How to get rid of One Direction Infection?

How to get rid of One Direction Infection? Topic: Do your homework tumblr
July 20, 2019 / By Evette
Question: This is a SERIOUS question. I really want to get rid of my One Direction Infection. I love them and there really talented singers and all and they are of course pretty cute and seem like nice, funny, guys, but I am kinda sick of seeing them all the time in my mind. How can I get rid of their Infection? No haters!!! Please serious question.
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Colleen Colleen | 3 days ago
KISS HARRY STYLES :) LLN jkay! haha But ummmm... I dunno know... limit your IGing or Tumblr-ing, do some other distractions...delete an app or block it or something you know? But you should just live in it until you're just like "ehh." (which shouldn't happen unless you're a directionator >.>) hahahah but just try to get more distracted with other things. Like for me, I do all my homework without going on IG or any other distraction because of this: The boys love us. They care for us. If they care for us, they want us ALL to succeed, since we support them. So, to make them happy, succeed. Do the talents or hobbies you always do and succeed, because they want you to be victorious, not a failure.
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Bernadette Bernadette
You should definitely try to surround yourself with different music other than One Direction for a little while. You can go back to listening to them when the "infection" has calmed down lol. Also, realize that they're people too and that being a crazy fan might make them uncomfortable. If you have trouble with it, tell yourself that it's for the best!
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Aeron Aeron
I'm sorry but it's impossible until a new fad comes around. How did we get rid of Bieber Fever? By catching One Direction Infection! Why would you want to get rid of it anyway?enjoy your illness girl.
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Thane Thane
Try listening to other musical artists and avoid One Direction. Sorry but I do not currently have a shot for the infection, but I do for Bieber Fever. Bieber Fever is also a bad ilnesses killing the brain cells of many young girls.
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Preston Preston
I think the "infection" has no cure because 1D are a group of talented young men and they are heartthrobs to girls in general,but if you feel like you can't live without them , then you should start listing to other music,but you also dont have to give up 1D forever because I'm also infected or a huge fan of 1D. 1D <3
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