How would I make a game engine?

How would I make a game engine? Topic: How to write a phd
July 16, 2019 / By Emylynn
Question: What would be the best programming language to learn if I wanted to make a game engine like as Havok or Unreal? I already know how to code .
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Ciera Ciera | 10 days ago
It would be C, C++ and C#: these are the languages used by the majority of game engines. But developing a game ENGINE is a highly complex entreprise that requires huge amounts of maths and physics and, unless you have at least a PhD and many years of experience, your chances are extremly limited. On the other hand, you still can design a nice game if you use a game engine that already exists! Visit www.devmaster.net/engines to select one (Ogre is free). Once you have choosen your engine, start writing. A note of warning: no engine is "simple" to use. They do not have IDEs to help you. Only hard coding is acceptable Good luck! (You gonna need it)
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Ciera Originally Answered: Game engine?
Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts here. If you want to make good looking games, you have to improve your programming skills. It doesn't have to be C or C++....take a look at Actionscript 3 which lets you build Flash games. You might try FPScreator for simpler games...but remember, if you're not writing code, you WILL run into limitations as to what you can do. http://www.fpscreator.com/

Azalea Azalea
You need a team of pro nerds with a deep understanding of everything related to c++ Edit: I don't doubt you know how to code, but if you can't figure out for yourself the language you want to develop this project in then you're probably going to have a lot of difficulty grasping the harder concepts. It could take a very long time to do this all by yourself. There's a reason powerful engines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and only license to established businesses.
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Abilene Abilene
Do a game study, sorry but that's the only way to learn to make good games... It's not Easy and why do you think people that made Havok or Unreal studied for years. If you want to do this all, i have only one thing to say: Good Luck :D
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Sweeney Sweeney
C++ would be the best language for any game. but if u want to start of, i would recommend gamemaker 7 or later version if there is.
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Parry Parry
C or C++ If you use C over C++, it would be harder but you can get a performance boost. id software use mainly C for the Quake/DOOM engines
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