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Help With Procrastination? Topic: What type of music is good for doing homework late
July 16, 2019 / By Eryn
Question: I procrastinate a lot. I counted up all the assignments I have to do by January 12th. I have about 75 things to do including; -Essays -Quizzes -Exams -Homework How do I stop procrastinating? I'm never that motivated. Everything overwhelms me, plus I'm already under stress that makes me lose track and imagine the impossible. Help!!
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Clarabelle Clarabelle | 5 days ago
The internet is what makes procrastination so powerful. Turn off your internet or block frequently visited sites if possible,and save the questions you need to do online for later. Writing a rough draft by hand on PAPER, can also be less stressful,and if you need to type up an assignment it's very good to use. Exams typically what you need to do is only study about 5 minutes a day for each subject. That's right, 5 minutes for review,and maybe an hour or 2 a week before finals for preparation. With this you shall be confident,and stress is the main reason to why people make silly mistakes. Homework, that's practically the easiest. Get a environment you can work in with no distractions, and only the neccesesities. Pencil,hw, and/or paper then get cracking. [water, and calculator is optional, but can also get work done fast,and refreshes your brain under stress!] Lastly all you really have to do is focus on hw one at a time! Don't just spread everything on your desk,and waste your time fretting about it. Complete them one at a time,and soon you'll be done, stress free! Your family can also help you with this, my mom did,and made me do hw if i went online too long. Motivation is a hard thing but just remember this. Once you're done you can play some games or whatever. Could even ask your mom for a reward if you do hw early[incentive!] Also know if music is your friend or enemy. Depending on the circumstances it can often stop you from performing to full potential. However calming music can relax your nerves so if that helps you through long hours of doing hw go for it! And are you procrastinating now? ;) if it's something like math or L.A write an outline or just stay off till you're done with everything!
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Clarabelle Originally Answered: Procrastination help?
Break things down into small manageable steps. A good first step would be to set up an appointment with the Counseling Department at your college. It seems like it's difficult for you to take any kind of action. You may be experiencing depression and not realize this. Please reach out for help by seeing a counselor at school. Good Luck.

Barbie Barbie
The first thing to do (and this will help you massively) is to stop looking so far into the future. You're looking 2 months into the future... Of course you will be overwhelmed, and it is that overwhelming feeling that plays a large role in procrastination. Take life a little at a time. Plan for the week ahead (or even days ahead) instead of the month, with the exception of major projects/essays of course. I can't tell you how to stop procrastinating, but I can tell you that this will help.
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Adelaide Adelaide
It's alright, everyone procrastinates once in a while. I do things before due dates, too. You can look up some articles that provide some organizational tips that involve list-making, time management, and organization. http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/... http://getmoredone.com/2010/05/how-to-ov... Most articles just mainly revolve around taking some steps to confront procrastination, such as finding the reason why you lack motivation, rewarding yourself after completing tasks, and breaking steps down into manageable parts. If you google, "How to stop procrastination," or anything along the lines of that, I'm sure you'll find tons of articles on how to deal with it. Good luck.
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Tate Tate
positioned electric alligator clips on the ends of your hands. Then, whenever you slack off, have somebody ask your self the frickin' hell out of you! i could think of you would be doing issues in a prioritized style very immediately flat.
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Tate Originally Answered: Procrastination?
im a procrastinator too, but i dont take medicine. try going to bed early, waking up and taking the meds and just study early. you will feel much better in the end, although it may be hard to sit down and do your hw early. hw is boring, and stupid, and i hate it. but really, just try and get it done. :( good luck i hope you feel better

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