I am a 17 year old circumcised male and i do not feel any pleasure from sex, or oral sex see below?

I am a 17 year old circumcised male and i do not feel any pleasure from sex, or oral sex see below? Topic: Get post case sensitive
July 16, 2019 / By Epiphany
Question: Part 1: sexual question for men, doctors and women experienced in dealing with curses. im a male, 17 years old, circumcised, i have had sexual intercourse with and without a condom, recieved oral sex, and none of it has given me any pleasure aside from the mental satisfaction of being 'with' someone and making them happy. Movement is not a problem as the girl is quite capable of orgasm while i remain unaffected and it should go without saying that i did not *** or achieve any reaction as well. i always was disappointedly thinking that i would never have as much pleasure than the girl but now my fears are tenfold. i may have poorly worded this question but basically: im a man, i **** and i dont feel it urologists dont take me seriously but it is no mental hangup this question must be posted in about 5 stages due to length continued...: . I can achieve orgasm masturbating but did not for weeks before sexual intercourse in order to attempt sensitivity , also, the intercourse was on seperate occasions, with different women, and i tried different techniques of foreplay, and tried again with the same one more than once also. relaxation is not an issue and i have tried it without any medications, alcholhol or drugs, as well as with a stimulant. i may have minor tourrettes syndrome but do not believe this is a factor since masturbation works fine (although the climax is probably still not that of a womans- who feels it in multiple places). i had minor Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at first but that problem has lessened. the latter partner had a more visible opening and easier entry but neither tightness, nor ******* has helped me one bit with pleasure. my finger may as well be sucked. i hate for the girl to feel incompetent for my problem and while i do enjoy doling out pleasure with my arisen sustenance , i keep praying that my issue will in some way be resolved. my first time, was not only late for most kids these days, but incredibly dissapointing, i have on these occasions gone for hours on end with no release or buildup... i could be more turned on by dry faux intercourse as a result. now, when the clothes came off, so did my hard on. but now that i can maintain for hours longer an erection, i can also dwell for hours longer on a perpetually fruitless pelvic workout. f now i am in fear of leading on a spree of unprotected sex with different partners just to try to help my problem and learn what works. trying 26 positions, with porn, and maybe everything immaginable i have realized there must be an ultimatum for this cannot continue. Please help!
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Cindy Cindy | 6 days ago
Hey Mark. I too, like some others who posted, recommend that you potentially consider foreskin restoration. http://www.norm.org/devices.html This is a good list of devices in case you want to consider this commitment. I've been restoring for months now, and just having the skin covering the glans for hours a day while restoring is increasing my sensitivity. You can even see the difference in the texture. A circumcised penis head, if you look closely, is chaffed and rough looking. This is because the glans, like the clitoris, is an INTERNAL ORGAN. It was never designed to be exposed to the environment, whether it be air, water, rubbing against clothing/bedding, or otherwise. The natural look of the glans is smooth, moist, and bright pink. Naturally, without the cover of the foreskin, the glans would dry out, chafe, and lose sensitivity. Now again, I'm already getting benefits, and I'm nowhere near coverage yet. I'm getting most sensitive just from the time I'm restoring alone, with the skin stretched over the glans. It's a long, difficult quest. But I guarantee you. This will work better than ANY pill, than ANY position, or ANY amount of porn. You are restoring your penis as close as possible to the structure it should've had, and the function it should be having. Good luck, please keep what I've said in mind. If you try this out, and stay committed, you won't be disappointed.
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Cindy Originally Answered: PLEASE HELP: I FEEL AS THOUGH I Have a mental issue and I'm childish(22 year old male)?
You have a right to be confused about this situation. It is totally confusing. What is the game plan here? Does she want a business-like roomate situation? Does she want to be close friends (leaving aside the sex issue for the moment) or not? Her signals are mixed up - so where do you stand? What is the relationship between you Impossible to say. This arrangement needs a little more structure. You both have to know what to expect and what is expected. Frankly, it is unacceptable for any roomate to have unannounced guests. It's not about asking permission - it's just common courtesy.

