My baby is getting his pictures done, any ideas?

My baby is getting his pictures done, any ideas? Topic: Suitcase shot
July 22, 2019 / By Evelyn
Question: My son is 8 1/2 months old. He is a chunky baby and has a great personality. Does any one have a good idea on what he should wear? I like to do something unique for each picture but I am having a hard time with this one. Something creative?
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Colena Colena | 9 days ago
Hi! I usually take a couple of outfits with me when we take my son for pictures. Yes, the diapers-only shots are cute, but I start off with a picture of him dressed in a nice but casual outfit. Khakis with a polo shirt or button-down shirt with dress shoes are nice to send to the grandpa and auntie up north. Then, I dress him in something fun like an all-in-one romper with the local MLB team on it, sandals and baseball hat. I have had pictures taken of him in his bathing suit and sun hat--too cute!! Toward the end of the session is when the diaper-only shots come. At Christmas, I bring out his Santa hat and have them take a bunch of shots in that!! I have also had pictures done of him in jeans, white tee-shirt and leather jacket, wearing sunglasses on a pure white background. He looked sooooooo great!! I have also had the cutest shot done of my son in a giant suitcase, with a huge tie draped around his neck, putting on a huge hat. It was done in color originally but then I had it printed in sepia tones--gorgeous! They have so many fun backgrounds and props now compared to when I was young! Also, a picture of your child playing with his toes is adorable!! My girlfriend had a pic of her son in a romper on his back with the baby's feet left bare. He did what any baby does when they discover they can grab their toes and it made for an incredibly adorable keepsake. I always bring his favorite stuffed toy as well for when his patience starts wearing thin or he wants to get up and move around. Also, the pictures with their favorite stuffed bear/elephant/Elmo always add an element of "remember when" to your child's pictures. What you might want to do is go to the studio first and check out the backgrounds and props they have so you can anticipate the styles of dress for him according to which backgrounds you would like to use. I know that Sears and Wal-Mart have a huge selection of props and backgrounds for you to see and use. I have had my son's pictures done at both studios and I can say that I would recommend both to you for your child's pictures. Good Luck to you!
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Whatever he wears make sure it is comfy. At that young of an age, I had my daughter's picture taken sitting in an old fashioned kettle with just her diaper and a chef's hat on. Pictures in their diapers are so cute because you get to see all their cute fat rolls! Have you done one with him in swimming trunks with a beach ball and sunglasses?
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My advice would be to NOT FUSS. sorry. A calm Mum means a calm happy smiling baby... right...
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