Is it silly to ice skate for fun?

Is it silly to ice skate for fun? Topic: Exercises for improving writing skills
July 16, 2019 / By Etta
Question: i have never ice skated and i wanted to know if it's stupid to learn to ice skate when i don't want to be in any competition. i just want to learn how to spin and jump. I was so ready to buy ice skating shoes. i was so ready to buy the lessons. but now that i think about it is it stupid to buy shoes if i'm not planning to go to competition or just skating as a form of exercise or as a hobby that i don't even know if i like. i just want to try something new but i don't want to waste my money.
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Clematis Clematis | 9 days ago
It's not silly. I even wanted to learn how to figure skate for fun too without competition, so i signed up for classes. The classes definitely helped me improve my skills. Skating is just like any hobby too - like drawing,writing, running etc. Good luck :)
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Becky Becky
why would anyone think its silly? I am a skating coach and have taught countless adults who have never stepped foot on the ice before. I have also taught teenagers as well, it is a pretty normal thing to do
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Adisson Adisson
No, it's not silly. It's actually much more fun to skate recreationally than to always be sweating a competition. You can practice at your own pace, and if you don't do a spin or jump perfectly, it's ok. It's not a waste of money, at the least it's good exercise. Go for it!
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Tenney Tenney
I think that over 99% of people who ice skate do it voluntarily or "for fun". For arguments sake lets figure that another 1% is forced to ice skate because some evil dictator or despot or government regime just rolls like that.
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Phineas Phineas
Ice skating is like Hockey some people do it for fun and some people do it for sport, nothing wrong with doing it for fun.
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