Babs Babs
You have a hangup and need to see a shrink! I was circumcised at 18 and can assure you everything they are telling you is total BS! There is no loss of sensitivity and it is not mutilation. Circumcision actually improves sexual function. An uncut guy is basically just masturbating inside his partner, while a circumcised guy gives and receives direct pleasure from his partner. Being circumcised is also much cleaner, I could careless what the antis say, but uncut guys can wash 3x a day and still have an odor. It is also much healthier to be circumcised, uncircumcised males have a 60% higher chance of acquiring HIV and STDs through heterosexual intercourse. It also looks much better, an anteater is not pleasnt to the eye! Being circumcised is so far superior that I had no hesitation to have my 3 boys (5,3,10mo) circumcised, as I know that there is no downside, only a lifetime of benefits. Don't believe the crap the antis post, they are just lies and BS! There is nothing wrong with being circumcised, it is far superior to being an anteater!
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Acheflour Acheflour
I think you may have answered your own question without knowing it. You said you are circumcised and that in itself speaks volumes about problems. Circumcision is a cruel, brutal, destructive, and totally unnecessary procedure that should be outlawed for those under the legal age of informed consent. How can allowing someone to take a knife to your son's penis and remove 75% of the sexually sensitive tissue make things better for him? It just does not make sense. I was circumcised as a child and hated it my whole life. Three years ago, I discovered there were non surgical methods of restoring my foreskin,....and I began immediately. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. The foreskin I get back will be a poor second choice to the one that was hacked off my protesting body all those years ago, but it will be far better than living out my life circumcised. When I was in my early 40s, my glans had covered over with non sensitive scar tissue caused by it rubbing raw on my clothes my whole life. It had dried and turned into a dull, lifeless thing. When I began to restore and keep it covered all the time, the sensitivity began to come back, and things got way better. Now, the glans is a healthy, rich, glossy colour, and sexual relations with my wife have improved greatly. This drying out and scaring over of the glans happens to all circumcised men. It cannot help but happen. If it has happened to you at 17, then it is a matter of additional nerve damage done during the circumcision procedure. This is another in the long list of reasons to never circumcise a child. Your best bet now is to read up about foreskin restoration, and understand the gains and benefits of keeping the glans covered, moist, and protected. I have posted a link below to a well researched and professionally presented site. Read the Lost List on the left hand column of tabs. You will see how much damage circumcision does to us,.... After you have read, you will have a million questions. Please feel free to e-mail me through this site and I will be glad to offer more information, and support to get you started. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mithras
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Sylvester Sylvester
Mithras has an excellent answer. I, too, suffered from inability to achieve orgasm in normal sex. My partners felt that it was their fault, that they weren't pretty enough or weren't skilled enough at sex. Finally I found out about what the damage of circumcision really is, and what it does to sexual feeling and function. Since there are no standards to male genital mutilation, called circumcision, some victims suffer more damage than others. This is clearly evidenced by the scars from the wounds to the penis, which can appear anywhere from just below the glans to 1/2 or even 2/3 of the way down the penile shaft. The depth of the wounds also vary, as does the particular nerve damage which causes problems with sexual function. I restored my foreskin, which has vastly improved sensitivity and function, although it won't repair the permanent neural/vascular damage from the mutilation. More than 200,000 guys are restoring their foreskins. You're not alone---there are lots of others who have similar problems to yours. There is hope, but it isn't a "quick fix." If you want to regain some sensitivity/function, you should consider restoring your foreskin. It's not easy, and it takes several years, but the results are permanent, and can make your sexual function more normal and enjoyable. Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax. A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright. ERIC
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Payton Payton
Seems like you have done a lot of research to help your issue. To be honest I think you would benifit greatly from seeing a sex therapist. Urologists don't specialize in sexual dysfunctions, which is why it's not helping you out any to go see them because that's not their level of exspertise, it's actually a Psychologists area of exsperience and study, most people don't know that but it's true. Another thing you say that comes to mind is that you are circumcised, circumcision removes 20,000 nerve endings from the penis which is 66% of the nerve endings in the penis. It also causes the head to constantly rub on clothing dampening the feeling. So circumcision does cause a very significant loss in sensitivity. I have non-surgically restored my foreskin and doubled my overall sensitivity, which I think would work well for you however it has to be something you want, so just as an idea look into that. You can also look into getting something called a Senslip. It's an artifical foreskin like sleeve you can wear that will protect the head from clothing on a daily basis and help gain sensitivity back in the head. It can bre removed durring masturbation or sex, it works well for men who like being circumcised but want as much feeling back as they can. So there is also another option to look into. However you would benifit most from talking to someone who specializes in this issue. Sounds like there is something going on and it's not just psychological. -Connor
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Payton Originally Answered: I'm a male and recieved oral sex from a stripper now super worried. See details?
If you haven't show any symptoms yet, it probably chlamydia or gonorrhea. Because in most cases, chlamydia and gonorrhea usually won't show any symptoms. However, to confirm your situation, you still need to do some relative tests. If your have gotten chlamydia or gonorrhea, don't worry too much about them, they are curable. And if you choose the immediate treatment for them, they won't cause serious problems, For curing chlamydia, both antibiotics and herbal supplement "DIURETIC AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PILL" have great effects on curing them. You could pick up a suitable treatment according to your own situation. Hope this is helpful for you.

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