Which story do you like better?

Which story do you like better? Topic: How to write a breaking news story
July 22, 2019 / By Emmy
Question: Which story do you like better? 1.Still grieving over the loss of his failed relationship while trying to maintain a job, Matthew Bishop doesn’t think he’ll ever find love again. But one night his two friends Bobby Clarke and Steven Livingston Create a Dating website called “tie the knot.com”. Within a few months the news of the website spreads fast and leads the men to success. Whilst the fame and the fortune they try to set up Matthew with dates. But Matthew slowly starts to fall in love with a woman named Jessica Taylor whom he meets on eharmony. This starts causing problems with “tie the knot.com” when users start going back to eharmony and match.com. Will they still have their website? 2.After returning from Spain for spring break, 18 year old Jasmine Leon heads back to her home in Delaware. On her first night back she attends a party with her friends Andrew, Kristen,Marshall, Sarah and boyfriend Trevor. After leaving the party at they get lost and get into a violent car accident and no one sees the attacker’s face expect Andrew who ends up in a mental hospital shortly after. When they are taken to the hospital she is presumed dead while her other friends are wounded. But to everyone’s surprise she awakes in the mortuary. A few weeks later she returns to school and everything seems fine but she slowly starts to realize that her life jumps randomly between the living and the dead worlds unexpectedly. When she is dead she is tormented and haunted by the deadly souls in the spirit world and when she is alive she is tortured by her dead soul. the only way to stop these dead/alive stages is just to die and let her soul rest or find a way to fix it…..Does she live on, knowing that she isn't truly living and that she will always be haunted, or does she decide to pass over, freeing her from her cursed life but losing her family and friends? the first one is suppose to be a comedy and the second is suppose to be like a horror or suspense
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Ciel Ciel | 9 days ago
They both sound pretty good but the second sounds like it has more substance. That being said, I am not a fan of horror so I don't know how I would fare if I were to actually read the book. However, your idea sounds very interesting and you've already got me hooked :) I'm sure you'll do great whichever you pick. Happy writing and I hope this helps!
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In short, it's not very good. This type of story has been told a thousand times over already. Random person, no one likes them, they're 'odd,' then something happens, they find a power, whatever. Try to be more creative.

Ayn Ayn
definitely the second one! it seems like it has a lot more 'meat' to it, you know? i'd definitely read that, it sounds way cool. that could be a great story! besides, while you're writing the second one, to get over writer's block or to take breaks, you could brainstorm or mess around writing the first prompt. that might be fun for you, to write the first one on the side. but i vote the second one all the way! that sounds wicked cool!! good luck, hope this helps! :DD
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Abijah Abijah
They both sound like they would make pretty decent movies...especially the second! I say the second, but I'm biased toward romances. Still, the first would be decent...yes, the second. Though, they're both really good.
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Sunny Sunny
Well i like to read horror and suspense instead of comedy, because what might be funny to the author may not be funny to the reader so it'd be hard to please everyone with a comedy.
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Parris Parris
i like # 2 best its just like i cant describe what i mean lol its like a drama horror combined lol sorry i dont make sence its good
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