Will I ever be a scientist or atleast do something with a Physics PHD?

Will I ever be a scientist or atleast do something with a Physics PHD? Topic: phd thesis in
July 16, 2019 / By Ethna
Question: Hello all. I've been pretty die hard on being a scientist. iIve researched lots and lots of advise but it only leaves me wanting and needing more. A part of me tells me I will, because I have drive and determination. I'm not interested in that string theory craziness. In fact I have a strong interests in things such as alternative energies, advanced materials, conductors and etc. I want to pursue my PASSION. I love math and i love physics so i REALLY want to get a Physics PHD. I am a high school student at current. But I've done my research and remain some what unwaivered. Thesis work and living breathing and eating a PHD is nothing that I fear. I want to do RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. and Academia I do not want to do. I've made plans like PHD then industry or PHD then Air force scientist officer. But what are the hopes of me becoming a RND Scientists(physics) in industry? Will the future continue to get bleaker and bleaker? Will I have to do the "Engineering" degree that may never satisfy my need to learn and advance my skills?
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Claudie Claudie | 7 days ago
Relax. My brother is a science PhD (he did physics as an undergrad, meteorology for his PhD) and works in research, not in academia. He's very happy with what he does (and cannot understand why I am a college professor instead of working in a research institute as well!) Seriously, the majority of PhDs seem to want to go into academia - teach in a university and do research - so the fact that you do NOT want to do that may give you an edge. In today's high tech world, there will almost certainly continue to be industrial opportunities for scientists focusing on R&D. I will point out that you are still in high school and have a long way to go before you will earn that PhD. Probably at least six to eight years (depending on many years of high school you have left). The economic situation and employment options may have changed significantly by then. But I think you'll be safe from the dreaded engineering degree. Good luck!
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Becka Becka
Sounds like a good plan - far more grad students want to stay in academia than there are jobs for us. It's great you actually want to go into industry. Sure, you can definitely get a PhD - it takes time, motivation, and some talent at math, and it sounds like you've got all that. Spend your summers in college doing research projects with professors to get a feel for which fields you're most interested in and to get some experience for grad school. There are many applications for a physics PhD in research and development.
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Adilene Adilene
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