Oh.it's about baby thesis again?

Oh.it's about baby thesis again? Topic: Social psychology research paper topics
July 22, 2019 / By Etheldreda
Question: My professor assigned me a baby thesis. This is a Social Psychology class that's why she gave me one of the Social Issue particularly to the Youth. The topic is abortion entitled: The Social Implication of Abortion to the Youth. It's my first time to have assignment like this and I still have no idea about what a baby thesis is. I have not yet enrolled my Basic Research subject or in any subject relating to making papers like this. With this problem, I'm doubtful that I will present a good paper. Should you want to help, you deserve to receive attention. Some of the things I need is: 1. Define what an abortion is. 2. Identify some causes of Abortion particularly to the Youth. 3. Discuss the Social implications of Abortion: to the Law, to Religious Sectors, to Educational Institutions, to the immediate family 4. State the effects of abortion: to the population, to the economy 5. Discuss how an aborted youth behaves towards other people after abortion. Thank you and God bless.
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Originally Answered: My baby was 6 weeks premature and weighs much less than a term baby his age. Should I wait to get vaccinated?
Hi there dear. What I would suggest you do, in regard to your baby still being hungry after you nurse her is to just nurse her again. You may be surprised at how much this comforts her and how happy it may make her. Your milk may even let down again. It will also help increase your milk supply. I know that sounds simplistic and if you have already tried that I can only say that when you do not want to add formula (you are a wise lady, adding formula would be a disaster!) letting her nurse is really the only available solution. Usually, even when the baby has finished nursing, there will always be just a trickle of milk, enough for the baby to keep nursing and therefor increase the milk supply. Mother nature thought of everything. BTW, did you mean to say that you can express 15 oz's at a time? That is two extra bottles everytime she nurses. That would be a extraordinary amount. If you can express that much then you must have a great deal of milk. I would say stop expressing that milk and let her drink it! I also agree with you that she is too little for you to add cereal to her diet. Her digestive system is too immature to handle cereal and all it would do would be to make the trip in one end and out the other. It might very well give her a tummy ache also as she is not old enough to digest it properly. Unlike the one lady that answered your question your baby does NOT have a medical problem that requires him to have a thickened substance to drink. The women who wrote in and suggested that you add cereal to your baby's diet were entirely made up of bottle feeding mothers. Women who feed their babies formula have an very different attitude about their babies and how they should be cared for. Please notice that you did not get a single reply from a breastfeeding mother that suggested cereal be added to your baby's diet. We know that the more artificial food or solid food that the infant eats, the less breastmilk he or she will drink. Breastmilk is FAR superior to any formula or any cereal that man ever invented. You are already giving your baby the very finest, most incredible, wonderful food that she will ever be lucky enough to have. Please do not make the awful mistake of giving her cereal way before she needs it. There will be plenty of time to give her cereal when she is between 6 and 8 months old. When it comes to taking advice from other mothers be sure that you are talking to other breastfeeding mothers or you are liable to get very poor advice when it comes to how to feed your little girl. It sounds to me like you are doing all the things correctly. Congratulations on making the important decision to nurse your baby. There is nothing greater that you can do for your baby at this point in her life. It is a sad fact that well educated, upper economic strata women are more likely to nurse their babies while those less fortunate are not. All babies deserve their mothers milk and we need to make every effort to reach all kinds of women with the message of how important their milk is. It is obvious from your question that you already know the tremendous gift that you are giving your baby. Be sure to spread the world to anyone else that you can. By the beautiful example that you are setting perhaps some other mother will be inspired to nurse her baby also! You are doing a wonderful thing and you have every reason to be proud of yourself. Good luck and I hope that you soon get over this "growth spurt" and things return to normal. Also I wanted to say that when your milk first comes in you are so engourged and so "bursting with milk"....that feeling hardly ever comes back unless you miss a feeding. Your breasts will tend to feel softer and may not even feel like there is not much milk there. Believe me, it is an illusion, there is lots of milk available to your baby. "Breastfed is Bestfed" You are giving your baby the gift of "mommy magic", your sweet milk is the most important thing you will ever give her! Good for you! Good luck and take care honey. Keep up the good work. Love and Blessings Lady T~****** Hi there. I just read the answers that you have received and I have to tell you how horrified I am at the woman who said she fed her poor little baby cereal when she brought him home from the hospital! It is sad enough that she denied him her breastmilk but to force cereal down the throat of a newborn infant is child abuse and she should have been stopped. The fact that she did it and then actually wrote in here about it shows that she still does not have any remorse about what she did. As mothers we have a great responsibility in feeding our babies. They will eat what ever we give them, they have no choice. Well educated women know that breastmilk is all that they need, a woman who would give a newborn cereal is not ready to be a mother. She should have taken some parenting classes. I sincerely hope that no one reading her post will think that what she did is alright. And again, remember that your baby does not suffer from a rare medical condition that makes her need cereal at such a young age!******
Originally Answered: My baby was 6 weeks premature and weighs much less than a term baby his age. Should I wait to get vaccinated?
First off - she is too young for solids. Solid foods aren't recommended until they are around 6 months of age. They simply don't have the stomache enzymes needed to digest anything other than breastmilk or formula prior to around the middle of the first year. Starting solids too early also increases her risks of developing allergies, diabetes and obesity later in life. Plus, it's highly unlikely a 3.5 month old will display ALL the signs of readiness for solids. Signs that indicate baby is developmentally ready for solids include: - Baby can sit up well without support. - Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of his mouth with his tongue. - Baby is ready and willing to chew. - Baby is developing a “pincer” grasp, where he picks up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger. Using the fingers and scraping the food into the palm of the hand (palmar grasp) does not substitute for pincer grasp development. - Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put it in his mouth. Try nursing more often. 3-4 hours is a pretty long time for her to go without feeding. Remember that breastmilk digests in about 90 mins and her stomache is only the size of her fist. There is typically a growth spurt around 3 mos of age. Why do you think she is still hungry after 6 oz? Could it just be that she has a strong desire to suck more? Instead of adding foods she isn't ready to digest yet.....try nursing more frequently. You can also try doing breast compressions while nursing, which can help her get more hindmilk and satisfy her better. You can also help her get more hindmilk by doing "block feeding" where each time you nurse her in a 4 hour period, she eats on the same breast. Then the next 4 hours she eats off the other side.

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