Alternatives to having a wedding reception?

Alternatives to having a wedding reception? Topic: Business plan of a guest house
July 22, 2019 / By Evalyn
Question: My fiance and I really don't want a wedding reception because it cost way too much, plus neither of us dance so we'd be bored at our wedding, and it would just be too stressful. We wanted to get married in a courthouse but my mom said she wont go if we do that and I just want my parents and his parents to be happy since we are only getting married once. Neither of us care much for a wedding reception or fancy ceremony because we dont think any of that matters. Either way our wedding day is going to be special because we are committing to something that will last for the rest of our lives. Its just that my mom has made it into a big deal but she just doesn't get that we dont want to spend thousands, no not even 5,000, on one day. We aren't trying to be cheap, we just dont buy into what the wedding business says we have to have. I mean we dont have to have a fancy wedding reception and ceremony....*sigh*... Are there any alternatives? I was thinking of getting married in court or w/e then inviting close family and friends to my parent's house (where I am currently living until I'm married) for cake and wine, but I'm not so sure. btw I am currently 19 and so is my fiance who is in the Marine Corp. We plan on getting married in a year and a half after I am done with my schooling. I just want some kind of idea of what we are going to do that way if its anything that needs planning ahead of time there will be time for it.
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Coco Coco | 5 days ago
Tell her this is your wedding and you don't want to make it a huge ordeal. Pitch these ideas to her: A small guest list, like less than 30 people. Church ceremony on an "off" day (like friday or a weekday evening) and inviting them to your place for a small celebration - cake and wine sounds wonderful. You don't have to spend tons to make your day into YOUR day. If she's itching to make it spectacular, tell her she is more than welcome to purchase some small decorations, the cake/wine, and a simple dress for yourself, along with some disposable cameras for a few pictures. You want something simple, so you pay for the simplicity. She wants something extravagant, so let her pay for the extra luxuries.
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Coco Originally Answered: Cheap wedding & reception ideas?
I too am on a tight budget, and we're hoping to keep the entire cost of the wedding under $2000. If you're willing to take things into your own hands, you can save literally THOUSANDS of dollars. Here's a few things we're doing... My dress and my daughters flower girl dress were both bought used. My dress is a designer Maggie Sottero gown, and I payed only $350. My daughters dress was only $50. The ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket will be made by me. The invitations were bought as a kit (100 for $25). We designed them ourselves, and printed them ourselves. Tulle and other decorations are being provided by a friend who just got out of the wedding planning business. She's letting us use them free of charge. We'll also be buying some inexpensive white christmas lights to wrap with the tulle. Votive candles and candle plates will be bought super cheap from the dollar store. We're having the ceremony/reception at my parents house in the country. 130 acres of forest surround us, with a 4.5 acre limestone quarry/lake in the backyard. Perfect setting for an outdoor ceremony and dinner! The reception will be held inside a large building on the property, perfect for a dance. My mom will be brining in pretty trees and plants cultivated from around the property. I'll also be finding some pretty japanese lanterns to hang inside. My parents took care of renting the outdoor tent for us, which I believe was around $200. Flowers are free. Our wedding is in July, which just happens to be the month my favorite flower (Tigerlily) is in bloom. My mom has a garden full of these, so we'll be making our own centerpieces and bouquets with these. My brother is a professional photographer and is doing our wedding as a gift. My maid of honor is buying her own dress in our wedding colors. She can pick any style she'd like, as long is it's brown. She LOVES this, because she can get something she loves, and can wear again! She's the only bridesmaid. For food we're doing a buffet sytle dinner. Prime Rib done on a rotessorie, baked potatoes, and tons of side dishes. The whole family will be together, so the women will have a salad-making bonanza. Everthing (including appitizers) will be bought from Costco. For guest favors we're doing a candy bar. We were going to hire a DJ for 4 or 5 hours, but it was going to cost an upwards of $800! So, instead we're renting all our own equipment (amp, mics, speakers, etc) and hooking it up to our pre-mixed iPod (full of hundreds of songs especially for the wedding dance). This is going to cost a mere $100 for the WEEK. We'll be appointing a family member to man the iPod for specific song selections during certain times of the day. Chairs, linens and tables are being given to us for the day by my mothers church. Basically...use your resources, and your own hands to do some work, and you can cut costs at every corner! If you know a photographer personally, ask them to shoot your wedding for a good discount. Talk to your church, or a family members church to see if you can cheaply rent out linens, tables, chairs, etc. Most churches totally love doing that kind of thing! Good luck, be creative, and have FUN! ADD: We're planning on making our own small cake for the cutting, and buying a large sheet cake for after dinner. If you're asking a baker to do your actual wedding cake, DON'T tell them it's for a wedding! A lot of places will automatically charge more if they know it's for a wedding!

Belle Belle
If you don't want a reception, then why have one? Wedding receptions are just the after-party of the wedding that celebrates the marriage. Although guests will be expecting a reception, receptions are actually optional. Not many people know that, but it really is optional. People just assume that the reception is mandatory because about 95% of wedding couples opt for one. Remember that the CEREMONY is the wedding, not the reception. People consider the reception to be part of the wedding, but in reality, the actual wedding is the ceremony, and the reception is merely a party. So if you don't feel comfortable having a reception, then just don't have one. By doing that you will be saving THOUSANDS of dollars and a huge load of stress off.
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Adria Adria
I totally understand where you are coming from as far as the reception and all the money. If you do something at home, which sounds fine, check out a book on how to make the day nice. I read denise Vivaldi's Do it for Less Weddings. She has great advice about how much wine to buy, how to arrange all the food all nice and so on. You could rent a park out and have a simple BBQ. You could go Kayaking as a big group. or hiking. or whatever you like! The possibilities are endless, the day is for the two of you and it is fair to invite everyone to do something that you two like to do and want to share with everyone you invite. You could go on some kind of group trip. I know one woman who had a camping wedding and she just invited everyone to go camping for the weekend. They hired an officiant and a cook and had a BLAST. Even if you don't want a fancy ceremony, you could do things in other places than the court house if you like. You could even have a friend become authorized to perform the marriage and he/she could marry you! That is a really nice personal touch.
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Terrell Terrell
No you don't have to be all fancy. You can hire an officiant for about $200. The ceremony will be about 15 minutes or so, and you can have it at a park. Most don't charge to use it. Then have a "cake and punch" reception. Make your own cake or cupcakes, and then make 2 or 3 different types of kool-aid. It's what we are doing.
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Terrell Originally Answered: Subway served at a wedding reception?
This would be perfect for the casual, laid-back wedding. Subway actually makes some good mini sandwiches that are arranged nicely on a platter, so it doesn't look sloppy. If you're afraid people will laugh at you, you can use your own platter and arrange it to your liking, but I think that's unnecessary. Your guests shouldn't complain because they aren't the ones paying for the food. I saw a homeless man once; his sign read "Cheeseburgers wanted". Another homeless guy's sign read, "Need $$$ 4 weed". Beggars can't be choosers. So go with the Subway sandwiches; it's a perfectly fine idea, especially for a casual lunch reception! The thing I am getting iffy about is whether a couple platters of sandwiches could feed 100 guests. I hope you have more food than this.

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