How do i get InPrivate browsing on my internet explorer?

How do i get InPrivate browsing on my internet explorer? Topic: Cheating websites for homework
July 22, 2019 / By Emilee
Question: I want to have multiple browsers so i can play this one game with multiple characters. If i have more than one char. on a browser it is consider cheating and it messes up the game. And i don't want me mom finding out i am playing the game when i am supposed to be doing homework. I have found out about this type of browser due to my mom's laptop. How i get onto InPrivate browsing on her's is to open up a new tab and there is a button for inprivate browsing. It dosn't show up for me so how can i get it?
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Chrysanta Chrysanta | 4 days ago
InPrivate Browsing is a feature in Internet Explorer Version 8 only, for that u will have to download it from the Microsoft website which is totally free. Once installed u can open InPrivate browsing using the CONTROL+SHIFT+P combination keys after opening the normal internet explorer. Got It !! But it wud also be good if u concentrate on ur studies now, because when u study u wud be able to create a browser better than the InPrivate browser !! Got It !!
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Chrysanta Originally Answered: How can I switch from Internet explorer 7 to Internet explorer 6 if my native installation was of IE7?
Yes as Bill says, stick with IE7. IE6 had many security issues. If you are looking out for an alternative browser try : Firefox http://www.firefoxdownload.com/ Opera http://www.opera.com/download/ Deepnet Explorer http://www.deepnetexplorer.com/download/... If you do decide on one of these alternatives you dont need to uninstall IE7. When you open one of them up it will ask you if you want to make it your default browser, then its just a choice of clicking yes or no. Hope this has been helpful.

Avila Avila
On the top right, click on safety, then a scroll will come down. Then click In Private Browsing, should be a green thing to the left of it. Have fun!
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Abigale Abigale
It's not having more than one character on one browser, it's having more than one character on one internet connection - so, unless you're going to buy a second connection, you're limited to one character. Firefox has private browsing, IE doesn't. (But if your mom has logging enabled in your router, you can't have private browsing - she can look in the router to see where you've been.)
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Stirling Stirling
right click on where you would normally select tools menu on the right hand side and click on ''command bar'', then you will see the menu
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Stirling Originally Answered: The internet browsing on my computer sucks and I need help fixing it?
What you have is called a browser hijacker. If you run malewarebytes in safe mode and------this is important-----write down the location of the files that were detected. There will about 3 or so. After you have written down the file locations, use file explorer (my computer or "computer tab- to browse to and locate each file. When found, delete each of them. Here is why. The bad program reinstalls itself from these files every time you reboot or restart your rig. I was able to browse right to them and then I simply highlighted each and clicked on delete. Then when you reboot all traces of the links will be gone. I got this hijacker program because a pop up program stated that I needed to update Java. I am telling you this because if for some reason you cannot resolve this problem, you can search on it by knowing the fake Java update caused it. I knew better than to click to update but it looked so legitimate. This was awhile back and now maybe malwarebytes has it isolated. Whatever software scan that you are trying to use MUST be run in safe mode to help prevent reinstall from happening. You already had the problem before you installed anti-malware protection. It will prevent future problems and it is actually finding and removing this problem but it reinstalls. It sounds like when you log on from Florida from a different IP Address that the bug cannot re-direct your site searches. P.S. I just browsed "Java redirect hijacker" and got a bunch of hits so maybe there is a easier solution. Type this link into( or copy and paste it) into your upper most address bar after clearing it and hit enter. https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylc=X3o... Good Luck

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