Social classes.? i need helpp?

Social classes.? i need helpp? Topic: You fit into me essays
July 20, 2019 / By Evie
Question: i have to make a powerpoint on social classes and i dont know what else to add... i talked about what social classes are, what puts you into a social class, and i listed and explained each social class... what else can i add about social classes. .. i dont need like a full essay .. i just need like a few word suggestions that i can google..
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Collyn Collyn | 4 days ago
A more detailed approach would be to apply the concept of social classes to a high school setting. By pointing out what social class you believe you fall into and what other social classes exist in high school, you'll really capture everyone's attention. You'll leave them wondering where they fit in. But in the end, make it a point to tell them that social classes will always exist in life. It depends on the person if he or she wants to use it in a negative or positive light. You might also want to discuss the idea of the "self-fulfilling prophecy." Just because you think you are a nerd, doesn't mean you are one. If you act like a nerd, you'll most likely look like one. It also goes hand in hand with expectations. If you think you'll do bad on a test, then sooner or later you'll start to believe it. Good luck. I know you'll do great!
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Bernadine Bernadine
You may want to relate your explanation of social class to Television or Movie examples. As well, if you do use the social class example in your school, or high schools in general, be prepared that some people will deny there is no class system in your school (these are the ones on top)...This can tie into the french revolution that was mentioned... those on top don't know what happens (quite often) below them... thus, Marie Antoinette said 'let them eat cake' because she couldn't comprehend that anyone could go hungry at all.... good luck. you can also talk about the income gap... google the census stats on poverty. talk about how many live in poverty and how many children are below the poverty line... then talk about the number of people above $1million net worth. Cheers
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Aeryn Aeryn
How about history. It is full of that stuff called social class like the Industrial revolution, French revolution, Roman Empire era, the Greek empire, the sexual revolution, WW1 and 2, the roaring 20's, white man's burden, and many many more. Good luck on your project.
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Theo Theo
Google: Sose Social studies social interactions heirachy Democracy and of course... Social classes!
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Price Price
look for these words Cultural capital, Social capital, just to give u a hint. these are non-tangible forms of capital. for example, being well versed in English literature, or classical music. this is a form of cultural capital and kind of resource. The lack of it or its possession helps in differentiating a particular social class from other social class.
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