Could a pop-up be a virus, trojan, or worm?

Could a pop-up be a virus, trojan, or worm? Topic: Case sql else if
July 20, 2019 / By Emily
Question: I went to this website (it was about things to do when you're bored), and pop-up came up. It said Windows Internet Explorer on the top. It had nothing inside except for a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, and an "OK" button. It only pops up on that site, none else. Could this be a virus? Or something else harmful to the computer? I'm not sure what a virus looks like, so please help. By the way, there were no crashes or slowness in the computer after visiting that website, and I didn't download anything there. I forgot to mention that I have Norton Antivirus. Also, what do you think would have happened if I'd pressed the "OK" button?
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Chrystal Chrystal | 6 days ago
Yes there are some vulnerability to computer systems online through websites that are not secured. There is a new kind of bug out there called SQL injection, that can make perfectly harmless sites into dangerous ones without you doing anything but visiting them. In the case of the popup that only has an ok button. Never press the Ok button, always click the X on the top right. Also think about getting an antivirus. I know that Avast is a great one. This is a good example of a current flaw in computer systems. http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/blogs/larkin_on_the_web/148503/major_sites_fall_victim_to_web_hijack.html
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the virus may have corrupted some of your registry. put the windows disk in and restart the computer. choose repair and this should solve the problem

Avis Avis
No, it's not a virus. Since it only appears on that one website you visited, you didn't download anything, and there has been no changes on your computer, it's probably just some pop-up on the website that's trying to catch your attention. If you haven't already, try downloading a pop-up blocker to block those type of things. Hope this helps!
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Abigayle Abigayle
If you don't click on it or download anything from it then you are fine it just means you don't have any pop-up blocking on your browser. I suggest Firefox as it has some great security features and pop-up blocking software built into it. For added computer protection though I suggest some of the following programs: -McAfee 12 in 1 Security Center (anti-virus) or AVG if you want a free program -Spyware Doctor with AV (anti-spyware) or Spybot S&D if you want a free program -PC Tools Firewall Plus(free) (firewall) -ThreatFire(free) (added virus protection) -CCleaner(keep computer running pretty good, cleans up history and whatnot) All of the above programs(aside AVG and Spybot) I use and have been using for a very long time now, all with fantastic results. For AVG and Spybot they are both good in the way of free protection but McAfee and Spyware Doctor are recommended.
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Stu Stu
If a virus looks like something everyone will avoid it. My friend , my good advice is : DO not open an email if you suspect something looks wrong.Do not click on pop-ups.And also,buy an anti virus.Go to this site:http://www.charlottepcdoctor.com.They have cheap but good anti virus. Good luck.
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Pancras Pancras
No it's probably just an pop up from that site unless you downloaded something from the site. See my spyware article for more: http://flashcreations-faq.blogspot.com/2... For prevention you can try my virus protection article: http://flashcreations-faq.blogspot.com/2...
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