atheism because they will undoubtedly feel they are bad parents. Be aware of this in your approach. Give them reasons to believe they are good parents. Tell them how thankful you are that they taught you to have critical thinking skills and the ability to think independently. Another thing about my religious education I am particularly thankful for is the exposure I got to different religious ideas and traditions. The more I knew about the history of religious beliefs, the more and more confident I was in my atheism. Judaism is particularly good for this since a great deal of the juicy bits of cultural history come from Genesis, Exodus, etc. It was always important to me to learn how things came to be this way, and understanding the history of my religion helped a great deal in that regard. There IS a lot of real history (albeit cultural) in the Torah. It would be to your detriment to ignore it even with your atheism. For example, the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve is very clearly the story of the Agricultural Revolution: http://www.noonespecial.ca/adam-and-eve/ Here's some more about interpreting the stories of the Bible using a proper historical context: http://noonespecial.ca/2010/11/ya-the-pr... (Refers to Christianity in particular, but I think it's easy to see where I'm going with it) You have a unique perspective and a unique opportunity within your classes. Dig deeper and (respectfully) challenge the assumptions of your teachers and classmates. You can always come here to vent. :) By the way, Atheist Nexus (a social networking site for atheists) has a fairly active Doctor Who fan club. I'm sure you can find a few people there who share some of your interests. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions.

Bertred Bertred
We are always bothered with the unthinking question as to why the all-wise Creators permit evil and sin. We fail to comprehend that both are inevitable if the we are to be truly free. The free will of evolving human or exquisite angel is not a mere philosophic concept, a symbolic ideal. Man's ability to choose good or evil is a universe reality. This liberty to choose for oneself is an endowment of the Supreme Rulers, and they will not permit any being or group of beings to deprive a single personality in the wide universe of this divinely bestowed liberty--not even to satisfy such misguided and ignorant beings in the enjoyment of this misnamed personal liberty. Page 615-3
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Africa Africa
Personally I'd have no interest in trying to convince you of anything to do with God. You are as much a part of this world as I am and we could find some common ground if it's only sharing in being homo sapiens.
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Thurston Thurston
It's nice to read that you will not make fun of people who do believe in God a greater force . Myself anyone is entitled to think what they like . Kindest regards , cheerio .
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Quinn Quinn
Yes I would. God Bless You & May God Have Mercy On Your Soul. I rebuke you Satan and I command you to release your stronghold on this precious child of the most high. In Jesus name, Amen
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Quinn Originally Answered: Giving previous employer a piece of my mind?
If you want to cause more trouble, I would write a letter to the social security administration and your local IRS office. Explain that you suspect he purposely gave you an incorrect W-2. If you got a W-2 from the same company last year that was correct, then that is basically the proof you need. If not it is your word against his but you may at least give him a few hours of misery he so richly deserves.

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