Why did you vote for Obama?

Why did you vote for Obama? Topic: How to write a speech about somebody
July 17, 2019 / By Enola
Question: I didn't vote for him. Most everyone I ask didn't. I am in no way shape or form raciest. But I bet a lot of people thought it would be cool to have a black president. No problem, then vote for Will Smith.(he has no experience either) I can think of a lot better black people to vote for. I know some people didn't want McCain because he was old. I have nothing against old people except the shouldn't drive. Why would anyone want somebody with no experience? I can understand why nobody wanted a women president, the whole mood swings bombing Iraq once a month type thing. Nothing against women, I'm a women myself. If you voted for him, do you regret it now? With him spending 3 trillion dollars, that your grand kid's kids are going to still be paying back. I know Bush spent a lot of money, But at least his wife didn't fly to France to have lunch their kids on my dollar. Shoot, my kids are happier going to Mc Donald's any day than some fancy smancy restaurant. And that he bowed to the king of "Iran" was it? I think I would have been less disgusted if he would have bowed to Queen Elizabeth.
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Cilla Cilla | 2 days ago
Like you, I didn't vote for Obama, as I spent months researching him. At first, I was impressed. However, upon learning about his leanings towards Marxism, learning that his Hawaiian mentor was a Communist, and discovering that his Hawaiian grandfather was a self proclaimed Marxist, I became alarmed. Obviously, he did not have that good old fashioned Kansas upbringing. That was just another lie. After further readings, I discovered that his idol was Saul Alinsky, an infamous Marxist from the 1930's. Saul Alinsky was another community organizer that wrote the book, "Rules for Radicals{, which is Obama's bible. Even Michelle's speech at the Democratic convention contained direct quotes from Alinsky's book, although she attributed those quotes to Obama. As time marched on, it was disclosed that he attended Rev Wright's unpatriotic, racist church for 20 years. Then, one by one we learned of his close association with Bill Ayres (a self proclaimed American Terrrorist), Tony Rezko, other crooked businessmen, as well as unethical politicians and the crooked Chicago Political Machine. We also learned that he did not know that the USA is composed of 50 states and 1 district. I wonder if he is still searching for 57 states? That and some other things that he was historically incorrect on were far worse than what Palin said during her interview with Katie Q. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you that so many people voted for him because they wanted to be part of making history. I wonder how they feel now, since Obama has proven to be an inexperienced, empty suited president that spends his time on vacations, aapologizing for America., and making "ME" speeches. He doesn't spend his time promoting America, working on our economy (just putting us further in debt), working on creating new jobs, working on a suitable healfh care plan or making decisions. Obviously, he was a poor student of history, especially since he simply does not understand the dynamics of other countries and what works with them and what doesn't. Probably, the worst thing that has happened is that he has proven to be a liar over and over again. The worse thing that has happened to us is that we have him for our president.
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Azure Azure
I don't care how old McCain is...or what that Obama is Black. Before people vote, they need to check out the candidates. When McCain lied to a Veteran about supporting the vets, I checked his voting record..and sure enough McCain lied. Viewing his votes on other issues, clearly showed me he was NOT the person I wanted in the White House. McCain is living in the 21st century but his views and ideas are more in the 20th century. Diplomacy...I don't think republicans know the meaning of that word. I had enough of "Bring it on" Bush. McCain would have been more of the same. No experience...what experience did McCain have? It is easy saying no...and not negotiating. Being a community organizer...getting people to agree. Seems to me, that would be good experience. You have to have listening skills..which clearly Bush lacked. Strange...all the women and men that I know who supported Hillary never mentioned moody...guess the only people who think of that are moody themselves. A trait that McCain exhibited a lot during the primaries. And why would any woman vote for republicans who think women should be paid less...hmm, maybe the republican women feel inferior poor things. I have to laugh when people whine about three trillion, I know it was 787 billion for the Stimulus plan...but that would alleviate the need to pay unemployment to a certain degree and our crumbing infrastructure that was ignored for 8 years would be repaired. Could part of that be the TARP funds...that we earned five percent interest on and has been partially paid back? Where was the whine about Bush doubling the National deficit by 5 trillion with two wars and tax cuts...something that has never been done in the history of this country. Then there was the drug deal for the drug companies at the expense of the senior...that too was added to the National Deficit.. Not to mention the insurance rates that Bush allowed to increase 400 percent. If anyone should apologize to our grandchildren it should be the republicans for allowing Bush to steal two elections. As to the flight to France...not to worry, with 70 percent voting for Obama and the flight already scheduled..three more was not a big deal. And the issue of jobs..thanks to Bush, he spent taxpayer monies to send jobs overseas.. Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S. This country has been mismanaged for the last 8 years...the whine is too little too late!
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Abital Abital
i'm vote casting for Obama because of the fact he's the extra powerful canidate. neither is appropriate yet between the two Obama is 100x extra powerful. Romney additionally desires to do away with financial help (over ninety% of yankee pupils use financial help) If he repeals Obamacare tens of millions of folk (little ones lined) would be without healthcare. Romney has virtually a similar policies as bush. We gave republicans 8 years in workplace and what did they do??? MESS each thing UP Obama have been given into workplace whilst our financial equipment replaced into in unfastened fall. Republicans get mad because of the fact Obama did not thoroughly restoration Bushs 8 years of mess in basically 4 short years. so as that they opt to re-elect somebody with a similar policies because of the fact the guy who sent our financial equipment into unfastened fall
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Swithun Swithun
i didn't vote for him either! but my daughter did! now she is sorry she did! he is good at talking and speeches but that is it!! no experience and so far most of his important decisions are going the wrong way making things even more worse than they were? i only hope this country can survive 3 more years of obama?? with the tax cuts and then a lot of people out of work not paying taxes we will see the highest national debt, even higher than when bush was in office???
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Patrick Patrick
only one reason to vote for obama ... because they were stupid oh and now that we see he couldn't even bring home the olympics what hope is there that he can get iran to cancel their nuclear weapons program or to get countries like russia or china to come along on heavy sanctions ?
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