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July 16, 2019 / By Evangeline
Question: I need to think of a cool name for a club I'm starting at my school. It's a club about Ghosts and cool paranormal stuff...but mostly ghosts :) Please, nothing bland like....Ghost Club! ooh that club sounds exciting... Maybe something that can be a good acronym too, like: S.P.A.Z = Something Paranormal about Zombies Club...get it? :D
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Codie Codie | 6 days ago
Um, my organization is S.E.P.R.I.A - Southeastern Paranormal Research & Investigations Agency G.H.O.S.T. - Ghost Hunting On Spiritual Thesis ??? I don't know. Depends, are you forming a group to do Ghost Hunts? Just study the paranormal or actually try to reserach in on a scientific basis ??? define that and you will find your name... But just a club to share ghost stories...is going to be just boring...
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U have a lot of leeway to be as unique and original as ur imagination allows. Flesh out your world that allows ghosts to exists. Flesh out ur ghosts, including limitations. This will make it easier to come up with something. if a reader read ur story, what ending would they guess? Now, scratch that as a possibility. What quickly comes to ur mind when killing ghosts? Ignore those ideas because they're cliche and predictable. Keep thinking outside the box and u'll come up with a unique way that u should keep to urself. Maybe only another supernatural creature can kill a ghost. ghosts can easily be killed, but whoever kills it will switch places, and the ghost gets life again while its killer becomes a ghost. ur character kills the ghost and has to find a way to get the former ghost, or another human to kill her before the book ends-before her body rots and she can't be revived because she needs her body - this gives it a crucial time limit. She's evil because she needs him to kill her
Codie Originally Answered: When writing a ghost story, what is the best way to get rid of a ghost?
So she's looking for a friend, but she's evil...yeah how does that work out? Makes no sense. I'd get rid of that ghost by deleting the story. And start with a better one. Stacy got hit by a truck and she is haunting the truck stops looking for her killer. She finds him and possesses him and makes him rob people so he'll get caught and go to prison. While at prison, she's still possessing him and gets him almost killed by another prisoner when she makes him insult the other guy. The man almost dies, and as he's talking to a priest, he confesses.... all of his sins....while Stacy watches. She left his body so she could see him die. One of the man's sins was being in the truck that killed this young girl. This man was not the driver! Uh oh! Stacy does everything she can to save this man...so that she can get him out of prison and get the real killer. See? Isn't that more interesting?
Codie Originally Answered: When writing a ghost story, what is the best way to get rid of a ghost?
If you want a bad ending for Frank, made him lose his sanity because of the girl ( the girl is asking him to go out with a car with him ). Suddenly Frank stole a car which is the car that the girl died to and have been repaired. He died in an accident. The end. LOL XD Btw, i think you should made Frank search for car that was used by the girl. And help her find a "Friend". By what i meant friend is, people that will die in that car. Just maybe. I'm bad at story writing. But i just think i got a lot of idea how to the story will go :p.

Bellinda Bellinda
If you do name it Ghost Club, remember the #1 rule Don't talk about Ghost Club. GAOF Ghosts Are Our Friends, maybe as an alternate.
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Bellinda Originally Answered: Is this a ghost?
Consider what other things you believed in back then. You almost certainly believed in Santa Claus, and probably the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as well. No offense, but I think it was irresponsible of your grandmother to have a psychic indoctrinate you into believing you were seeing spirits when you're at such a tender age when you don't possess the cognitive power to know the difference between fantasy and reality. You don't tell us how old your sister was, but she was probably pretty much in the same boat, with her imagination running wild and your grandmother fanning the flames. . Hallucinations are very common when we drift off to sleep, regardless of age.There's nothing paranormal about it, though they can be very disconcerting before we learn what they are. I think auditory hallucinations are commonest, but visions are pretty frequent, and tactile events as you describe aren't unheard of. Read up on hypnagogia and hypnic jerks to learn more. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnic_jerk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia . How do you know? You didn't tell anyone, maybe she didn't either. I only point that out to show you where you're making assumptions that have no basis in fact. . There is no evidence that dogs can see spirits (if such a things even exist) that we can't. How could we know that? There aren't any magic English-speaking dogs who can explain that they're seeing ghosts invisible to humans, is there? It's a common folk superstition, but that's all it is. Dogs *are*, however, extremely sensitive to the moods of their masters, and it's very possible that the animal is reacting to what you are doing, and not to any external entity. . No doubt. You probably notice things moving from place to place on their own, and doors open and close themselves, but only when you're not looking. You hear creaking sounds in the night. Sometimes you get cold for no reason. You have feelings of being watched, and have bad dreams. Sometimes you see things in the corner of your eye. These and many other observations are all pretty common on lists such as yours, conflating unrelated events together into a laundry list you use to convince yourself that you're being haunted. . Childhood memories simply aren't reliable, for the reasons I've described. Children often conflate dreams with waking events, and so become convinced that there are monsters under the bed. You just can't rely on what you remember from back when you believed in Santa. Clearly this isn't what you want to be told, but you have four other answers telling you what you want to hear, so one skeptical opinion from the other side of the fence shouldn't be too hard to take. Evaluate everything you experience with your critical reasoning skills, and debunk what can be easily explained without reaching first for paranormal explanations. . .
Bellinda Originally Answered: Is this a ghost?
X : I'm sorry for the death of his beloved grandmother, among other things , has left a mark that will not easily forget what they had seen her die beside her. Pay your attention , thank you, for what I'm about to tell you , his grandmother before she died had seen the ghost, and strange that he never told anyone of his family, but it's true ! So the sister he has not seen the ghost of her grandmother, but it was another ghost that is called demon! Why do I say this ! The soul of the deceased can not , for whatever reason and the logic of the world to communicate with their relatives , given that the souls of the dead are in their spiritual world , so prepared by God until the end of the world, then there will be the judgment of God ! So, it is true that sometimes the spirits are not harmful, but the same mood sometimes change , then they become ruthless , remember that a demon rimmarrà always a demon , it will never change his nature , because he has chosen to the ' eternity his condition to be bad! For the love of the truth , I want to add that the spirits can help with their situation eminently within its powers, the people esoteric , but in the end everyone has to do their soul to eternal hell , I'm sorry , but it's the truth! Thus, those shadows that you have described are manifestations of demons , he now knows , with which entity has to do , obviously has the free choice ! You can send other comments , I'm happy to answer those too. Sincerely , Robert.-

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