Trying to remember a word that means.?

Trying to remember a word that means.? Topic: Advertisement essay writing
July 16, 2019 / By Euna
Question: I'm writing an essay, but I forgot this word.. It's been bugging me.. It means like... A continuous message repeated, similar to an advertisement.. sorta.. I know this is a really botched up question.. but.. I need it for my essay... Thanks Let's say... There's this dictator that wants to change the thoughts of a large group of people, so he ... *scratches head*
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Cleo Cleo | 2 days ago
Scrolling? (a message that runs across a screen, over and over). If not, could you provide some of the context? We might be able to guess it.
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properly, right it is the respond for the age previous question why women consistently want feminism. Left without supervision adult adult males thoroughly lose their minds. BTW, majority of those rates sound like something written via an untreated delusional schizophrenic affected person. What guy or woman of their precise techniques could call 0.5 of the human race evil and mentally disabled because of the fact we've wider hips than some (no longer a majority) adult adult males do? somebody who's repulsed via women could create that mindless concept in help of his unnatural dispositions. properly, i'm no longer suggesting they have been mentally balanced gay human beings. i'm honestly valuable in spite of the undeniable fact that that they have got been self hating and ladies hating perverts who for some unthinkable reason have been allowed to evangelise their insane recommendations to the international. BTW, Friedrich Nietzsche’s maximum well-known supporter replaced into Adolph Hitler. His savage scientific care of Jews (Nietzsche’s human beings) replaced into heavily prompted via his admired certainty seeker's disrespect for women. And Catholic's preaching dismiss of girls became its clergymen to molestation of youngsters rather. great going boys! Now, shop up your sturdy paintings, because of the fact we do would desire to fill modern-day asylums. No insane affected person left untreated.
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