What kind of computer do I need? Can someone help me choose?

What kind of computer do I need? Can someone help me choose? Topic: College paper editing software
May 26, 2019 / By Everild
Question: I need to know what kind of specs I need, like hard drive, memory, graphics, what numbers should I shop for? Please forgive me for sounding dumb. My laptop is 6 years old. In the last 6 years, I have devoted my time to my career, and my child. My career revolves around people, not technology. So what little I did know about PC's, has changed drastically. It's hard to keep up when you are busy with career and family. Back when I bought this, I thought a laptop would be cool to travel. I took it out of my house maybe 3 times. It really serves as a desktop. So I guess I want to switch to a desktop. The main problem I have, is that sometimes IE just stops responding for no reason. So I have to either do the ctl-alt-del thing, or just turn the thing off and hope for the best. Sometimes it will just stop responding entirely, ctr-alt-del does nothing. Then windows will get this blue screen with a bunch of words that scroll by too fast to read. It does it's thing... and it will just reboot itself, all by itself. So lately, I am getting pissed with it. Will add more details on next couple of minutes... so as I was saying... It's windows XP and about 6 years old, Intel Pentium 4 (I think), 256 mb of memory (I think), and like a 30 gb harddrive space (I think). Not really sure on all this, going by memory, hard to recall 6 years ago. So as I said, it's been acting up. I don't know why. Also, I did recently reload windows, just to get rid of all the junk/crap, and start over fresh. Seems to help. In the past, when I would have several programs going at the same time, is when it would lock up and freeze up the most. Since I got rid of alot of junk, and programs, it is much better. Now I generally only do one thing at a time. But if i leave it on for too long after so many hours, it will just do the blue screen thing and reboot itself. Then it's okay again. So I want a new one because this is kinda slow, and getting on my nerves. I don't do that much with it, but I would like to be able to do more. Here's a list of things I need to do: (continued in next couple minutes) Main things I need: 1. Browse the internet, email, shop, look up info, pay bills, craigslist, Ebay, YouTube. 2. Transfer photos of my baby from my camera. Edit the photos, and use a web service to develop them. 3. Micosoft Works Suite, to create letters, word documents, etc. Things I would like to do: 1. Be able to work on my papers for college useing Microsoft Word, and seach the web at the same time without the system freezing up. 2. Be able to do really cute projects with my baby's photos, like make cards, posters, stickers, and I am now starting to get into Photography. I would like to do Color accenting on black and white, and other neat effects. I once heard I need something like Photo Shop to do that. Is this true? 3. I also want to upload videos of my son and save them, or burn them on a DVD. 4. I heard there is a way you can watch TV on the net. How is this possible? 5. Be able to play a few PC games myself and with my son. But I am not a "hardcore" gamer. Well I really don't want to spend over a $1000. Since the laptop I have now, is 6 years old going on 7... I spent over $2 grand on it... and I shouldn't complain cuz it really did work well for a while... but not as great as I expected it to for the $2 grand... Im afraid that it will quit on me right in the middle of the next semester, leaving me in a bind, when I have papers due. So this time I am looking to spend maybe $600 or so... But I want it to last a few years, and I don't want to put any more money in it for memory or such. I am trying to say that I want to buy it, and be done with it, and have it work well, and fast, for 3-5 years. I have looked at the hp and the dell website, but I get confused on all the talk about Processors, memory, hard drive... quads, duals, Gigs, bigs, bites, and whatever else... it doesnt make sense to me. I am a Nurse, not an Engineer. Please what do I need to buy?
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Coline Coline | 2 days ago
More or less make sure its a dual core pc. Their better for multi-tasking. 2 gigs of ram. Hp and dell both have what the call media center pcs. Great for tv watching, photos videos, and good for low to mid range games. Come preloaded with tons of software. Bought one fir my mom and she loves it
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Here is the answers to your main things that you need: 1. Any computer can browse the internet, pay bills, YouTube (you will need flash player installed), etc. 2. You will need a USB port on the PC to transfer photos from your camera onto your computer. 3. Any computer of today can handle Microsoft Works Suite, e.g. Word, PowerPoint, etc. *But if you would like to use PhotoShop, then you will need at 512MB of RAM on your PC.* 4. You will need a Firewire port of your PC if you are planning to upload videos from you digital video camera onto the computer. 5. Windows Vista has its own TV viewer and recorder. But if you are still planning to use Windows XP, then there are plenty of softwares you can download in order for you to connect the TV cables onto your computer's graphics card at watch TV from your PC. *If you are talking about streaming TV from the web, then you will just need a computer that can browse the internet and be able to support flash or whatever software a specific streaming site wants you to have.* 6. If you would like to play the latest games at decent graphics, you will need a computer that can support PCIe 2.0 graphic cards, e.g. the Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT graphics card. *If you would just like to play simple games, then any onboard graphics of today's PCs would be sufficient to your needs.* Hope this helped! :) *If you have any more questions, then you can contact me at: [email protected] - E.g. what computers to get for the price. :)
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Adrie Adrie
from the sound of it the thing wrong with your last pc was not enough RAM for 3 reasons. 1)256 mg of RAM is horrible 2)your laptop had difficulty multitasking (RAM is used for this) 3)your PC reboots after a while being on (RAM storage is used up and then you can't use it again until you refresh it by cutting the power to it) as for your next computer it all depends on how much you want to spend and ill tell you one to buy :)
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