How do write a thesis statement?

How do write a thesis statement? Topic: How to write thesis statements for history papers
July 16, 2019 / By Eve
Question: Please tell me exactly step by step. I am writing a history paper comparing and contrasting ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. My teacher doen't explain anything well to us please help!!
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Cody Cody | 7 days ago
Figure out the central question which is how do Egypt and Mesopotamia compare (similar) and contrast (differ) from each other. Then answer with areas of support. For example, the Han Dynasty and the Roman empire were considered two of the greatest civilizations. However, both had their own, distinguished form of goverment and religions. On the other hand, they shared the same hunger for expansion and exalting their reputation.
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Cody Originally Answered: When you write a Thesis Statement, it must be?
It is certainly not C - usually essay titles need to be catchy and SUGGEST the topic of your essay but it need not be identical. The answer is D.
Cody Originally Answered: When you write a Thesis Statement, it must be?
A thesis statement is generally one sentence that blankets the main points of your paper. Re-read your body paragraphs – what are you trying to prove? If you are emphasizing that Bradbury’s vision of the future has some truth, then that’s what your thesis needs to say. For example: Ray Bradbury’s novella “Fahrenheit 451” illustrated a world run by technology; this world parallels the one we live in today. This one sentence shows what your paper is all about – that the technology in the book is similar to the technology of today. You could even strengthen that sentence by pointing out that the story was written over 50 years ago! Did Bradbury have a look into the future? Maybe…. If you need more help, I’d be happy to read your paper and give you additional feedback, just send me an email! =)

Belphoebe Belphoebe
Here are the notes I took in English on how to write a thesis: Thesis statement: The main idea of your paper or paragraph. Paragraph 1 will have your thesis. With multiple paragraphs, you need topic sentences Thesis will: -Tell the reader how you will interpret the significance of the subject under discussion. - Give you a roadmap for the paper. Telling the reader what to expect. - Directly answers the question asked of you. An interpretation of the subject, not the subject itself. ** Don't just discuss the subject, you are interpreting the subject. Ex: Dicussing the subject: The grass is green. Interpreting the subject: Kentucky blue grass is the best because... ** Makes an argueable point. - Makes a claim others might dispute. Formula for thesis: Subject + Attitude + Blueprint = Thesis! Ex: Cat supersition (subject) is not a real issue (attitude) because supernatural theories are not scientific (anything after because is the blueprint). Blueprint= Roadmap, almost like "things to buy" list at the grocery store Ex: The nobility of the lion sculpture at the bank by the Plaza (subject) adds a classical sense to downtown Kansas City (attitude) which is very necessary in midwestern America ( blueprint). Thesis Checklist: - Does your thesis attempt to answer a challenging question? - Does your thesis pass the "so what?" test? - Ask yourself: Have I taken a position that others might challenge or oppose? Providing an arguement, not just providing a summary. - Is the language clear and specific? Not too vague? - Does your thesis pass the how and why test? - Is my thesis a statement of fact? Make sure it is not.
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Belphoebe Originally Answered: How would I write my thesis statement about this?
Okay I mark essays for a living so here's what I say. You start off by getting the reader's attention. Say something bold and dramatic. Overstate your case. "The shame of slavery was matched by the shame of freedom." Something like that. Then explain what you mean. Indicate what went wrong with Reconstruction and lay out a few basic facts. This will make it clear what you are going to do in the essay, its scope, without resorting to "in this essay I will show...". Then state your thesis. "one can account for" is stilted and weak. Drop that. Be assertive. "Reconstruction failed because..." [ or "due to...] Then be sure that your thesis is one central idea not a list of reasons, a list is not a thesis. So "Reconstruction failed in the face of the White South's acceptance of the end of slavery but implacable commitment to White supremacy in another form." Something like that. Good luck
Belphoebe Originally Answered: How would I write my thesis statement about this?
A thesis fact is the main substantial thought of your record. it incredibly is in many cases the final sentence of your first paragraph. in case you write what your record is approximately i will verify back to work out if i can assist you arise with a thesis fact.

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