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Which name do you prefer? Topic: How to write a letter in english uk
July 16, 2019 / By Ericka
Question: Looking for boys names. Middle name is William. We want a name that is easy to spell, write and read (remember we are English NOT American). Nothing overly popular but not made up. Religious names arent particularly popular as my family are Pagan, although they can be considered. Nature based names prefered. An example of two we like: Arwyn William or Abney William. Arwyn can also be spelt Arwen, which do you prefer? Suggest other names too? Arwyn is quite well known in England. It is actually a Welsh name, which is why it is spelt with a Y, it isnt replacing a letter as its the original spelling of the Welsh name. I don't know how to post in the UK section as I am new to the site, if anyone can tell me I would be greatful.
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Clair Clair | 10 days ago
Why don't you post in the UK answers section then, you're much more likely to get answers from UK based people. If you post in the US section, you're much more likely to get answers from those in the US! I like Arwen I just find the "y" to be a bit odd, I suppose its because there's this obsession, particularly on this sit to just change any random letter to a "y" to make the name either "look unique" or "look more girly" Neither of which is true. I also dislike the dangly bit in the middle of the name. Arwen looks nicer written. But either its a lovely name. I would still pick this out of the two. I dislike Abney, to me it doesn't sound like a first name, it sounds like someone mispronouncing Abbey. Arden, Ainsley, Aaron, Aiden, Alfred/Alfie following the A trend Peregrine, Heath, Reid, Asher, Rowan following the nature route, Orion also spring to mind, the greek god/ess route, there's also Arthur! Edit: I was thinking the "wyn" part does look rather Welsh, if its a legitimate spelling, then don't let me stand in your way. Just giving my opinion! I still like - looks wise - Arwen, and that's no doubt just as well know in England? I went on the UK yahoo site, (rather than the US one, it has UK, and UK news/headlines etc on) and then clicked on the 'answers' link (left hand column) and then signed in/made an account. Alternatively I think the web address is "uk.answers.yahoo.com" You get the option on the UK one to just see UK and Ireland questions, which means that if other UK/Ireland based people have that, you're question being in the US section won't get seen by them!
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