How much diet arizona green tea do i have to drink to speed up my metabolism?

How much diet arizona green tea do i have to drink to speed up my metabolism? Topic: Arizona tea research
July 22, 2019 / By Ena
Question: i really wanna loose weight, and i heard that if you drink green tea it speeds up your metabolism and helps you loose weight, how much to i have to drink a day to loose weightt?
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Cierra Cierra | 1 day ago
If you want to lose weight you should concentrate on eliminating processed foods from your diet and incorporating some kind of daily exercise regiment. Having said that there is research which indicates that green tea can be effective in boosting your metabolism and speeding up weight loss http://www.eatgreentea.com/category/tea-benefits/weight-loss/ Many people assume that the reason green tea aids weight loss is due to the caffeine content. However much of the research has shown that the powerful antioxidant, EGCg is responsible for a great deal of the weight loss effect. Whole green tea leaves contain 10,000% more EGCg than brewed tea so the best way to gain maximum benefit from green tea is to eat the whole leaves. The brewing process doesn't extract most of the EGCG so when you throw away your tea leaves you are actually throwing away most of the nutrition.
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Cierra Originally Answered: Does arizona greentea raise your metabolism?
Green tea does have mild effects in boosting metabolism. But research studies have found that curry and other foods are far more effective in boosting metabolism.

Azura Azura
I don't know about all that but I would first of all try some REAL green tea. Tea that comes in a bag and has to sit in hot water. Arizona (while incredibly good) is not 'real' green tea.
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Abishag Abishag
I ought to trust the guy who mentioned "Arizona Tea is addict-of" considering is genuine. to respond to your question particular i drink Arizona green tea yet i could somewhat have warm chinese language leaves green tea.
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Swithin Swithin
try to have a little lean protein with each meal as protein tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats
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Swithin Originally Answered: Can I still go to sleep if I drink 3-5 cups of Green Tea for weight lose?
I can answer for myself. I cannot have that much tea, nor do I believe it is a magic weight loss potion. Here is how to do research. Find a medical data base. Find your topic. Have the article faxed to your library or sent via email. Print it out. Study it for methods, control, results, conclusions, validity and reliability. If the percentage of change is 1%, it is unlikely to be the isolated cause of weight loss. In fact, there are too many variables to single out one of those as the most important factor if there is weight loss. It could be more attention to diet, or more exercise or a combination. At your age, weight loss should be easy with a combination of cardiovascular activity, weight training, appropriate caloric intake such as 500 less per diem. The latter would result in a one lb. loss per week without any other changes. So, try it on a non work day. It is not fun to feel your heart beating within your chest cavity and know that it is from a voluntary act.

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