Who's right? Me or my mother?

Who's right? Me or my mother? Topic: Should i do my homework right now
July 16, 2019 / By Faithe
Question: I'm 15. and Homeschooled (Not my choice) I have friends who are in school. I ususally work Monday-Friday but since my dad works away alot, he's not home to help me with my maths/physics (things i SUCK at) He's home on fridays and back to work on monday. Now my mother wants me to give up my weekends to do maths and physics with them =/ But i want to see my friends... Who's right? Me: Thinking that if i work all week i should be able to see my friends at weekends Mother: Wants me to give up weekends to do school work. If i tell her i'm seeing my friends she'll do a big sigh and tell me she thought i was gonna be home to do work. Does the woman not want me to be happy?! Help!
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Conradine Conradine | 9 days ago
My mum tried to do the same to me. I wasnt allowed out at weekends at all just because I had homework to do. And it made me hate it and i failed all my exams because I just wanted to get out. So I think you are right.
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Bertha Bertha
YOUR RIGHT!... first off,, they cant expect you to work 24/7.. its not your problem that you suck at those subjects,, no one is good at everything! Also, its not your fault your dad is working all that time. I have been through online homeschooling before and i had no social life for a whole year.. its depressing .. you need a social life and they need to get that and figure out some way they can help you during the week.. or how bout this SEND YOU TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL .. that way you have a social life and your doing your work.. it would work for there schedule more too,, cuz you could have a friend help you with the subjects you suck at after school..... well that is my opinion of this..hope this helps :D
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Affrikah Affrikah
I think you are, you need some sort of social life just like people that go to regular school have the weekends off. If what she wants is you to get help while your dad is home, you could do that on Sunday or something.
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Thorley Thorley
you do need a social life and there has to be a compromise you can make with your mom so that a) you can see your friends, and b) you can get your math and physics homework. is there anyone else you can ask to help other than your dad during the week? homeschooling is tough, but with that said, you are entitled to have a life away from schoolwork. talk with your mom, betweent the two of you a compromise can be reached.
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Quincy Quincy
Having a social life while you're home schooled is really important. You can't expect to be happy cooped up inside your house all the time. I think you're right, because your mom isn't understanding how important seeing your friends is. I'd just try harder on physics and math without your dad and continue to do school stuff during the week.
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Malone Malone
Do school work monday - friday. and use Friday night and saturday to hang out with friends and use Sunday as homework/school day. Thats what most people i know do even in regular school.
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Jered Jered
Give UR parents Friday afternoon/evening to do math/physics studies. Sat and sun could be free days for both u and your parents!! I hope I helped!!
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Gershom Gershom
You need some sort of social life. You can't be expected to work all week and not have a couple days just to chill with friends.
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