Colleges: Which do you think is the best school?

Colleges: Which do you think is the best school? Topic: Business plan of a new school
July 22, 2019 / By Evonne
Question: I want to be teacher for elementary school keep in mind. UC Berkeley UC Santa Cruz UC Santa Barbara Dominican University Menlo College (business school, but i know i get a scholarship) Cal State East Bay (Accepted) Sonoma State University University of the Pacific University of Hawaii at Manoa Santa Clara University St. Mary's College of California
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Columbine Columbine | 5 days ago
What's important to know is how you will be viewed by employers when you tell them where you graduated. Truthfully, most employers will not care too much where you graduated. They will judge you on classroom management, curriculum planning, parental communications, etc. I was accepted at a few of these schools and attended the one that I felt, and was told, was the most prestigious. I hated it, by the way, it's on your list. I'm assuming that you listed all of these because you were accepted at ALL of them. If so, you need to ask yourself some questions to narrow down your search. Are you wanting to be close to home? If you live in the Bay Area and you want a new experience, then cross off Berkeley, SC, Dominican, Menlo, CSEB, SCU, and SMC. Vice versa if you want to stay near Mom and Dad. Can you afford the Privates like SMC, Domican, etc? Do you really want to live in a city like Stockton? Berkeley? Hawaii? or SB? All are very different. Do you want more of a remote town like SMC or SSU? Have you visited these schools? You REALLY should. Don't just use someone else's opinion to determine your life. It is good to discuss this with qualified individuals who know of these schools and who understand the profession that you seek. Feel free to email me. I am an educational consultant who worked in the field education as a classroom teacher and administrator. Now I work as a consultant to schools and individuals. Hope this helps.
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Columbine Originally Answered: What are some good colleges for law school?
If you’re already planning for law school at this point, you’re way ahead of the curve. However, you also aren’t likely to have someone that you can ask the basic questions to, as most counselors will wave you away with talk of waiting until you’re through most of college. 1) High school GPA/resume Will this matter when you apply to law school? Well, let me ask you something: did you save some baby mink whales while training for the 2012 Olympics? No? Then don’t worry about high school. The only part of your law school application that will be reflective of your high school experience is the undergrad that you decide to attend and to which you gain admission. 2) Which college should I pick? The quality of your undergrad institution will play, at most, a minor role in the admissions process. Obviously you want to skip most online institutions, as many are not reputable and most aren’t well regarded. However, outside of that, it’s all about even. Of course, all else being equal, the Harvard student is getting in over the East West Virginia University student, but when is all else equal? During the decision process, visit the school, talk with current students, and sit in on a class if possible. Figure out which environment will challenge you and allow you to thrive. If you can see yourself being happy at a certain school, go there. You’ll have a much easier time maintaining a high GPA if you’re in an environment in which you feel at home. 3) What should I major in? If your goal is to set yourself up to get into the best law school you can, then you want to pick a major in which you’ll receive the highest GPA. Much more than the classes you take, the degree you receive, and the major you pick, your GPA will determine law school admissions decisions. Avoid basketweaving or Simpsons-ology and any other major will be, more or less, equal in the eyes of law schools. I would recommend finding something in which you have a great interest, as then going to classes will be interesting and you’ll have an easier time focusing. Picking a major you love will afford you the chance to get a great GPA without having to ‘try’, as it will feel more like you’re doing something you want than trying to learn difficult and obscure material. As a quick aside, most pre-law or legal studies programs are viewed as something as a joke by those associated with law schools. They’re generally law school lite, only without the great taste of Diet Dr. Pepper (because you kids don’t know what Miller Lite tastes like, right?). Most law professors view the knowledge gained in them (and the writing skills developed) as a detriment to a proper legal education, as you have to unlearn some of the stuff you think you know. 4) Are there any specific classes I should take in college to prepare me for law school? You should be taking classes that focus on writing, analysis, and logic. While you’ll have to relearn how to write and analyze when you get to law school (legal research and writing is different than anything you’ll do up until then), having a baseline off of which to work (a knowledge of grammar, for instance) will give you a leg up. And logic will be the same, whether it’s in an undergrad course, the LSAT, or a class on Contract Law (which can be very logic-intensive). 5) What about this whole LSAT thing? Your GPA is important, but your LSAT score (aka the Law SAT) is the largest factor in your application package. When the time rolls around, make sure you prepare for it. The test doesn’t ask you questions based on knowledge – it asks you questions to test your ability to think and reason. Those are skills that you can develop by properly prepping for the exam. While you’re years away from that (I repeat, you’re years away from it!), practice books, old tests, and LSAT classes are the best way to get ready for the exam that will, more or less, decide your law school fate. Seriously, though, go do something foolish whenever you start to think about the LSAT. You shouldn’t worry about it until your Junior year. 6) And extracurriculars? Find some extracurriculars in which you have an intense interest. Sports, drama, art, Future Farmers of America – wherever your passion lies, go for it. Pick the ones in which you have a serious interest and stick with them, building up a great resume that highlights something interesting about yourself. Fill leadership positions. That will show your potential as a leader, which is something that law schools love in their applicants. 7) Anything else? Enjoy college. A lot. Seriously, have a good time. But not too good of a time. Skip those parties that you know will get busted by the cops, don’t give an officer lip if he asks you for some ID when you’re drunk, and make sure that you keep your grades up. If your average beer consumption per day is higher than your GPA, it’s time to refocus (but, on the other hand, impressive!). And good luck!
Columbine Originally Answered: What are some good colleges for law school?
I don't know what ecc is. But, for admission to law school you must have graduated from an accredited college or university. Best law school in the U.S. is Yale. Much more selective than Harvard (Yale has an entering class of 120 students to Harvard which has over 500 students in the entering year). But, Yale is much more relaxed once you are in. There are no letter grades at Yale...just: Pass; Fail; or Pass with Honors. Other great choices are Harvard and Stanford. If you want to work as a lawyer on the west coast Stanford is THE place to go to school. CA law firms are scared to interview eastern school students thinking they are just looking for a free trip to CA and will then take a job on the east coast.

