Can someone help me on my super hard confusing econ question?

Can someone help me on my super hard confusing econ question? Topic: Economic research paper ideas for child
July 22, 2019 / By Emely
Question: so heres the question Space flights require checking, rechecking, cross-checking, and checking yet once more. Nothing is left to chance, yet every mission depends on something that is accepeted without any check. What? @eyerish sorry i have no idea
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Best Answers: Can someone help me on my super hard confusing econ question?

Christobel Christobel | 2 days ago
I can just see some clever econ professor asking this question. It is a good one! From a purely econ standpoint, whether or not the benefits outweigh the costs. In other words, they never check to see if the mission is worth it from an economic point of view. From a scientific one, there is room for argument. Economics is a different story. Of course arguments can be made: spin-off technology, pioneering a future space industry, employing engineers and scientists, inspiring children to study more science and math, etc. Oddly enough, I have actually researched this extensively for a huge paper I did on the economics of a manned mission to Mars. Long story short, it is not worth it from an economic standpoint. Spin-offs tend to be exaggerated by NASA but in any case the money would be better spent just subsidizing science initiatives with a REAL return to society like renewable energy, green technology, science and math education, etc. The spin-off inventions would still come through and the project would directly benefit society. Pioneering a future space industry is probably the only real argument for a space program. No modern nation can afford to be left in the dust when a space industry gets established. However, we are VERY far from that and I would argue that the nations of the world ought to let private sector interest in space increase a bit before they go and spend billions on space missions that could be spent on more pressing issues. Also, we can have our cake and eat it too with unmanned missions. Still foster a good space program and engineering experience/knowledge at a fraction of the cost required for manned missions. Sorry for the rant!
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Christobel Originally Answered: Econ question for you dudes?
well i can tell you first off that most low and a lot of middle class don't pay taxes or pay very little. they get refunded more than what they pay in a whole lot more often than they pay. no one ever looks at that. and they whine cause the rich don't pay enough but the few rich pay the majority of the taxes. I don't know specific numbers off the top of my mind but this fact. as far as the rest of your plan..... sounds good but i am a carpenter and not a financial expert. Note to everyone that says this is not true i can attest it is as i am guilty by time i take all credits and write offs for my company i pay less than 2000 a year legally and legit
Christobel Originally Answered: Econ question for you dudes?
Why not ten million dollars? The answer is because for every dollar you print, the same amount of goods remains. it is hard to do business when someone is revaluing or devaluing the currency you do it with.

Avery Avery
The necessity of the mission in the first place? What the outcome of the mission is going to be? Is this something we are supposed to guess at? I don't know for certain.
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Abiah Abiah
Lots of equally valid answers, so that's a stupid question just trying to be clever. ... gravity won't reverse itself ... astronauts won't spontaneously turn into newts ... The second coming of our Lord and Savior won't occur during orbit lots of things....
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Abiah Originally Answered: Need help! Econ/Env science question?
"Market failure is a concept within economic theory wherein the allocation of goods and services by a free market is not efficient. Market failure can be viewed as a scenario in which individuals' pursuit of self-interest leads to bad results for society as a whole.(source:Krugman, Paul, Wells, Robin, Economics, Worth Publishers, New York, (2006)) Private owners of forests would only be interested in developing and using the forests for their own self-interests. For example, they might cut down all the trees because they can get alot of money for the trees. And these owners would not consider the possible negative ramifications of their decision. For instance, cutting down all the trees might cause terrible erosion of the land where the trees were living. In contrast, the Federal Government must act in the interest of all people in their country. They have to look at all the possible uses of the forest the trees are in, and based upon these uses, only allow those uses of the forest which are in the best interests of all users of the forest.The experts in the federal government would be interested in getting the most benefit from the forest for the population.Recreation use would only be permitted in terms of allowing the public to access areas of the forest in which the ecosystem would not be damaged.Timber harvest would only be allowed based upon quotas and based upon the types of trees and quantity of these trees in the forest.Also, if timber were harvested,then reforestation strategies would have to exist to make sure the forest was preserved. The Federal Government would be interested in maintaining the state of animal life in the forest. Therefore unlike in a forest owned by private owners, in a forest owned by the Government, hunting would be regulated, and specific areas of the forest might be closed to allow the wildlife in the forest to exist in a balance. Only certain animals would be allowed to be hunted at certain parts of the year, whereas in the private forest, the owner(s) of the forest could gain profit from allowing people to hunt on their property.In addition in a forest .In regards to water supply, in the private forest, the owners could control how much water is accessible and also control who is allowed to access and use the water. They could also only permit certain types of uses for the water.These owners could charge users for using and accessing the water. In contrast the federal government would be interested in maintaining the access to the water for everyone who is interested in using the forest.The feds would determine which possible uses exist for the water, and then create or use exisiting government services to allow citizens to use the water in ways which have been found to be acceptable (based upon needs, and environmental concerns).

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