How should i approach this guy without being nervous? 10 points?

How should i approach this guy without being nervous? 10 points? Topic: Good songs for doing homework funny
July 22, 2019 / By Estelle
Question: I've known this guy since last year and he asked me to be his girlfriend one time and now i don't see him a lot. I don't even have lunch with him. But i do still have his number but im too nervous to text him. I miss him a lot and i really like him but I'm nervous. what should i say to him??
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Claribel Claribel | 1 day ago
RELAX. you can do it, he's just a dude like your dad or brother (if you have one), and your just texting him, whats the worst that can happen? He likes you so you have nothing to worry about, he'll be sweet to you; i would be worried if he didn't like me bc then itll b risky lol. Try these: "hey ;) what's up" "haven't talked to u in a while" "I hate the blah blah teacher bc blah blah...do you know when our homework's due?" "Maybe we can help each other with the homework :)" "I suck at math..." and eventually "Wana make a study group for the next test?" "I really want to see blah blah movie it looks funny, have you heard of it? what types of movies do you lik? I like blah blah blah..." and eventually "do you want to go see it with me?" (or he might ask) "I seriously need new clothes, lol, all my stuff is so old. im sick of blah blah, i really like to shop at blah blah bc blah blah, where do you like to go?..." and eventually "do you want to go to the mall with me?" (or he might ask) "I never been to blah blah restaurant but I heard a lot of good stuff about it, i want to try it someday..." and eventually "you wana go try it" (or he might ask- pick a casual restaurant like a pizzeria so you don't scare him) "Did watch the last episode of blah blah? It' s such a funny show, my favorite character is blah blah bc he's blah blah, whos your's?" and eventually "Maybe we should make a marathon day and watch all the episodes together. "Did you go to that party last week/month/year/decade? It was sick! I loved it bc blah blah blah, do you like parties? Maybe we should go together sometime" "Did you hear blah blah's new song, it's like amazing. Blah blah's my favorite singer bc blah blah blah. What type of music do you like?" "What are you doing this weekend?" if he says nothing say "me too" and he'll probably ask you out. If he says hanging out or whatever pretend that you have better things to do too.
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Bea Bea
I have the same problem!! EXACTLY. AHH. Just be confident. Confidence is #1. Go up to him in real life and talk to him and say "we haven't had a real conversation in a long time, i miss being friends. you should text me." then smile and walk away :) answer mine? :( http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiIYCkTM0cy9zufKzPCy1X_D7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20130910175120AAzTAGk
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Adelle Adelle
One day, just text him and say Hey! Easy. If he acts mad or something say you didnt mean to text him and sorry. then maybe a conversation could even go from there(:
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Teddy Teddy
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