Bernice Bernice
Rankings wise, UC Berkeley is the top school on your list, followed by UCSB. However this doesn't mean this is the best school for you! So many people get caught up with how highly ranked a school is, they don't consider if they would actually be happy there. UC Berkeley, UCSC, UCSB and U of Hawaii, are all very large schools. How do you feel about possibly having classes with 300-500 people or having a hard time getting the classes you need? Sonoma State and Cal State East Bay are part of the CSU system, so they are by far the least expensive of all the schools on your list (assuming you are a California resident). Be aware East Bay is mainly a commuter school, so if you are looking for the "college experience" it would not be a wise choice. Santa Clara, Menlo, Dominican, St. Mary's and University of the Pacific all fall into a similar category. They are smaller more liberal arts based institutions, that really emphases small classes and personal attention. They are also the most expensive but some can be very generous with financial aid for qualified students.
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Aerynn Aerynn
In this order: UC Berkeley UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz Really, any of the state schools will give you a very good Bachelors. Elementary teachers can make decent pay but you do not want to live in poverty due to school loans. Keep your expenses as low as possible. Unless you are wealthy, or get tremendous grants and scholarships, there is no academic or financial advantage to any of the private schools or out of state.
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Aerynn Originally Answered: Top 20 or Top 20 percent in high school. Which do colleges look more into?
Top 20, unless you have less than 100 people in your school. Although what's more important (in no order) is your GPA, SAT, and classes you've taken in high school. Sports, clubs and volunteer work is always a plus. Do some of those and well in school and you'll be "well-rounded" lol. Some universities require you to write a personal essay or interview (more for really competitive schools), which is also important, however the bulk of what gets you into a good school is what I just said in my second sentence sentence.

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