A question about Supply and demand.As more U.S. jobs are outsourced and millions of illegals imported?

A question about Supply and demand.As more U.S. jobs are outsourced and millions of illegals imported? Topic: Make a case seen on tv
July 16, 2019 / By Ernestine
Question: what happens to the price of american labor here in the good old USA? and what sort of things would the movement of that price affect subsequently such as in economic activity, standard of living, mortgages, etc...???? that is..as a result of the double whammy ...one two punch of outsourcing and influx of illegal labor? danny, history has proven that you never arm foreigners to go "fight" for your country? sooner or later they turn on you. (see fall of roman empire). If you have a cause worth fighting for, your citizens should believe in it enough to fight for it. If they are not willing to fight, then the valididy of the reason for fighting should be reexamined. curtis your answer is an attempt to skirt the problem. whatever insourcing is going on pales in comparison to the premises in my question. Why are you avoiding the real issue and trying to distract? bruce...your answer is ignoring the anti americanness inherent in those policies. The industrial revolution was about making what was made in USA more efficient..it actually made americans wealthier and america more powerful. These trends I mention are cutting us down not building us up. You dont really believe an all service economy and the market flooded with dirt cheap labor while unemployement of citizens gets up to 15% a good thing ..do you? cantcu...finally an answer based on reality and from the point of view that a country belongs to its people...and that policy should favor the people, not other countries, not multinational corporations, not crooks and pillagers. We have indeed lost our moral bearing as country..profits trump all. One proof is how we are forced to see Extenze commericals about enlarging penises as we watch TV. lol If you told americans of 30 years ago that this would be the case, they would have thought you crazy. thanks nostrad.....for another well thought educated and logical answer that is also sympathetic to the fact that a country belongs to its citizens. Thanks for keeping it real !!! coincide..you are right, but not everyone would be poor would they? What you really mean to say is most everyone will be poor...like 65% lower class, 30% middle class and 5% upper class...that is not a socialist paradise and you know it. That is a Fascist conservative paradise.
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Clara Clara | 3 days ago
Essentially we are no longer run by supply and demand for 4 reasons. 1. We don't make anything 2. We supply those who do with raw material. Japan has none. 3. We outsource our hobs so companies can get around wage laws and labor laws, especially child labor. 4. The stock market produces nothing and many times is driven by nothing more than air and speculation. Almost everything from TVs to microchips and computers we invented. We just don't make them to sell because a company can make MORE profit having it made elsewhere. Notice I said more. Profit was never the issue. How much always is. A mark-up of 150% on furniture just isn't enough for business, nor is a hospital charging $10.00 for 1 250 mg tab of Tylenol that they are provided free! In the past 30 years we have lost our morals and will do anything to anyone to maximize profits, and Generations X and Y are of no help! They were never taught values.
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Clara Originally Answered: What must be said to have Liberals understand no one expects Outsourced jobs to come back?
Proportionately speaking, the banksters and the billionaire/millionaire top 2% do NOT "pay most of the taxes" at all. However, you have made good points that are pertinent not just for Liberals within the Democratic party but also for Moderates, Bluedogs, Progressives, and all Americans interested in rebuilding this nation's manufacturing base in order to GENERATE REVENUES that will GROW this economy for years and years to come. There are currently more than 40 states that have new or refurbished manufacturing plants, in part subsidized by "stimulus" (Recovery Act) dollars, which make renewable energy resources (see recovery.gov for details). The Obama team focused upon weaning this nation off of the finite resource of "big oil" by implementing the President's "Green Energy" technologies initiative about which he often spoke during the 2008 campaign. Michigan, for example, has multiple new businesses, including a 340-acre former Ford Motor plant which houses three solar-powered or wind-powered manufacturers. In Missouri, I learned today, Hazelwood (a suburb of St. Louis) is getting a new hybrid-van manufacturing plant. When these projects were first proposed in the Senate, multi-millionaire Republican Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) decided to filibuster---that is, BLOCK PASSAGE! His stated reason: "Our party's first priority is to keep Obama from being re-elected" even if this goal is detrimental to the nation as a whole! We have to close off subsidies and loopholes that reward billionaire or trillionaire American companies for moving their entire operations overseas---something the Democrats and President Obama were attempting to do in 2009 and 2010 despite being blocked by the right-wing GOP at every turn. We also have to begin REWARDING companies that either set up operations on American soil or that RETURN (as did Chrysler in 2010, when they moved their 800# Customer Service operations out of China and back into Utah and Michigan). What I'd like to see right now is a public POSTING of the greedy-gut executive salaries and self-awarded multi-million-dollar bonuses for banksters and major industries or corporations which "cry poor" and begin massive layoffs (as did HSBC, one of the WELFARE/bailout banks in 2008 who had RECORD PROFITS in 2009 and 2010). If the public was made aware of the blatant SELFISHNESS, GREED, and COLLUSION with the economy-sabotaging right-wing GOP that is so very prevalent among the CEOs helping to TANK this fledling recovery, maybe the public would be more supportive of the Democrats in future elections!

