How would i go about getting a job on a cruise ship?

How would i go about getting a job on a cruise ship? Topic: How to write a referral letter
July 16, 2019 / By Etna
Question: im looking to get a job on a cruise ship and i was looking for more information on ow to do that... different cruise ships out there? numbers to call for more information on jobs? someone to email to find out more information? anything would help thankyou
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Claudine Claudine | 8 days ago
First of all DO NOT go to any of those web sites that require that you pay a fee. The Carnival Cruise line web site even has a warning NOT to use those sites that claim to be recruiting for them. You can read the warning on their web page: http://www.carnival.com/cms/fun/fun_jobs... You need to go to the cruise line web sites. There you will find a link to jobs, employment, human resources or some such link that will give you information about their positions. Use these web sites as a lead to who and where to write or call for information about positions. Some sites have actual vacancies listed and they also will list in general terms the basic requirements for working on a cruise ship. DO NOT use any other web sites that require you to pay a fee to register or get job information or referrals. Some cruise line sites may have current vacancies they are recruiting for. Several cruise lines have new ships coming out soon so opportunities will be there. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney and some others will have new ships launched this year and next. Here are some links: Carnival is the parent company for several cruise lines including Carnival, Cunard, Princess, and Holland America. So contacting Carnival will likely get you leads to the other cruise lines also. CARNIVAL: http://www.carnivalcruiselines.com/ Then Royal Caribbean cruise line is a partner with Celebrity and Azamara. So contacting RC will likely also get you leads to these others. Royal Caribbean has very good information about its positions. So if you go there first you will know what most ships have. Then if you have further questions you should write a letter to the cruise line and ask them; they will respond. ROYAL CARIBBEAN: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/gohome.d..... NORWEGIAN: http://www.ncl.com/ DISNEY: http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/dcl/..… Another thing to do is to contact the concession that run the shops on the ships like the souvenir, gift and clothing shops. These are the companies that hire the beauty shop/spa employees for ships. Below are links for you. http://www.steinerleisure.com/ and http://www.hardingbros.co.uk/ The cruise lines also hire people to work on land at call in reservation and information centers around the country. Some are in Miami and others are in Seattle and other cities. In addition, they also hire part-time people to work at the port on the days when ships are departing. So when you contact the cruise lines you may want to ask about those type positions also. These web sites will give you a starting place and you have to follow the leads and be open to about any type position to get your foot in the door. Then if/when you get a position you'll be able to get "insider" information about positions and opportunities. You'll learn to network and find leads to other positions that you may want more.
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Claudine Originally Answered: I want to get a job on a cruise ship and want to know the way to go about it?
Okay, so you want to work on a cruise ship..... 1. Do not apply through any website that offers to find you cruise line employment. The only way to find employment with a cruise line is through their website. Go to the cruise line website, look for the employment link, and follow that. It will take you to the employment section which will contain information on how to apply, types of jobs available, and experience required. Save your money and apply by yourself, you have a better chance that way. 2. Despite what some of these "schools" claim, the cruise lines do not just hire people with diplomas from them. What a cruise line is looking for is a person 21 years of age or older (normally) with 2 years or more experience in the field they are applying for work in. 3. Many cruise lines do use outside contractors for certain jobs on the ships however these will be identified on the cruise line employment website. They will have links there for you to apply for the jobs these contractors are filling. They will generally also have contact information for questions or, if you are in a speciality field like nursing then the procedures for application which sometimes differ. 4, Once you have submitted your application be prepared to wait. It can take several months for them to contact you if they are interested and arrange an interview. Once you are interviewed, and assuming you are accepted, you will be offered a contract (generally 6 months) and assigned to a ship. You do not choose the ship you work on or the area of the world you work in. They will arrange to fly you to the departure port. 5. Remember that the work on a cruise ship is long and is often 7 days a week. Although the pay is not generally spectacular accommodation (shared) is provided along with meals and transportation to the ship. Some people have found they hate it while others love it, I have heard from both.

Beckah Beckah
Do NOT manage any person who wishes you to pay cash with a view to get help to find a role on a cruise send! They are very well at taking your cash, however no longer in serving to folks get jobs. Further, the cruise firms don't manage them! Even the Carnival internet website has a caution approximately the ones kinds of matters. Go to the cruise organization internet web sites and comply with the hyperlinks to "employment".
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Adison Adison
Definitely agree w/ Tinkertoy - call each cruise line directly! The main reservation number representative should be able to direct you to Human Resource Dept. if he/she seems mystified by your question just ask to speak to a manager. It's a tough gig; hard work but if you enjoy working with people and have marvelous customer service skills, what a way to see the World and get paid for it! Good luck! Have fun!
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Temple Temple
There are tons of sites out there to fulfill your needs. It does look to be hard to get into if you have a bad background, but if not then you should be on your way! Good luck, hope I could help some. Sounds interesting if your young enough to enjoy all the FUN!
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Temple Originally Answered: Which Caribbean cruise- best ship for 2 under $1300?
Well for 4 days that can get you a deluxe suite so I think the most important criteria is how long you want to be gone and how many ports you want. Virgin Islands are Eastern Caribbean but Cozumel is west so getting them both would be hard (though not impossible). Ocean views have a window and are rather inexpensive right now. For example on RC I can find ocean view rooms starting at $500 per person. Now if you are basing the cool factor on the room itself, a deluxe suite is going to be much nicer than an ocean view. If the cool factor is mostly the ship itself, the newest ships in the line are going to be the best. On RC that would be Oasis of the Seas or the Freedom Class (Freedom Independence Liberty). On Carnival that would be Carnival Dream, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Freedom and Liberty. Those are the 4 newest ships on each cruise line. The oldest is Carnival Liberty built in 05. With Royal, the Liberty is 07. Newer ships will have more things to do. As they are larger, they will have more pools, more activities, more lounges/bars. The newer ships get the better nightlife. In my experience Royal puts their best on the newer ships. It does not appear to me that Carnival does--thinking the ship makes up for it and therefore their best entertainment is on the smaller ships. Newer ships have rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, putt putt, and seaside theaters. Newer ships also have more upcharge dining--something I've never taken advantage of but many people love. So it just truly depends. You've been on both Royal and Carnival before so which did you like better? On Carnival, your money will go further. The room will be cheaper. I feel Royal has better food and a better spa which is why it costs more. How do you feel about kids? Is it important that the ship have an adult only retreat? Your budget is quite realistic. It will knock out some (especially the Oasis) but is quite doable with a little research. On Carnival I was able to find 11 cruises out of different ports for under $650. 13 with Royal. You'll have to see how many include Belize to knock those out. But it looks like easily there would be 6 to chose from. You can then decide which departure port is easiest and how many nights you are looking for.

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