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Getting into hampton university? Topic: First grade field trip writing activities
July 16, 2019 / By Fancy
Question: iam a junior in high school and will be a senior next year. i really want to get into hampton university.i want to know is it hard to get in, what gpa i need to get in,sat score and just about everything i need to make it into hamtpton.Also want to know the environment how is the people,is living in the dorm at hampton good. im taking my sat's in march,my gpa right now is about a 2.70 i know it needs to get better i have an efficient amount of extarcurricular activities planning on doing more this summer.taking two ap classes next year!! please help
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Constance Constance | 10 days ago
i recently came from a field trip from there. so this question is easy lol. the difficulty level is about a little above average. the average gpa for incoming freshmen is 3.0 and sat=1000 and that is not including the writing. for the ACT it is a 24.It is a HBCU school so inevitably, there is many african americans, so the greek and party life is pretty hype. in addition, their pretty nice to freshman. they have this thing where the "adopt" freshman as their little brothers and sisters...very cute lol. the average dorms varies because it depends on which one you apply for. if you graduate with a 3.5 you can apply for the honors dorms which are very nice. the campus is about small to medium size. they have a bowling alley, pool, and all that other cool stuff lol. every single sport you can prob. think of as well. but yeah, i know for a fact that their two main things is the sat and act scores and the grade point averages. your a junior so you have plenty of time.
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Do darn good activity in twelfth. concentration, concentration, concentration. Take a attempt to be certain the way you easily learn.distinctive human beings learn distinctive techniques. don't be afraid to ask. some colleges have like a probation to allow those with low G.P.As. you do no longer might desire to start up out on the drugs as quickly as you enter college. you are able to continually take the different required classes for commencement and do good so as which you would be able to get into the college of drugs. you additionally can flow to an area college, do good and then flow besides the undeniable fact that it is probable that each and everyone your credit won't flow to an college. you additionally can be certain you do an outstanding activity on the ACT/SAT. There are books on the library for those assessments.
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