Barb Barb
It is good you want to talk about labor in terms of supply and demand. If America really honored the basic laws of supply and demand America wouldn't be in the unfortunate economic situation it's in now. If the price of fertilizer was low and the climatic condition was ideal for wheat to double in production, for example, the price of the bushel would either stay as it is or go up, not from the farmer directly but from the second and third dealers. Wages may stay the same which would prompt you to ask your labor leaders to negotiate with the management of the corporation for a wage increase and to lobby the federal government for the same. This goes on and on, almost every decade regardless of the well being of the country (good old US) so that you talk about the 80's Dollars and the 90'sDollars and so on. The real victim here is the American farmer and the migrant worker as laborer. It was simple. The company that was turning wheat into cereals and other products should have taken its raw material from the farmer and priced its items lower. Migrant workers do not work in the steel factories, the tech industries or the aircraft industry. That is the exclusive area of the skilled worker, you. Be fair to yourself and ask when have you voted for your labor leader in the same way you voted for your mayor or governor.
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Addy Addy
Why now not? all these immigrants are rough employees, greater than americans. Just feel in this, if each and every of those immigrants spend $five an afternoon for dwelling, what quantity of money is relocating round to aid the US financial system in everyday groundwork due to the fact they're right here? do you wish to do away with that? Displacing the process marketplace? I do not feel so.. .they're producing monetary motion at the financial scheme. Is greater to take potential as an alternative of create a racist predicament. Regarding safety disorders... unlawful immigration exist because very very long time in the past, even earlier than nine/eleven you then can't make any relation with unlawful immigration and terrorism. They are "specific animals"
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Tanner Tanner
I got the impression that the powers that be in each government were trying to level playing field (make the competition less) so 1) each country could/could share and benefit from the goods and services of the other countries, and 2) countries would stop the corruption, and the taking from one country to better their standing. The US has been raked over the coals over the years by theft but the other countries don't feel it's theft.
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Peregrine Peregrine
it won't be good in the short run and even worse in the long run. the usa still has the largest economy (middle class) in the world. the current economic crisis is due more to the loss of clout of the american middle class than anything else. the economy is driven by demand. demand is fueled by WAGES. if wages are stagnant or declining - the fuel of the economy is also stagnant and in decline. for a couple of decades, the american economy managed to maintain due primarily to credit - credit cards and people using their homes as ATM's. now that is over, most likely forever. so, if wages don't recover - our economy won't recover. and this won't benefit corporations because wages are the money that eventually end up buying their products. how will corporations benefit from reduced costs if no one has any money to buy their products? why is it any kind of big mystery that americans are buying less? they have less to spend. period.
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Peregrine Originally Answered: Illegals taking our jobs or Made in Japan products, which take away our jobs?
Your point is well taken. Look around at the vehicles being driven by Americans. Those of us who drive foreign vehicles, at least those not made here, have no right to biitch about the illegal immigrants working here. This is not to say that we should condone them breaking our immigration laws, but if we start sending them home, three things will start happening almost immediately. 1) Difficulty in finding people willing to do many of the jobs they will do. 2) Inflation, due to the increased costs of finding people willing to do those low end jobs. 3) An even bigger cash crunch on the social security system, because many illegals are now paying into the system and will never enjoy its benefits. Higher food prices are already in the forecast for 08. I just wonder how much higher they will go, if farmers can't get help with harvesting.

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