Question about the size of Penis?

Question about the size of Penis? Topic: Penile prosthesis size
July 16, 2019 / By Erin
Question: I want to increase the girth of my penis because I feel women like more big penis. But I don't want to undergo Penile Prosthesis or Penile Implant because in that they implant a device inside one's Penis which is attached to a pump, so an erection is achieved through pump. I don't have erectile dysfunctions. I just want to have a thicker looking penis so that when in a relationship or marriage I can satisfy my partner. Is their in procedure to do so?
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Claire Claire | 1 day ago
Most methods advertised = you end up with non working penis. Penis tends to get thicker as you get older though not longer after 16. Satisfaction of partner depends more on your skill and technique as a Lover than what your penis looks like. Most of nerves in vagina are at the front end and around tthe clitoris. M
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Claire Originally Answered: Male Penis Size Study (Wessels) Question?
I would say that study is a little outdated say the least... Me am 5 3/4' cut full erection... But here in America most guys I seen or been are 6" to 7" so that make the average 6 1/2"... But there is a few lucky guys that are 8" to 9 1/2"... So don't always believe what you read on the Internet...
Claire Originally Answered: Male Penis Size Study (Wessels) Question?
I hear the accurate avg rang with error is set at 4-6 inches. From my experience as a bi guy I feel a majority of men in America are near the high end or just a little over it. Now if you think of other cultures that have higher population rates that have a smaller penis size by race, that is what would drag the average down from what we know here. Genetics and race do play a role in size, so your friends are probably telling the truth and of a more endowed cross-section of race and or nationality. I'm a bi white male from the USA and 9.5 inches cut. (Don't message me, this isn't an invitation) Just stated in case someone wants to survey/compare.

Bambi Bambi
Honestly, a not-so-thick man is OK for women like me who got tight vags. Thicker ones hurt a lot so sometimes they don't go all the way in. So don't worry about it much. Who knows your girl will give a sigh of relief that you are not so thick.
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Addie Addie
hey! u know what! your size of penis doesn't matter a gal... what matterzz is how well you satisfy her..
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Addie Originally Answered: This question is to put fullstop for all the penis size questions! This section.?
ya theres a great one i think this answer should be at the very top of the list all day everyday and before you can even post a ? that has the word penis in it you should have to read this: the average male penis size is between 4.5 to 6 inches the only way your penis can be to small is if its under 1 inch long erect in that case you have something known as micropenis THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL TO MAKE YOUR PENIS LARGER GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! if your penis itches or hurts for more then a day see a doctor if there is blood in your urine or ejaculant see a doctor 3 out of 7 men that are uncircumcised have rather tight skin is should lossen up within a week if it dosent use lube if your still un satisfied see a doctor but there isnt much they can do 1/5 people are circumcised most women prefer shaved/trimed "multi-orgasmic male" is almost compleatly impossible without leading to retrograde ejaculation (if u still want to do it right befor you orgasm press down hard between your testicaels and your crack it will stop ejaculation give your retrograde ejaculation but u can keep going(there may be a slight amount of pain but u got what u wanted) if your between ages 10 and 16 and its a ? about puberty or sex type the question in google it is normal to have a small erect penis between these ages there is nothing wrong with masterbating or looking at porn whatever feels right to you DONT MASTERBATE MORE THEN 4 TIMES A DAY masterbate about 4 hours before having sex and use lots of lube with lots of foreplay to last longer in bed or stop pre mature ejacuation if the above didnt help you practice alone or with a partner: if your with a partner tie your arms and legs to bed post have partner get you right before point of no return compleatly stop simulation and walk away for about 5 mins repeat this over and over for about an hour(some ejaculant might come out and there should be lots of precum) or until it hurts then have partner finish you off(it should be the biggest orgasm youve ever had) most people think that oral is the best type of sex i think that just about covers all possible retarded ?'s anyone could ever have if any of your think of something esle tell me ill add it on lol

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