HELP really dry hair?

HELP really dry hair? Topic: Silk pillowcase skin care
July 20, 2019 / By Enya
Question: I used a straightening cream on my hair and it looks like it has had the same effect as bleach does to my lovely healthy hair. Please help the ends have gone all frizzy and dry and its to short to get them cut off. I am so upset, i didnt know it would damage my hair. are there any home remedies that i could use that will help get the moisture back into my hair. please help me!
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Cimone Cimone | 3 days ago
Healthy hair regimen : The best way to make your hair healthy is to take care of it naturally , and there are lots of natural things you can do to your hair to keep it nice and healthy without harming or smothering it with chemicals : Apply nourrishing masks twice a week ! Try this one : one mashed banana, one spoon of honey, one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of avocado oil, one spoon of castor oil, one egg yolk and, if you're courageous enogh to take the smell of it, some garlic. Apply that on your hair, wrap it in aluminium foil, put a beanie on and let it rest a few hours, a whole night being the best ! After you washed it, add one spoon of vinegar and spoon of lemon juice to one liter and a half of water, and rinse your hair with that, to avoid chlorine and hard water lingering on your hair, because that causes your hair to go dry and brittle over the long haul ! Also, if you don't have that, buy a genuine silk pillowcase to sleep on : other fabrics are very harsh on your hair and rub it hard during the night, it's very damaging to it. As well as straightening, blowdrying or any other heat source ! You really want to stay away from that ! Also shea butter is great for your hair ! Any time you want to wash your hair, make sure you apply shea butter or almond oil on it for about half an hour before you wash it. And put a tiny wee bit of jojoba oil on your ends ( it's a very fine oil, it won't show or make your hair greasy ) to prevent them from drying because they're the most fragile part of the hair. Apply hair organic sun block on your hair everyday, no matter what the season is or what the weather is like, sun rays dry the hair and skin big time ! Trim it at the very least every four months, though after a few months of that regimen, you'll notice a huge difference and won't even need to trim that often ( I sometimes go eight months straight without cutting my hair once , and at this point I don't have a single split end, yet my hair used to be full of them and so dry and ugly ) ! Taking care of your hair from the inside is very important too : eat hair food, such as meat, eggs, vegetables, lentils, bran cereals etc. To stimulate the blood circulation under your scalp ( hair gets the nutrients it needs through blood ) ; massage your scalp a few times a week. Here's the technique : put the tips of your fingers on your scalp and massage it applying circular motion movements. You have to press the tips of your fingers firmly on your scalp, in order to make the scalp move on the skull, and not the fingers move on the skin, because that would not only be a waste of time, but it would also weaken the roots ! Start at the base of the nape and work your way to the forehead, then do the sides. If you can wiggle your scalp muscles, it brings more blood to the roots and you don't need the massage ! Wiggling them five to ten minutes on a daily basis strengthens the hair like crazy over months, to the point it will never turn greyish ( if you're young to start with ), for more information about this exercise : http://www.shapeyourface.com/exercise_fi... If you want your hair to be straight, you can straighten it in a healthy way, it's called wrapping ; when it's damp ( not dripping ) comb and smooth it all around your head, secure it with bobby pins, then tie a silk scarf around your head and wait for your hair to be dry. It will look evenly straight, but in a natural looking way ! This is a link to a tutorial video showing you how to wrap your hair : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Uwt-w4m... If it's curly and want to tame your frizzes naturally : apply a tiny bit of jojoba oil on it when it's damp, put a silk scarf on your hair and wait for it to dry under that ; it will curl in a nice defined shiny way. The silk pillowcase trick also takes care of curls and waves during the night so they don't lose their shine and definition overnight. Also you will find that washing your hair with natural shampoo will make a huge difference ; if you can't afford or don't want to buy organic shampoo, you can just make your own one ; basically you start with 1/4 cup of distilled water and 1/4 cup of Castile soap ( Castile soap is created exclusively from vegetable oil ), then add the oils and scents you need or want. You'll notice your hair become very clean for a longer time, and it won't look tired and flat anymore ; check these sites to find your recipe depending on your hair type ; http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade... http://www.life123.com/beauty/spa-treatments/beauty-tips/easy-homemade-shampoo.shtml If you don't want to bother gathering all these ingredients, just use the water and Castile soap mix and add an egg and some olive oil or coconut oil to it. Hope that helps !
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Bab Bab
You would check out Paul Mitchell - they have got a brand new 'Express Style' line that's aimed toward getting faster drying outcome (I believe the product you want is known as Quick Slip, round £eight-10 from salon that inventory Paul Mitchell). Also make certain you difficult dry your hair up to feasible earlier than blow drying. For instance - towel dry, follow merchandise, dry approximately utilizing simply arms and dryer till eighty% dry, then use a broom with the dryer to soft a little bit, and eventually use straighteners. Or potentially leave out out the blow drying thoroughly! I are aware of it sounds bizarre however the straighteners we use now are a lot more effective and will without problems straighten even essentially the most frizzy, difficult dried, hair!
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Abra Abra
I would go get some anti frizz shampoo and conditioner. Maybe some hydrating ones too. And it always helps to dry your hair with cold air instead of hot. The hot air will damage your hair.
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Sybald Sybald
mash up an avocado and apply it as you would a mask on clean, damp hair. let sit for 30 min or more then wash hair as you would normally. it works great, even on bleached hair.
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