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July 16, 2019 / By Erma
Question: There are two questions: what are eight things fascist leaders glorified? And What are four reasons fascism was so appealing to the Italian public?
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Clairene Clairene | 2 days ago
Look in your history book and do your own homework. Honestly, clearly this stuff is important to learn, so just learn it. Those questions should take 20 tops to answer. Think about it.
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Clairene Originally Answered: History homework help?
Oh, please. How much more obvious could it be? The "wolf" convinces a girl to take off all her clothes and get into bed with him, talks about his large body parts, and then "eats" her. Um, duh, do you think it's an allegory of the monetary policy of the Ming dynasty, or maybe an instructional manual about bridge-building? Or maybe it's an astronomy textbook. Sheesh. Oh, and because this is for a history class, presumably you can also draw some conclusion about societal attitudes about gender roles in the country and century in which this version of the story was written. Presumably you can. You can, can't you?
Clairene Originally Answered: History homework help?
now not definite if that is what you are watching for however right here is going... one million. honesty. not more dishonest on wall road, housing marketplace, and so forth. two. believe. consider that what your leaders come to a decision is on your excellent curiosity. three. satisfaction. be pleased with this nation. four. fearless. do not be afraid. we're going to get out of this mess. five. shoppers. this is going in conjunction with being fearless. this can be a capitalist procedure... you have to spend cash to make cash. 6. unbiased. do not ask for a bail out till you have attempted to bail your self out. 7. attentive. realize your political leaders. pay awareness to politics. you are a citizen and if you are over 18 you are a voter. eight. handy. support others in want. nonprofits, peers, associates, whoever. nine. restrained bipartisanship. now not democrat. now not republican. american. 10. finish racism. its 2009. I do not care what the president appears like... I simply desire to look this nation run how it will have to be.

Bambie Bambie
Not to be rude or anything but sounds like I can find that in the textbook or the article given to you
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Addison Addison
Isn't this in your textbook, or your notes? If it isn't that's either because you haven't been paying sufficient attention, or because it's an unreasonable assignment. If it's the latter, tell your teacher so.
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Addison Originally Answered: History Homework Help?
this is a site about prophet muhammed (pbuh) may help you http://www.rasoulallah.net/index_english... and this is a book about prophet muhammed (pbuh) http://www.islamway.com/mohammad/?lang=e... Good luck.

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